Quilt Shop: Creations; Kerrville, TX

The weather was gray, cold, and foggy yesterday. We started our journey heading up to the Enchanted Rock north of Fredericksburg, but realized fairly quickly that it was too foggy for us to see much. We once made a journey to the Devil's Tower in Wyoming in similar weather.

We couldn't see a danged thing, and that danged thing happens to be huge. So...in a "fool-me-once" kind of reckoning, we decided to turn around and head to Creations in Kerrville. It turned out to be a good decision.

So many people have told me about this shop that I've completely lost count. It is no exaggeration to say that dozens of you have encouraged me to visit.

After taking that picture, I turned directly around and snapped this picture of the "Main House" directly across from the shop. The Main House is a retreat center and sewing studio. It even has accommodations for out-of-towners.

But let's get back to the fabric, shall we? Here's the front door...or maybe it's the back door. I'm not sure. It's where I went in. The quilt shop is inside a historic residence. When I told one of the store employees how many folks had told me about their shop, she took me on a tour of the rooms pointing out which room had been used for what. It was very nice...in fact, all the women working in the store were very personable and friendly.

Stepping through the front door, it looks like this...warm and inviting.

To my left was a large room with sewing machines and tables...potentially a classroom, but I got the feeling it was used more for demonstrations.

This was a huge fabric shop with all the usual characters: Batiks in all colors stretching off to the right side of the image below.

Look at how pretty these are. I loved that one on the far left.

The rooms were divided up by the kind of fabric. They had a nice supply of these graphic prints.

And shelves of landscape prints.

As an embroiderer, I always appreciate a nice supply of neutrals and whites. And this store caters to garment sewers as well as quilters, so there was plenty there for the non-quilter who makes clothing.

The whole room was filled with wools.

The employee who gave me the tour drew my attention to these bolts.

They're called "Firesides" and they have a shorter nap than minky or fleece.

She wanted me to see how nicely it looked with the quilting when used on a quilt back.

Here were patriotic and regional prints.

I selected a fat quarter of this one for my regional print from this shop.

Also, Kaffe Fasset...love all that color.

This whole room was filled with children's fabrics.

They had a nice supply of black and whites.

And aboriginal prints. Believe me, I looked at these for a long time.

There was a large supply of toweling.

Now here's something I haven't seen before. These were fancy threads for thread painting.

The ones toward the bottom were rick racks with sequins, and the threads were all sparkly and very pretty.

If you do a Google search for "Painters Threads," you'll find several sources where they can be purchased.

This next room was full of notions, buttons, etc. In the foreground were shelves of fabric marked on sale. There were scads of fat quarters, and one yard, and three yard bundles.

They also had a nice supply of Creative Grids rulers. I've seen these in every shop I've visited, and so apparently I'm not the only one who loves them.

There were some cute kits too. I liked this one, but kits are expensive...and really, I need to use my own fabrics.

Remember the quilt I'm working on at home? Mine is a BOM called "Tuxedo Tales," but this one was similar and called "Tuxedo Tunes."

And squee! These are Minky Monsters. The pattern was right beside them. I've looked online and only been able to find it on Ebay and some machine embroidery sites.

There was a whole wall of patterns. I loved these desert ones, and don't think I didn't pick up that cat pattern on the top left. I put it down again too. The armadillo and the longhorn were tempting, but I passed.

They had an amazing selection of books. I rarely purchase a book in a quilt shop, but it's a good place to thumb through them.

Okay, so here are the spoils: I couldn't leave without this little embroidery pattern. There is one for each month of the year, and I spent way too much money on this. I knew if I left it behind I'd regret it.

Also, I liked this wood grain print. I figure I'll use it if and when I ever start my Barns of America quilt.

And this one...I just liked it.

But that wasn't the only quilt shop we visited yesterday. Also, we went to One Quilt Place in Fredericksburg, but I'll save that for a separate post.

As for things on the RV front, I've filled the hoop on the latest of the Heart and Home blocks.

Now I've moved the hoop to the north, and I'll start there next time.

We're still hoping to get up to the Enchanted Rock, but the weather doesn't look a whole lot better today. The forecast calls for "partly cloudy" around noon, and so we're hoping it'll make sense to head out then. As for the morning, we'll just hang around the RV and whine about the cold and gray. We could have stayed home for this.

16 comments from clever and witty friends:

Anne Kirby said...

Well, what did you think would happen if you took a trip in the winter?? You people, with your cats and your RV and your vacation... I swear. Too funny.

QuiltShopGal said...

We have a favorite hike up a mountain in British Columbia that has an amazing view as a reward. We've done that hike to find the fog had come in and we were not rewarded with the usual view. While a good hike is always good for us, we try to only do this particular hike when we know the weather will work to reward us with the fantastic view. LOL! But what a great quilt shop you found. I love that painters thread. Perfect for threadplay.



Nahhh--if you had stayed home for the weather--just think you would not of gotten in to those lovely quilt shops with all that eye candy!!!!--I love the things you picked to buy--neat selections--hang in there--and hopefully the weather will clear long enough for you to do and see what you went there for--
enjoy, di

Vroomans' Quilts said...

I've enjoyed you last few posts and all their adventures. We had a local farm bring in some long horns years ago and they were quite the roadside attraction for the tourists (maybe they thought they were lost). What a great quilt shop! Love your selections. I had some of the paint thread, but not my cup of tea and passed it on to our local crazy quilter to use up.

Ginney Camden said...

This looks like a wonderful shop. I would love to visit there.

Chase Klop said...

I’m lucky enough to live 30 minutes from this shop! I love it! It never disappoints!! So fun to see you share it. Enjoy your trip. Wish you could be here when our weather is nicer! It was 80 degrees on Sunday...only in the 40’s today!

Susan C said...

Yet another shop that will be one of our stops on our Texas trip this fall! Thanks for the great tour, it will help me make my shopping plan while there. I find it helps to have a plan, otherwise I get overwhelmed with all the quilty goodness. The regional print you chose is one I hope they will still have when I go. I hope the weather clears for you.

Ginny said...

Hi Barbara! I just had to comment about Creations! Did you see any kitties in there? That is their claim to fame, as far as I'm concerned. Here's a link to their "store cats" page from the website: http://creations-online.com/meet-our-store-cats.aspx I live in PA, but my sister lives in Houston, and I've been to Creations a few times. Always fun. I've been following your trip since you were in upstate NY; I always enjoy your posts. AND I'm in love with Smitty (blushes). No offense to Sadie; I'm a man-cat kinda girl. Thanks for sharing your fun. Ginny in Harrisburg

Lynette said...

What a nice setting for a shop! It makes me think of Corn Wagon Quilt Company in Springville, Utah and Quilting by the Bay in Panama City, FL. I've always wondered why Enchanted Rock has its name.

WoolenSails said...

That is an amazing store, definitely worth a visit, though it would kill my bank account, lol.
Love your purchases. I do have that sheep piece, made it a few years ago.


Brown Family said...

Hopefully today was a better day~ Glad you enjoyed Creations.

piecefulwendy said...

Well, this is one shop for the bucket list. Thanks for a great tour! I'm drooling over those aboriginal fabrics, and I think I would enjoy a few minutes in that room full of wool. My sister in law backed a quilt with the Fireside fabric and it is just yummy. I may need to find that for one of my quilts. You made some good choices, and I like that I'm not the only one who picks up fabric "just because". Hope you get to see Enchanted Rock. Greet the kitties and Mike!

VickiT said...

I'm playing catch up reading your blog this morning. I've been feeling horrible the past week with major pain so I was just alive and zoned out most of the day, unable to concentrate long enough to even read blogs or emails. I'm almost back to normal but not quite yet fully.

Oh my gosh, I need to check out the Firesides by Moda. That looks like it would be great to use. I wonder if that is less slippery to work with than Minky/Minkee; did the woman say anything to you about how easy it may be to work with? I have to say, this shop looks just awesome. I'm thinking it's another I am glad to not live too close to because of the temptations in that store. They had a lot of toweling it appears from your picture as well. I don't think I've ever seen that much in any shop near my home.

Those monsters are just too cute. I could see my grandchildren loving them so I had to search myself. I was able to find them on the OESD's website Embroidery Online. I was able to match up about 3 of them in the basket with some shown in the set I've linked to below in case anyone is interested. They sure are cute!

Thanks again for all the great things you're showing about your travels. Such wonderful pictures of things I'm sure I will never see.

Have a good Thursday! We're under a Winter Storm Warning as of this morning starting 6pm tonight and going until 6pm Friday night with an expected snowfall of about 6-10 inches with some areas getting more. And then at times up to 1 inch an hour with reduced visibility. YUCK! SO NOT what I like to hear in a forecast.

Lou said...

SO glad you enjoyed Creations! I try to go once a year... can't afford to go more often:)
Sorry we are having an unusually chilly winter this year:( Could be worse I guess???
Safe travels!

kc said...

OK, so now, officially "homesick." Pretty bold words for someone who prefers being "homeless!"

LOVE that weathered wood - THAT is EXACTLY what I want to tile the living room with. Alas, not gonna happen. Decided it was too much $$ to invest in a home in which we will not be living much longer (yaaaay, oops, did I say that out loud??)

Travel safe! Thanks for sharing the fun!
P.S. your stitcheries are looking great! Did you get any of those sparkly threads to incorporate into your handstitching? I think they would be awesome in some of your snowglobes.

quiltzyx said...

Once again, another shop of wondrous stuff! I am so glad that I am only seeing via your eyes, my bank account is much safer that way....