Quilt Shop: Mes Amis Quilt Shop; New Orleans, LA

There are several quilt shops in New Orleans. I simply chose the one closest to us. As it turns out, it was right along the way to the grocery store, and so it was very convenient. Here's how the storefront looks at Mes Amis Quilt Shop. They have an online presence right here.

Walking inside...yikes. It was a little crowded and cluttered, but it's all good. They had an amazing selection of fabric. What they needed was a larger space.

On this whole wall to the right, everything was on sale. It was all 25% off, and then an additional 10% taken at the register.

They had a wonderful selection of patterns and fabrics unique to Louisiana and New Orleans.

The women in the store were friendly as can be. They had some familiarity with shops and shows in the Bend and Portland, Oregon, areas, and so we had some things to chat about. They encouraged me to walk around the cutting table there to take a look at their many notions.

Here's something I haven't seen before. I've not felt a need to use something like this, but maybe some of you have. I wondered how well this ergonomic shape and function worked.

The shop consisted of several rows of fabric. They were squished so tightly together that it was hard to get a really good look at things. Nevertheless, I persisted. There was a lot to see.

Wow...those flamingos really spoke to me. The ones in the middle at the top...pink on green...so tempting. By reminding myself that I already have a flamingo quilt, I was dissuaded, but just barely.

There was lots of color.

And some fun patterns. I noticed this one.

Then hanging a little higher up...this one.

And...oh my goodness...here's another one! What fun!

The real strength and delight of this store were their many Louisiana and New Orleans themed fabrics.

After traveling through so many states and visiting so many quilt shops, I'm really beginning to get bug-eyed looking at fabrics. Still, I wanted something from New Orleans, specifically, for my Quilty 365. With Mardi Gras just around the corner, I wanted something with a Mardi Gras theme, and wow. Did they have Mardi Gras fabric! It was hard to choose just one.

But oh wait! Did I want something for Mardi Gras? Or did I want something that was more reflective of New Orleans in general? So hard to decide.

And I salivated over this wall of black and gold fabrics. These were so, so pretty. Below were 108-inch wides, and I looked those over very carefully, thinking I might find something for my Solstice quilt.

There was one up here, that I really liked. It was white and gold polka dots on a black background. They had a black and gold polka dot on a white background in the 108-inch wide bolts, but nothing with the black background. That was the one I really wanted. It made it a little easier to walk away.

Finally, I decided on this one for my regional fabric, and I picked up an already-cut fat quarter. They had lots and lots of fat quarters pre-cut in pretty much every fabric in the store. Always appreciated when one is filling one's RV with fabric.

On this wall, the shelving was arranged in a zigzag sort of configuration, and the whole left wall of the store was in pretty batiks.

At the register, was a basket of chocolate. Thank you...don't mind if I do. Make mine a Krackel, please.

I chose a couple of fabrics and paid for them. Behind the register was this sock monkey family. Squee!

These are the fabrics I chose. I got a yard of each. After I took the picture of this one, it seemed very familiar...as if I might already have a yard at home. Oh well...now I have two yards. I can make an even bigger quilt. It makes me think of Pixie Sticks.

This one was on sale. I just liked it.

And this one caught my eye. It was too pretty to pass up. If my stripes are to be used for bindings, I'm going to have to finish a lot of quilts. I figure I'll live longer if there are plenty of quilt bindings to finish.

So there you go...a sampling of what can be found in the New Orleans quilting world. This shop was great fun, and you couldn't ask for friendlier employees.

14 comments from clever and witty friends:

Ray and Jeanne said...

I've been using the Martelli rotary cutters for years. It's much easier on the hand and wrist; I'm able to cut fabric for long stretches of time. Friends tell me there is a learning curve - I don't remember because I've been using them for so long. ~Jeanne

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

I purchased one of the Martelli cutters a year ago, when I hurt my elbow. The pressure of a regular rotary cutter was uncomfortable. I did try the Martelli cutter a few times, then accidentally nicked the blade, and, oh well...the blade is still in there, and I forget to try the cutter until AFTER I've finished all my fabric cutting. It really does feel better, it just takes getting used to, like so many things do.

Anne Kirby said...

Sock monkey family! Squee indeed!!

Lisa Marie said...

My son lives in New Orleans and the last time I visited him a lady at another store recommended that shop. I didn't have a chance to get there; seems I might have missed some treasures! Hopefully I'll make it the next time I'm in NOLA. I have a Martelli cutter like you showed. I bought it at a quilt show years ago. They had a handful of good looking guys who were demonstrating them and everyone was buying them! I've used it some but like others said, you have to get used to it. I guess I would switch if I had issues with the regular style cutter.

AnnieO said...

My sister and I visited that shop when we were on a retreat in NOLA in November. Very nice staff and yes, shelves stuffed full! I bought some of the gray on white fleur de lis fabric. What I really enjoyed was walking through the neighborhood behind to see Lake Pontchartrain!

WoolenSails said...

Looks like a fun shop and lots of fabrics to choose from.
Fun choices, I like to collect unique fabrics like this, future art quilts.


heartsease54 said...

I love my Martelli rotary cutter. I managed a grocery store for years so have ongoing problems with my wrists. Never a problem cutting with this and I highly recommend it.

Brown Family said...

I too love my Martelli rotary cutter!Many of my friends do not care for it. One lady that has has hand surgery, hates it. So it just comes down to the individual using it. I got my first one at the Dallas Quilt show. I get their emails and every now and then, they send out a sale of %50 off!

It looks like Janet Coggins has sunset quilts for every state on her web site! Beautiful Mardi Gras fabrics.

Kate said...

I'm always in awe of your restraint when you visit quilt shops. You came out with some great fabrics. The space center was cool. Never been to that one, but the SIT loved the science museum associated with the NASA operations in Houston. Enjoy your trip to Cafe de Monde. I've been there once, many, many years ago. It's a fun place to people watch.

piecefulwendy said...

I think overstuffed stores are like going on a treasure hunt. It makes the shopping fun, if you're in the right mood. I'm not sure I could've been good there. I might've walked out with more than you did. It makes the shopping even more fun when the staff is friendly and happy. Too bad you didn't find a backing for Solstice, but the hunt continues, right? Enjoy your time in NOLA.

Rebecca Grace said...

It looks like you got lots of goodies! I do that, too -- buying a fabric only to find the exact same fabric already in my stash. I figure if I liked it well enough to buy it twice, then I probably need enough of it for multiple projects!! Those stripes will make fantastic bindings.

By the way, are you still doing your NewFO linky party? I don't remember when it was, but I certainly have been starting lots of new projects... ;-)

Auntiepatch said...

I have one of the new ergonomic hand cutters and I love it. The design is different from the one in the photo and, I think, is better because it holds your fingers out of the way. I was talking to my SIL about how I just about crippled my hand with a regular cutter after cutting yards of material into strips one day. She bought this one for me for Christmas. It straps onto your hand. You place it on the fabric and press down. The weight of your hand and arm sliding along the ruler cuts the fabric without you gripping anything. It has saved my right hand! It's magic!

Lou said...

My daughter and I visited this shop when she lived in MS. Was a lovely store with great fabrics... not as many as you saw though!!!
Miss the Beignets!!!! Alligator was pretty good! We had lunch at a dive near the water that day:)
She lives in Ohio now and misses it!!!

quiltzyx said...

Another fine quilt shop - glad they were so happy & friendly, that always makes a shop even better. Nice stripes & love the regional one you picked too.