Elephant Butte State Park; Elephant Butte, NM

It was sunny and cold when we drove out of Albuquerque yesterday. We drove just a little way west, then turned due south on Interstate 25. It was to be a journey of about 130 miles. When we started this trip, we were routinely driving more than 300 miles in a day, and then getting up and doing it all over again the next day. We were in a hurry to get back east, and with good reason. The season was ending there, and we were staying at RV parks on their last day before closing for the winter. Long driving days continued until around North Carolina, when we figured we were far enough south to be safe. For a change, we've been pretty lucky with our weather on this trip. Snow has been right behind us all along the way. It snowed in Albuquerque before we arrived, but we managed to miss that too.

Now that we're heading west, we've shortened our driving days considerably. The days are getting warmer and longer. Our first stop on yesterday's drive was a rest area designated "Walking Sands." Seeing a name like that made us think there must be dunes in the mix. Well, yes, and no. They were ancient dunes. This historical marker told the story.

Looking to the southwest, we could only guess where the dunes were lying. In any case, they don't appear to be moving any more.

After reading the sign, we headed on down the road. Although the temperatures were warmer, there was still snow in the mountains off in the distance.

Eventually, we came to our turn-off and headed toward our final stop for the next three nights at Elephant Butte State Park.

After making our turn, the lake came into view right away.

They have a fancy entrance gate with a flashing marquee.

Don't think we'll be doing any swimming while we're here.

It's a pretty aquamarine lake. There's a marina there.

Once we got set up, we got Smitty out for a walk right away. He hasn't been out since we left Palo Duro Canyon.

The first thing he wants to do is stop, drop, and roll in the dirt.

I'll tell you what...there's nothing that makes a guy feel all warm and fuzzy like a good ol' roll in the dirt.

From our campsite, we can see the lake. It's an easy walk to the beach.

We were walking under the disdainful eye of Sweety Petitey. She's still mad that she can't get out and run away. If you haven't been following from the beginning, you should know that Miss Sadie has escaped from every harness we've ever tried. She escaped into the wilds of Theodore Roosevelt National Park in the first days of our trip. If you're into horror, you can read about it right here. Since then, she's been confined to the interior of the RV.

Do ya' feel guilty? Well, do ya'?

We had some lunch and took naps. I worked on my embroidery for a while, and then we drove into Truth or Consequences, New Mexico, just about five miles away. I've never had a strong yen to see Truth or Consequences, beyond looking at its name on our road map. Nevertheless, we were there, and so curiosity got the best of us. Also, Mike thought he'd find better fuel prices there. We did. Along the way, we passed this dramatic mountain. Looking at the road map, I'm guessing this is the peak known as Lone Mountain. It was very pretty in the setting sun. That's the town of Eagle at its base.

After getting fuel, we had dinner at a steakhouse in town. It was a great dinner with good service...quite a find out here in the middle of nowhere. Outside the restaurant was this historic marker. If, like me, you were born during the 14th Century, you might remember the television show Truth or Consequences with Bob Barker. The television show came after the radio broadcast that came from right here in what was formerly Hot Springs, New Mexico. The name change came in 1951.

So we're here for a couple of days, and we'll do some hiking in the park today. There isn't a whole lot of hiking to do, but we'll spend some time down by the lake as well. Also, I'm hoping for some down time so that I can finish stitching up my latest Sundress block.

Oh yes, and I almost forgot. It's been snowing back home. Take a look at this picture our son Matthew sent to us. Matthew has been living at the house while we've been gone.

12 comments from clever and witty friends:

Anne Kirby said...

That Smitty! He should be on TV. The Most Interesting Cat in the World. "I don't always travel, but when I do it's with the 3 Cats Traveling Ranch RV!" Enjoy the beach!

Brown Family said...

Interesting history on the Rio Grand Valley!I had always wondered where T or C got its name! Lone Mountain is awesome!

crazy quilter said...

Looks like you are having a grand time in Truth or Consequences , what a funny name. I am so glad Smitty got to stop drop and roll it is good practice. Poor Sadie the wishful escapee, I do understand why she is grounded to the indoors. Boy aren't you glad you are not at home with all the snow, and lucky you, you missed all the rain in Texas . It doesn't seem to want to stop , so I am thinking my iris will be blooming good once the sun comes out again, they like rain in the cooler months. Keep on having fun.. Safe travels.

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Ah Smitty, a long traveling cooped up kitty certainly needs a good dirt bath. Sneeky Sadie, you earned your cage time. And you folks got of some areas that are flooding now, too. We had a couple of super warm days 60 and 70 degrees!! Melted everything and then we woke up today to snow which fell all day for about a foot worth.

Nancy said...

Yes I know all about the snow. It has snowed overnight every night all week. It might not happen tonight. I am keeping my figures crossed that it warms up tomorrow before the rains hit for the weekend.

WoolenSails said...

It looks like you found another beautiful spot to camp and explore.
I see it has The Smitty seal of approval.


Kate said...

Wow, what a beautiful place to hang out for a few days. Hope you get in some nice hikes and some stitching. While Smitty gets to roll in the dirt some more.

piecefulwendy said...

Sadie needs a kitty t-shirt that says "We went to eleventy billion places and all I got to see was the inside of the RV" - haha! Smitty is a handsome dude, that's for sure. Truth and Consequences is quite a mouthful for the name of a town, so I can see why it's T&C. I have vague memories of the show; I was pretty young back then. You have some pretty views around you, and glad you've been able to avoid the snow. We are getting more here today, and this weekend my husband is skiing in the American Birkebeiner, so we'll be traveling in the midst of it all.

Olka said...

You had great trip! :) I love the views. You're lucky that you can travel with your cat, my cats don't like to move anywhere, so I need to organize someone who can take care of them during my absence. But they like my mom, so she's usually living with them this time :)

Lyndsey said...

Young Smitty certainly knows how to enjoy himself. It's a shame that Sadie is grounded until you get back home but her escapology skills are a legend.

quiltzyx said...

Oh Sadie, if you would just be content to wear one of the stylish harnesses, like Smitty does, you could go outside too. It's your own fault! Even after a roll in the dirt Smitty is still a gorgeous hunka mancat!!
Looks like a pretty camping area for you in NM. And yum, a steak dinner sounds quite tasty to me right now.
BRRRR at the looks of your backyard at home!! Oh my!

QuiltGranma said...

hello to my Oregon neighbor who is also in T or C right now! Hubby's mom got sick we are helping now. She is bed ridden, If she survives one more month she will be 99. Some young lady javelins came into the yard and are enjoying Mom's bird block. Making pigs of themselves! This was a hurry up quick trip, so have no quilt projects to work on. The local quilt shop went out years ago, but there IS an active quilt group here, and I got to go to their annual quilt show last Friday at the Senior Center. My only wifi is in the sr center computer room. Enjoying catching up on your trippin' lightly along the trails near by! When I came in here the first day I checked T or C's annual rainfall... 11 inches per year. That's more than we get at home in N Central Eastern Oregon... we get 8 "!