Spring Ahead Without Enthusiasm

We had a lazy morning yesterday. We took our cues from these two:

I told myself I was going to get back on the 10k step bandwagon. Instead, I went on a stitching marathon and finished up the southeast corner of my latest quilt block.

Now I've moved the hoop up, and I'll get to work on the words for the sign this morning.

So when I was able to tear myself away from my stitching, I did get out for a walk. This time, I did a sort of insy-outsy-ziggy-zaggy trip up and down nearly every street in the RV park, trying to get my step count up. Along the way, I saw a few more blooming things.

This next one grows in abundance back home. This is photinia. It's planted and trimmed into hedges between the spaces here at the RV park. A few have some flowers. It can be left to grow into a shrub, and then it will be covered with blossoms. It also gets bright red leaves if left to its own devices. The ones here in the park are kept pretty severely pruned back into hedges, and so we probably won't see many flowers from them.

Also, I spied this kumquat tree covered in kumquats.

Without much success, I tried to get a picture of one with my fingers for scale, but they were high over my head, and it was hard to get an in-focus picture while standing on tippy toes.

About half the spaces in the RV park are occupied by Canadians. They have their colors displayed in various different ways. I liked this one best:

Most are from British Columbia, but I've also seen license plates from Alberta, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan. We've also seen several folks from the great state of South Dakota.

How's this for a life philosophy?

As for this sign, I can only assume there are no cats living here. Otherwise, the cats would have the final say.

To the left of the sign, pups on parade.

There were a couple of these guys. I'm sure this one just wished I'd move along and leave him alone.

Okay, so the hawks continue to amuse me...yes, I said "hawks." Plural. Yesterday, I noticed the female in a nearby tree. She was calling out orders to the male who was still working on the nest.

Here he is. A man's work is never done.

When I was finished with my walk, I still had less than 7k steps, which was less than I'd hoped for. Oh well. One more trip around the perimeter of the park got me where I wanted to be.

When I got back, I made us a lunch from one of the avocados and two of the red grapefruits we scored at the produce stand a few days ago. It was a yummy salad...a part of our diet. That's a slice of prosciutto there in the middle. The salad dressing was made from a tablespoon of grapefruit juice and 3/4 teaspoon of sesame oil. It was very tasty.

We've been pretty good on our diet, except for the Mexican food we had while Meredith was visiting. The Cooking Light Diet website has changed since before we started on the trip. I always thought it was easy to use, but it's even easier now, and it seems as if some new recipes have been added. I'm noticing even more variety on our menu.

It was Sadie's day to watch for the cat next door yesterday, and she took her responsibilities very seriously.

There he is now. Since I last mentioned him, we've learned that he is indeed male, and he's about a year old. His name is "Rocky." He has gotten off his tethered leash a time or two, especially when chased by an unleashed dog. (And again I say, who leaves their cat tied up outside while unattended?)

Today's agenda will be much the same as yesterday's...stitching, walking, eating. Yesterday I threatened to get out the scraps I have with me to try making a little mini. Consider this today's threat. Perhaps having the usual number of hours in the day will get me going. I know one thing for certain: We've run out of our Dove sorbet bars, and those things are like crack. We're going to have to go in search of a dealer on the streets of Hemet today or we'll be Jonesing for them come TV time this evening.

9 comments from clever and witty friends:

gpc said...

Those Dove bars . . . which I'd never heard of before you posted about them because I generally avoid That Aisle of the stores . . . OMG. I live alone, you recall, so I had every right to expect that the THREE BOXES I've bought would last a good long time. But no. They disappear like magic. I don't know whether to thank you or unfriend you forever.

And yes, really. Who leaves their cat outside alone on a leash? Bad mama.

DeeDee said...

Oh I'm loving all the blooming things pictures. Here it is the second week of March in central North Carolina and we are expecting snow in a couple of hours! Seeing your gorgeous pictures gives me hope for spring.


Your blog site is just too entertaining--and funny--so thanks for making each day a better day!! What a lovely walk around the park there--My folks spent 16 winters here in Fl but over on the west side in an RV park and I did get to go visit them a few times when I lived down here back then--but the park you are in looks like people decorate more outside!! And I do think it is cruel to lease a cat up outside for long periods of time--wonder if that is against some law???
enjoy, di and hope you find your Dove bars!!

MartiDIY said...

Sounds like you and the cats had the right idea to make the time change. I can't believe someone would leave a cat tethered outside.

I have a question for you. Do you have a Spendide in your RV? How do you like it, and do you like it well enough to use in the S&B house? Ok, that's three questions. I'm just looking ahead to our next RV, and because I am considering replacing our stacked front loaders in the house and don't really have a plan. I don't really want to go back with a front loader like I have but no room for side by side washer and dryer.

WoolenSails said...

It looks like the perfect camp to relax at and enjoy some down time, as well as strolls around the park.
I would love to go to Temecula quilts, love primitive quilting. Enjoyed catching up with your daily adventures.


Vroomans' Quilts said...

THe kitties had the day right - is was National Napping Day after all. We are having more snow; I long to be able to get out and walk.

piecefulwendy said...

I bought kumquats once, and was expecting this nice sweet pop of flavor. Clearly I had no clue what I was doing (even though I had done some reading), it was definitely more sour than sweet. They are so cute, though! I've done that wandering around to meet my Fitbit goal. I'm currently dealing with a slight meniscus tear in my knee, so off to PT today. Hope you find your Dove bars, and I agree that leaving the cat tied up outside is so strange, and rather cruel.

Kathe Gardner said...

Sadie is absolutely beautiful - hard to tell when she's always sleeping. Love your adventures in everything.

Angel, Kirby and Max said...

The salad looks wonderful, but the Dove bars sound fantastic! & days down with early spring allergies and bronchitis has me very behind!