Ochlockonee River State Park; Sopchoppy, Florida

We have four more nights in Florida before moving on to Alabama and Mississippi. We're spending four nights here at this state park, and it's lovely here.

We got Smitty out for a walk right away, had our lunch and our naps, and then we took a walk on the nature trail. It branches off right from our campsite.

We can see the river from our campsite.

It was a short walk to get to the water's edge. Looking right, we saw this.

To the left, this.

It's another blackwater river. I took this picture at the water's edge so you could see how the tannins from decaying organic material color the water like tea. The deeper the water, the darker the color.

It's very pretty here...a forest of longleaf pines and oak trees with the now familiar saw palmettos carpeting the forest floor.

Our shadow selves were enjoying the warmth and the sunshine.

We could see the RV off in the distance.

This Dr. Seuss grass was growing everywhere. I liked how the sunshine glinted off the stalks.

It was a short distance to a boat launch. There was a table for cleaning fish and a receptacle for disposing of fish guts.

The launch was located in an estuary off the main branch.

Looking the other direction, we saw this. There was a boat being pulled from the water, which is what has the water stirred up in the lower right corner of the image.

Also, there was a map that showed our location along the rivers. The red dot is approximately where the RV is located.

We're expecting a nice day today, but more cold weather tomorrow. We'll use this warm day to visit the St. Mark's National Wildlife Refuge, just a few miles down the road. There is a lighthouse there, and we'll probably do some hiking. It's really the only thing we're here to see, and so I'm thinking I might get in a sewing day while we're here. It won't be today, but maybe tomorrow.

4 comments from clever and witty friends:

WoolenSails said...

That looks like a really nice park and lots of room around you. I love the river, looks like a fun place to paddle.


Brown Family said...

It looks like you have a lot of space to yourselves! The river really reflects the blue of the sky!

piecefulwendy said...

The park looks like a nice, restful place to spend a few days. Glad you'll have time to do some sewing too! Looking forward to your visit to the wildlife refuge. Hope you have good sightings while there.

quiltzyx said...

It was neat to see the different colors in the 'black water' - and it made for some lovely photos here. Nice view from your site too. Fun "Dr. Suess Grass"!! LOL