St. James City, Florida

There was a little time for stitching before we hit the dusty trail yesterday morning, and I was able to finish up the last of the 2nd Snow Globes block. It doesn't photograph well because the sparkle floss doesn't show up well in a photograph. You'll just have to take my word for it that these are very pretty. The sparkle floss gives them a magical quality that I've not seen in my other embroidery pieces. It's making it very fun to stitch.

We had a quick breakfast and then headed out of Orlando toward the Gulf Coast of Florida. On the way out of town, we noticed this.

Now, you must keep in mind that Mike grew up in southern California, and I lived there from the age of 12 on. Disneyland was practically an every weekend experience for us. When our own kids were little we took them a couple of times, and now when I think of anything related to Disneyland, the Magic Kingdom, Epcot Center, and the like, a phrase containing the words "wild horses" comes to mind. Not to knock anybody's favorite activity, but honestly, our Disney days are long past.

Orlando, on the other hand, treats all things Disney like a religion. We noticed so many businesses, related or not, that had incorporated the iconic ears into their signage somehow. We passed this electrical substation on the way out of town. It occurred to us that possibly this is owned by Disney, but there you go...ears with electrical wires attached. Ya gotta wonder...

Okay, so enough about Disney...we were headed for less crowded horizons...at least, we hoped so. On the map, I've marked where we ended up. Looks nice, no?

It was interstate driving most of the way, but eventually, we saw more and more water with the mangroves characteristic of the area.

We also noticed a lot of these palm trees with support structures around their trunks. I've seen palm trees that have been uprooted, and I can tell you that their roots are comically short, given the height of the trees. We wondered if this is a permanent way of supporting the trees, or if these were erected for this past hurricane season.

Eventually, we crossed the last waterway of our journey in the form of Charlotte Harbor and we were on Pine Island.

One of the things I love most about beach towns is the way the structures are so colorfully and cheerfully painted.

We've been hoping to find a place where we could find some fresh local seafood.

Clams are on our radar screen.

 I think we'll find a good market nearby.

When we arrived at the RV park, we were surprised at how insistent Smitty was about getting out for a walk. We're packed in here pretty tightly, and he's always been a little too timid in these kinds of places. Not yesterday. He was brave and bold and got a good walk right away.

While he and Mike were out touring, I traced out my next stitchery. This is the "Home Sweet Home" block for the "Home and Heart" quilt.

Now it's hooped up and ready for this morning's stitching session.

We have three days to do some sight-seeing here, but really only two will be used for that. New Year's Day I'll be making a ham dinner for us with baked beans from scratch and a seven layer salad. We'll have to do our sight-seeing today and tomorrow. Today we'll probably head down to Sanibel Island to do some shelling. It's another one of the things we didn't want to miss on this trip. Nothing is carved in stone yet, however. Time will tell what we end up doing today.

Yesterday I posted this comment on Facebook:

Just now I realized that we will be as far away from home as we will travel on this trip, on Pine Island, Florida, on the Gulf Coast. When we move down the road again, we will be officially turning toward home on our first day of travel in the new year. Gotta be some poetry in that, right?

We are now 3,204 miles from home. When we hit the road again in 2018, we'll be headed for home...slowly, to be sure...but getting closer with each new destination.

20 comments from clever and witty friends:

Lyndsey said...

I love the colourful buildings. Many of the smaller coastal towns in the UK also have brightly coloured buildings. I have to admit to never being a fan of Disney. My parents took me to see Sleeping Beauty when I was quite young and I screamed the cinema down when the scary witch and followers came on screen. My daughter went to Disneyland Paris with their guide unit and thought it was fun but didn't want to go back again.

piecefulwendy said...

How interesting that you are the farthest away from home that you will be on this trip. I hope your journey and adventures continue to be as enjoyable as they have been! How is Sadie doing when Smitty goes for his walks? Here's hoping you find some cool shells on Sanibel!

gpc said...

Religion is a good way to describe it, and my reaction to it is the same. But I know many adults who've drunk the kool-aid and to each her own, I guess. I love those southern florida colors, they are among the favorite of all the fun coastal colors around the country that I've seen. I hope the shelling is good. I have a ridiculous amount of shells from over the years and I admit, I still love looking at them.

Sharon Wood said...

Barbara, I don't comment often, but I'm so enjoying reading about your trip. Thanks for telling us all about it. I LOVE the Snow Globe stitchery you are doing. They are beautiful, even if we can't see the glittery thread! Give Smitty and Sadie a hug for me.

QuiltShopGal said...

Looks like another fun place to spend some time and explore. I'm not certain, but I lean to think the palm tree braces "might" be because those are date palms and the braces have something to do with the manner of how they harvest ? I'm now curious....maybe you can find out for sure what the braces are for? Certainly not for teeth. LOL!



Yep--one of the things I love about living in Fl now is all the colorful buildings--I guess as quilters that should be a given--love of color!!
So you now have a doggie/cat with wanting to get out for a walk as soon as you unhitch each time--how cute really--I always wanted a cat to walk on a lease--but none of mine would do it--oh well!!!
Well--enjoy your couple days there watching the new year come in and knowing that when you leave--you still have lots of adventures to write about and see, but the end of the line now it home!!!
love the snowglobe--
enjoy the moments, di

CathieJ said...

I love all of those colorful buildings. Your snow-globe is so pretty. I really like your new project also. I look forward to watching your progress, just like I am enjoying your trip.

Judy1522 said...

It's kind of funny we are so used to most neighborhoods here having earth tone or subdued colors on their homes that when we see a colorful one the comment is always what crazy person would paint their house that color. The colorful homes seem to be perfect for a beach town and I love them. I especially love the third one down with the wonderful painted shutters. The time has sure gone fast it's hard to believe that you will be headed west soon.

WoolenSails said...

Love the house colors, really fun and cheerful. I hope the weather stays nice and you can get out and explore, love following along with you.


Brown Family said...

Beach towns are pretty. Apparently they did not get much damage from Maria. Parts of the Texas coast are still devastated. People living in tents in their front yards! I hope you find some great shells!

Sherrie said...

Where you are is lots better than where I'm at. 3-4 inches of snow and sub zero temps. Burrrrr....Love the snow globe, so pretty. Have a great New Year!

The Cozy Quilter said...

Your snowman would feel right at home where I live. Those colourful houses have some wonderful combinations...perhaps quilt inspiring! Happy New Year!

MissPat said...

One wonders how families continue to afford trips to Disney without taking out a second mortgage, but having driven (I should say creeped) through Orlando on a Friday afternoon, they still go in droves. We have friends in Venice who we visit every February. It is a lovely area.
I like,your snow globe snowman. I have a snowman embroidery somewhere that I should unearth and finish.
Happy travels.

Lynette said...

It's really sad that we can't get sparkle and glitter threads to photo well, because they're so stinkin' gorgeous in real life. That is the cutest stitchery to start with, too. I can well imagine how pretty it fully is.

Dar said...

Oh how I would love to be with you and Smitty in that glorious warm and beautiful location. Today it was all of 6 degrees with -5 windchill. Brrr. I really like your snow globe stitcheries. Thanks for sharing your trip with us. I have to catch up on some earlier posts, but I won't miss reading them all, even though a bit late. Happy New Year and safe driving as you head toward home.

Kate said...

Looks gorgeous! Hope you enjoyed your weekend there.

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

We went to Disneyworld 25 years ago. Epcot was better. NASA was great (not in Orlando). I might go back one day, to see the Harry Potter stuff at Universal.

kc said...

Just catching up...yup, palm trees have comically short roots, but gosh, there's a whole lot of 'em! They act like little fingers, gripping the sand, keeping them (mostly) upright, even during the storms. The braces are usually only kept on during the first year of planting. These look pretty weathered, though, so they may have been there a while. Maybe even were planned to be removed, but then the storm came, so powers that be might have chosen to let them stay. The braces don't seem to inhibit growth in any way, so maybe they'll leave 'em on a while. One never knows what goes through the minds of politicians much anymore.

We love the colorful beach homes too...maybe that's why our teal columns don't look too out of place here? I dunno, but I've had lots of people tell me our house looks "happy." :)

quiltzyx said...

I agree - what fun colors on the buildings at the beach!
I wish the glittery threads would photograph better too, darn it! Great snow globe.

I am a Disney fan, but haven't been to the park in years. One of my besties works there & his daughter & SIL met while working there.

SJSM said...

Regarding Florida house colors. We live in California..When our daughter finished college in Ohio, she and two friends took a road trip to the San Francisco Bay Area. The two friends had never been west of the Mississippi. When they arrived in our neighborhood they were sure they had left the Midwest as the styles of homes were so different from their area. One said, Itt’s just like Florida but in earth tones!” I had never considered that. I laughed at the realization. We consider our area as being so different from Florida but I could see how someone from an entirely different climate and architectural area can make that comparison. After all we have palm trees and citrus fruit growing, too.