A Do-Nothing Day

Smitty is demonstrating our day yesterday. It was a major slug fest. He and Sadie were exhausted after a night of running back and forth through the trailer and keeping everyone else awake.

However, I did get off to a good start on the ninth of the Wine Country blocks.

When we finally got ourselves in gear, we headed off to the post office in White Springs to pick up a couple of flat-rate boxes. There were some gifty things I wanted to get shipped off, and as long as I was at it, I shipped another box of fabric home. Have to make room for more, don't I? We'd actually stopped off at the post office the day before, but found it closed for lunch. You know you're in a small town when even the post office has office hours.

So after we had our boxes, we decided to check out this state park we'd seen on the map. 

That turned out to be a bust of our own making. For one thing, we drove down a mud road for several miles before we arrived at the park. Now the truck is thoroughly caked in mud. Along the way, we saw a red-shouldered hawk, and that was worth something. I tried to take his picture, but he flew off screeching for all he was worth. I swear birds don't like having their pictures taken. When we arrived at the park, it was going to cost us $4 to park...which is a measly sum, but sometimes we're just cheap. The only thing we were going to do if we paid the day use fee was walk over to the edge of the river, look over, and see the limestone cliffs. Actually, I think the day use fee was just an excuse. I think that actually, we were just too danged lazy to get out of the truck.

From there, we headed back to the campsite. We briefly discussed going into town and doing some laundry..."briefly" being the most important word in that sentence. Also, we stopped off at the craft square to see if the potter or the jewelry maker were open. They were not. Oh well. We were too lazy to visit with them anyway.

When we got back to the campsite, we spent some time studying the map. We're pretty well set with a list of destinations to get us through Texas now. There are some new ones and some old ones. We'll make a stop in Mississippi and one in New Orleans, and then we'll head for Texas where I'll see my cousin, possibly a friend from high school, and a couple of state parks we've not visited before. We may also visit the Texas Quilt Museum. Having that planned out felt like something of an accomplishment.

Today we'll be heading off for Falling Water State Park, still here in Florida. We'll stay two nights there before heading off to the next stop. It's a bit of a drive today, and so I'd better get myself moving.

7 comments from clever and witty friends:

allthingzsewn said...

It seem like you have been on the road forever. I'm tired for you. Are you ever coming home?

gpc said...

It's good to have a lazy day once in awhile. I speak from experience, since most of my days are lazy. :)

kc said...

I cannot believe you voluntarily got that pretty pearl paint job muddied! (I don't know if this will make you feel better or worse, but, for what it's worth, I used to let people do drive-throughs all the time, so too bad I wasn't on your gate.)

Smitty looks like he's pretty dedicated and happy to have good students such as yourselves. Wonder what kept him & Sadie going all night??

crazy quilter said...

Some days are just meant to be don't do much days! Glad you got to relax a while. I am excited you are coming to Texas , I do hope the weather behaves for you since it got terribly cold for here today. The low is supposed to be 27 in North Texas tonight pretty darn cold if you ask me. Safe travels. If you are coming to North Texas there are a plethora of Quilt stores you would like here. Keep on having fun!

Brown Family said...

There are three quilt shops close to the museum. One is in La Grange and the other two are about twenty miles (one north and one west) of it.

All Around the Block Quilt Shop
979 N Leon St
Giddings, TX

The Quilted Skein
126 W Colorado St
La Grange, TX Same town as the Museum.

Making Memories Quilt Shop
114 Main St
Smithville, TX

If you are going to Austin or to San Antonio, there are many shops there.

If yo are coming to Austin or any further north, I might drive down and meet you.

piecefulwendy said...

I agree that some days are just for relaxing and recharging. The kitties look like they have got that down pat. Hope you have a better day today (mud free, etc.). Looking forward to your next leg of the trip!

quiltzyx said...

It is good to have a lazy day, isn't it. I had a sort of lazy one yesterday - house & dog sitting for my friend Mary Ann. 3 Daschunds - Ms. Presley (12 years old), Elvis & Mello (9 yrs old). Elvis & Mello are litter-mates & Presley is their 1/2 sister. They were good, except for some barking when the wind came up. Mello snuggled with me on the couch all night. My sister/friend Sara came over & we watched TV and ate some delicious chicken, corn and "finger link" potatoes that Mary Ann had in the fridge for me. (Yes, those were fingerling potatoes, but her name is funnier!) Today I'm in the basement at the Colleges, waiting for the phone to ring.
Another friend of mine owns a quilt shop in Savoy, TX if that is anywhere near your travels.

Savvy Quilters
113 W Hayes St
Savoy, Texas

Call (903) 965-2023

Elizabeth is a former TLC Quilters member & she was one of my stops on my "Girlfriend Tour" road trip in 2007. They had planned to make a quilter's retreat when they first moved to TX, but there was some bid snafu about the property they wanted to purchase. So now there is Savvy Quilters instead. :)