Quilt Shop: One Quilt Place; Fredericksburg, TX

On our shop hop day, we hit the jackpot in the hill country of Texas. After our visit to Kerrville, we headed back into Fredericksburg to check out another shop that was suggested by several of you.

One Quilt Place was back off the main drag of Fredericksburg. It wasn't hard to find with our navigation unit. The front of the store looks like this.

To the right are two cottages used for a studio and accommodations for those attending retreats and classes. There's this one to the right of the main building.

Across the parking lot is this one.

Walking through the front door of the main structure it looks like this:

The shop was a large long building. To the left was another room through the doorway in the middle of the image.

In there were Christmas fabrics, Halloween fabrics, fall fabrics, and a whole wall of wool.


Through those double doors toward the back, someone was operating a long arm machine.

Standing in the doorway where I came in, it was possible to look the entire length of the store. It was a big store.

All the usual suspects were present. There was a nice supply of landscape fabrics.

Also, lots of neutrals.

Here was a pretty display of calicoes.

I knew y'all were going to want to see those antique sewing machines. This first one was a treadle sitting near the middle of the image above.

Up high and to the left was this antique Singer.

To the right, this little toy Singer machine.

Walking on were their patriotic and regional prints. Texas, being the Lone Star State, likes to put its regional prints next to the patriotic ones.

I picked up this one as my regional print from this store. How could I resist those longhorns and barbed wire?

Look at these pretty Easter fabrics.

Lots of bright stuff for Spring here.

There was a room full of batiks.

Around the next partition, solids and tone-on-tones.

These next ones were on sale for a minimum one-yard cut. If I'm remembering right, they were $7 per yard.

Behind them, these shelves were also on sale with batiks at $8 for a minimum one-yard cut.

Now who needs grandchildren when you can have a crib full of polka dots?

Since this is also Texas wine country, there was a nice supply of wine fabrics. I looked these over closely since I'm closing in on a finish of my wine country quilt blocks. I've already purchased fabric to make that quilt top, but nothing says I can't change my mind, right? I especially liked that one at the bottom of the image below.

Of course, they had a nice supply of patterns,

books, and notions.

Quilt gloves? Oh yes, please. I realized when I was quilting the Meowvelous Mini quilt the other day that I didn't have any gloves along, and they really do help grip even a small quilt. These were out of their packaging so I could try them on. Usually, I'm a Machingers girl, but these fit nicely, and so I'll give them a try. Also, they were a nickel cheaper than Machingers. Think of the fabric that nickel will buy!

Also, I picked up two yards of this one. Those little quilt blocks are about 2 inches square. I could think of all sorts of things to do with this. Imagine fussy cutting them for cornerstones. Or appliqueing them to barns for my future Barns of America quilt. Or a quilt back for a doll quilt. I had lots of ideas for this.

As I paid for my purchases, I noticed these. It was tempting to buy a box, but nah. It seemed like I'd be jinxing myself. And besides, if I get a boo-boo, I want some cat band-aids.

So there you go. It was quite a treat to find not one, but two great quilt shops in this rather isolated part of Texas. Fredericksburg and Kerrville are both small communities about a half an hour apart. To be able to support two large stores in this small area says something about the quilting community in this part of Texas...or Texas as a whole. With the accommodations at both shops, it's also apparent that folks come from miles around to attend events. You Texas quilters are a lucky bunch.

If you're traveling through, be sure to stop in to both of these shops. You'll be glad you did. Just keep those credit cards warmed up because you're gonna need them.

11 comments from clever and witty friends:


Oh my goodness--you are really 'brave' to go into all these quilt shops--and not come out loaded up with packages--It must be sooo tempting not to buy everything you see that is different or on sale--those sale prices would get me for sure--thanks again for sharing this adventure with us!!
enjoy, di

WoolenSails said...

Love this shop, lots of wonderful fabrics and patterns. I like when they have themed areas where you can find things easily and pick extras to go with things.


Shari said...

Great idea to appliqué the little blocks on a barn quilt. Still following your travels. Thanks so much for sharing.

Marei said...

Hmm...that "toy" Singer looked like a real hand-crank to me.

crazy quilter said...

So glad you are enjoying some of the Great Quilt shops in Texas. My small quilt group has made a couple of shop hopping trips to the hill country. I don't think we made this store though but it will go on the list for next time! safe travels!

Sandra W said...

How nice to meet old friends and have a Texas bbq picnic. My husband and I travelled to Texas a couple of years ago and we really enjoyed the state and the people--and of course, the bbq food. We went to one of the food parks and my husband got a tour of one wagon that made bbq. Isn't Fredricksberg cute? Love all those quaint little buildings. Thanks for the update on the kitties.
While Mike is lying around on pavement it looks like you'll have a sewing day or two! Perfect.

Vroomans' Quilts said...

I have seen this shop on some other bloggers' sites as they attended a retreat there. How cozy and inviting a place that is just full of goodies. I think I would spend over my limit in here.

piecefulwendy said...

Looks like a fun shop; once again you wrote up a nice review. Thanks! Glad you came away with a little something for yourself! I don't think I would've exercised as much restraint as you, especially with those polka dots!

Brown Family said...

I missed that shop when we went to that area. I am sorry I did.

Quilt shops in Lubbock: I have not been to any of these shops, just found them on a search.

The Sewing Studio 4601 S Loop 289 # 14 · (806) 792-3863

RahRah's Fabrics & Quilting 3412 82nd St · (806) 792-1885

Gingerbread House Quilting (806) 789-9954

Natureluvr57 said...

Love the vintage sewing machines.....I bought those bandages and it's good you didn't. Mine won't stay on very good. A waste of money but they are cute. Won't buy them again. Maybe I got a box of duds.

quiltzyx said...

Oh the polka dots!!! Thanks again for taking us along to these fun shops Barbara!