Let Us Eat Cake

In yesterday's post, I left you on tenterhooks wondering how the Tunnel of Fudge Cake was going to turn out. Hopefully, nobody lost any sleep over it. Usually we wait until around 8:00 p.m. to eat dessert, but we were both kind of curious to see how the cake was going to look on the inside.

The goal with this cake is to have a cakey cake with a gooey, fudgy center. When I tried this the first time, I ended up with much more goo than cake, and it was a little too icky for our taste. This time, I made certain not to underbake it, and I made a modification using some brownie mix. Also, I made sure to use the full complement of nuts since that is critical to the success of the recipe. When we cut into it, it looked pretty good. Mostly cake, just a little bit of goo in the center.

We didn't care for the glaze last time (and it wasn't a part of the original recipe), so we had it with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. The cake seemed a little dry. I think 50 minutes is going to be the perfect baking time for this cake. I baked mine for 55 minutes. Either way, it was pretty good, but it still isn't the cake I'm aiming for. Nevertheless, I'm honing in on it.

Mike always encourages me by telling me it just needs a little more practice. Also, it was totally worth a second try just so I could delight all over again in the fact that my largest "tupperware" turned upside-down makes a perfect cake container for this little cake.

We were hopeful that Congress would have ended the shut-down by now, and we'd be able to tell you about the Stennis Space Center today. Nothing doing. When we woke up this morning, nothing had changed. However, as I'm writing this, the Senate has voted to end the shut-down. The House still has to vote on it, but we're feeling optimistic that the space center will be open tomorrow. Time will tell.

Instead, we had a very lazy morning. I filled a whole hoop of embroidery.

Now I've moved the hoop to the last position, and this one is very close to being finished.

This was my view while I was stitching. Stitching time is Sadie's time.

So I'm hoping I'll have some news about the Stennis Space Center tomorrow. We're keeping our fingers crossed here...it might help if y'all do the same.

7 comments from clever and witty friends:

Dorothy Finley said...

I love the view of Sadie's paw--her foot is just as pretty as she is
Hope you get to the Space Center, and mostly hope that ALL federal employees get paid !!!!

Debbie said...

Cake looks good with the ice cream...yum. Good news the govt. shutdown is settled. Bout time!

gpc said...

I love it when desserts are almost right, leaving one no choice but to make them again and again in pursuit of perfection.


Yes I hope the shut down is cancelled--here I live near an air force base and the Kenndy space center==both were shut down today--not good for the air force base I am sure!!!
My tortie cat, Miss Gracie, had all pink toes, except one and it was solid black--it was kinda cute too--!!!!
Cake looks good--though it would of been too rich for me--but now ice cream that is different story!!!!
Yes I am praying that every one gets back to work tomorrow so you can be back on track--
enjoy, di

piecefulwendy said...

I'm catching up with reading your posts. We headed up north to a cabin with no cell service, so I've been off the grid for a couple of days. Would've been nice, except that a big snowstorm was happening at home and a few other things that made me want to be connected. That cake looks yummy. Can't wait to see your next test run!

Brown Family said...

I like Mikes attitude about dessert! Keep trying to make it better!

quiltzyx said...

Mike is definitely on the button on this whole dessert thing! Sorry it was a bit dry, but I'm sure the ice cream did help with that problem too.