More Blooming Things

We've been here in Hemet for two weeks now. We have just over two weeks before we head for home, and in three weeks, we will be home. I'm more than ready, but not really yearning for it, if you can catch the difference between the two. Our time here is going fast. The weather has turned wet, and if one can believe the forecast, we're in for a wet week. Oh yay.

When we arrived here, and I got back on the Fitbit mill, I showed you every blooming thing in the park. At this point, I've pretty much taken a picture of everything there is to see. Two weeks on, things are starting to change and there are more blooming things...or the ones already blooming have matured, and so I have some different things to show you. This succulent, for example. I probably know its name, but it isn't coming to mind.

The roses are beginning to bloom. Here's the first one I've seen that is fully opened.

Here's an interesting cactus. Sometimes with cactus, it's hard to tell what their flowers are going to look like. I have a feeling this one is going to open some more before it's finished.

Here's a little barrel cactus.

You might remember this one. It was in one of the first posts I showed you when I started walking around here, and there was just this one flower.

Now, look at it.

Yesterday I noticed there are a few plants blooming where they shouldn't. It seems as if residents who have come and gone have left potted things behind that took root and grew up, entangling themselves in the hedges that grow here full time. There are lots of potted geraniums around, but this one appears to be growing in the hedge at the rear of one of the spaces.

And then there's this one whose name I don't know...also growing from one of the hedges.

By now I've shown you most of the yard art and signs, but here are a few I missed. This is a bird made from a rake.

This one is a little hard to see...it's two ants swinging in a swing set. Their bodies are made from rocks.

And then there's this one...know the feeling.

And this one.

I walked by this one many times before I noticed what it said. It's a little faded and hard to read. Can you see it?

It says: "One nice person and one old goat lives here."

Speaking of old goats...when I got back to the RV, he was sitting outside replacing the shock absorbers on the truck.

He's never really happy unless he's fixing something. If somehow by magic things became indestructible and there was nothing left to fix, I think it would be like Superman and kryptonite. He'd just fade away.

Today we're meeting our friends Bill and Lenelda at a winery for some wine tasting and probably some lunch. Also, Lenelda wants to stop off to see Temecula Quilt Co. Heck, I'll go back any time! Today I'll look for those ruler boxes so many of y'all mentioned. I didn't see them in the store, but they were online. Maybe I'll see them today. Also, I want to peruse her patterns more closely. One can never have too many PINS (Patterns I Never Started).

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I love your new term--PINS--I have tons of them--in books, magazines, printed out from the computer and files still in the computer!! I think I need Sadie to come and live with me and help me 'plan' when to do more PINS--I even have fabric I can use to make the PINS!!!!
Love seeing the photos of your walk arounds--
and be really grateful that hubby likes to stay busy--so many men when they retire--the retire from everything==even taking the garbage out!!!
enjoy, di

Quilting Babcia said...

I think the plant you didn't recall a name for is what we always called a jade tree. Crassula maybe? Don't have my plant books handy. We bought our first one in Monterey around 1971. We are blessed to have husbands who can fix most anything!

Quilting Tangent said...

He has his tools and fixing things. You have your stitching and quilting. Keeps you both happy.

Debbie said...

Mike is like Sir Old Man.....got tools, will fix! It keeps them happy, so buy fabric because they will buy tools:) Your time is flying by...enjoy.

Lady Jane said...

You both have what keeps you happy. Amen!!! Hugs, lj

Nancy said...

You are so blessed to have a husband who can fix things. I have a husband who talks about fixing things and then goes and takes a nap because it made him tired just thinking about it.

Sounds like you are having similar to the weather here at home. We had two gorgeous days then it turned rainy again.

crazy quilter said...

Such pretty black omg big things there! And another Yard bird, I love them. Glad Mike has been keeping busy. Sorry your time is comming to an
end. I know the kitties will enjoy the catio once you get back home. Keep on having fun!

crazy quilter said...

It is so hard for me to comment on this silly phone it should say such pretty blooming things there

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Thank you for sharing all the blooming things - the rose was especially welcomed with our horrible weather. I get a kick out of the yard art, too. Gosh, you folks are going to feel like you in a castle when you get home - all that space! Sure the kitties will be so gald to get back into a home routine.

piecefulwendy said...

PINS, yes I have a few, a basketful actually. We won't count the magazines. Haha. I'd love to go with you to Temecula and poke around the shop! Sorry to hear about the rain, hope it doesn't put too much of a damper on things. That rose is just beautiful; how fun that there are so many things blooming there. I'm enjoying the pictures, since we just have snow and brown here. Enjoy your day!

Rosemary Rivas said...

You're lucky to have a husband that likes to fix things. My husband is somewhat handy, but more often, lazy. I've had a quilt I found that must have been mine as a child as it is certain vintage 1940's. I bought a rod at Orchard Supply Hardware about two months ago and asked him to hand it, but it's been sitting where I left it and I'd really like it if he would hang it. Any suggestions as to how I can motivate him would be appreciated!


Olka said...

I think it's Crassula ovata. It's quite popular in my country :)
I love the cactuses photos you made!

Lee said...

Quilting Babcia is correct, it is a jade plant. I have two big ones, blooming just like that, right out my front window.