Georgia On My Mind

Hey there! We're back! I missed you guys! How the heck are ya? We find ourselves in Stonewall Mountain, Georgia, for the next four nights, having driven from Givhans Ferry State Park in South Carolina. Despite several days of rain, we've been busy, and so I have a LOT to tell you. For now, we'll just get reacquainted, okay? Allow me to introduce you to my cat, Smitty. This is where we left off back at Huntington Beach State Park the morning we left. He was able to get out for one last walk before we drove off.

It was a pretty short hop to the Givhans Ferry State Park, but man...were we in the boondocks! We had water and electricity, but no wi-fi and no cell signal. And it rained, and rained, and rained. It rained hard, pretty much the whole time we were there. We expected it, and so we had our minds right. Fortunately, we had satellite so we could watch TV and a few movies we've recorded along the way.

We kept busy during our time there. We visited a quilt shop. Thanks to my friend Anne for putting me onto this one. You know I'll tell you about that in a separate post.

During a spell of sprinkles (as opposed to pouring rain), we took a short hike around the campground.

And we drove into Charleston and barely scratched the surface of the tip of the iceberg there.

There was a sewing day and a day for chilling.

I finished Earlene.

And then I got back to work on this block for the Sundress quilt. You might remember I worked about 2/3 of this large block before I decided to put it aside for awhile. Now it's turn has come again,  and I'll finish it up this time around.

With so much rain and inside time, I filled the whole hoop and I've moved on to the next section. I stitched for so long that I wore a blister on my finger.

This morning we packed it all in. Here's where I left Smitty when I shut the door on the RV this morning. He was just getting ready to head into his favorite riding spot between the bed and the bedroom wall.

About halfway into today's drive, we crossed over the Savannah River...

and into the Great State of Georgia.

And it's already official...added to the side of the RV just before I sat down here to write.

So, you can see I have a lot of catching up to do, but I'll do it in separate posts. For now, just know that we're back, and I'm catching up on reading your blogs and your comments. We're here for the next four nights.

As for future travels, we have reservations for the four days of the Christmas weekend near Savannah. We have about a week to figure out between here and there, and so we'll be doing some studying up on the sights to see in Georgia.

11 comments from clever and witty friends:

quiltzyx said...

Welcome back! My friend's daughter, SIL & grandies live near Atlanta & posted snow pictures the last couple days, but I see grass in your picture and blue skies. Nice. Hard to believe it's December 10th & 80f outside right now here! It has been in the 40s-50s overnight though.

Looks you've done quite a bit of stitching during the rainy days! Sorry to hear about the blister. :(

The studly ManCat model is looking good, as usual!!

Lynette said...

Hey there :) Yay for Earline finished and the Sundress back out. Looking forward to seeing what you were up to in the blog break.


Glad to see you back on line--missed you and the adventures and photos--
give both of the fur balls a hug for me-
enjoy the moments,di

crazy quilter said...

So glad you are back and in the Deep South! You will love it! I saw Georgia got snow the other day, did you bring that with you? Like Texas it almost never snows in Georgia... glad you found a good quilt shop I hope you found a regional print as well. Have fun!

QuiltShopGal said...

I hope the rain & snow doesn't cause you any grief and you are soon back enjoying amazing weather. Maybe you'll get a chance to enjoy some yummy fried catfish, pickles and green tomatoes. And, of course, find some great walking trails, historical sites, yummy restaurants and quilt shops filled with #CreativeGoodness.


Susan C said...

Thought of you with all the yucky rain we had here in SC. Glad you made it to PPQ, looking forward to reading about your visit there. Fun to see the Augusta GA sign in your photo, I live about 20 miles from there! Enjoy your stay in Georgia, as you head toward Savannah you may want to check out Jekyll Island, the “Millionaires Village” is quite interesting.

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Was thinking of you folks as I was reading about all the areas getting snow and hoping you were safe. Good to catch up and look forward to reading about your adventures.

Robin Klein said...

Welcome to our Canadian air blast. Just 2 counties North of me have a freeze warning so I'm not surprised GA has snow. We had camped (tent)at Stone Mtn several times but it seemed to be going downhill if you are where I think you are. Be careful of the tap water in SE Geogia. Papermills sprewed sulfer and other poisons into the main river where drinking water was drawn. From Savannah to St. Augustine, FL I only drink bottled water. But then it never bothered himself much. Savnnah is really a small town but has really expanded in the last 20 yr in suburbs. Hope it's not too cold (or$$)for a horse drawn carrige ride in Savannah.Make sure you both have read Midnight in the Garden of Good &Evil. Any tours you take will reference places+people in the book/movie.

Brown Family said...

South Texas ans the Gulf coast got snow, but North Texas sis not! It looks like it went east along the gulf and then up the Atlantic! It is strange to see a snowman on the beach! I received my needle threader. Thank you. I noticed it was mailed from Florida! I can't wait to hear of your recent travels!

piecefulwendy said...

So good to hear from you, and your adventurous days of rain. You two probably needed some down time after all the activities you've been doing. Smitty is looking very handsome, but I missed seeing pictures of sweet Sadie. Honestly, there's more snow down in that area than there is here (for now). Welcome back!

kc said...

wow, beautiful handwork! So, I have a call out to our friends in Dahlonega; hopefully we'll find out if there's snow on the ground or not. Or how much, if there is.

So, Savannah's an interesting city, too. And if you're gonna be that close, be sure to head on down into northern FL, and visit Trenton.


That's the website for Suwannee Valley Quilt Shop, located inside a restored Coca Cola building, and next to the quilt museum, located inside the old ice house. There are more than 7000 bolts of fabric, and it's all very well organized into sections and rooms. There's a friendly parrot, a cafe & ice cream treats. The people are super friendly and helpful, and there are lots of "local" fabrics..and while you're that close, swing on down and check out our manatees. With the cooler weather upon us, we have about 300 manatees in for the springs. We have room for certain boondockers from Oregon, in case you know any! Or want to be one! But, really, Trenton is absolutely a must-see!

I'll let you know what we hear about the snow or lack of immediately upon hearing!