A Run-Around Day

We managed to get all of our errands accomplished yesterday, and nobody died...at least not at our hands. It was surprisingly calm on this side of Savannah. When we left the RV, Smitty was curled up taking his morning nap.

He was going to need his strength for last night's activities which I'll tell you about in just a minute.

On our list was a stop off at the grocery store for a few last minute items. It seems we're always running low on eggs and sandwich bread, and so that's nearly always on the list. There were a few other things. Our next stop was at Target to pick up an item we'd ordered it online, and so it was a quick in and out there. Here's the thing: There are cats who barf, and there are cats who don't. Smitty is the latter. Sadie, sadly, is the former. Gracie was also a barfing cat. It was during the reign of Gracie that we discovered the Spotbot. There's a reason they put a cat on the box.

It's a sort of carpet cleaner and vacuum combination in one tidy and portable package. We brought ours from home, but it's gotten quite a workout on this trip...not to mention frequent hard bounces as we travel down the road. The old one was coming apart, and so it was time to replace it.

Next stop was at a Staples. I needed to print something, fill it out, sign it, copy it, and then mail it to the agent in Portland for our family get-together next year. We used to keep a printer in the RV with us, but we used it so infrequently that the ink would dry up in between and it never worked when we wanted it to. This stop at Staples proved to be pretty quick and relatively inexpensive, especially when you consider the cost of purchasing ink cartridges that were used one time and then discarded when they dried up.

After that, we considered visiting a quilt shop, but we were worn out from the previous stops, traffic, people, and general Christmas madness. The quilt shop will have to wait for another day and, probably, another destination.

When we had things put away back at the RV, we took a short drive down to the beach to see the Tybee Island Light Station. I promised you a better picture, and here it is:

Here's a little bit of information about it:

It was possible to climb to the top, but the cost was $7 each for seniors, and we were feeling particularly cheap. Besides, we kind of wanted to see the beach. There is only paid parking on Tybee Island, and...like I said...we were feeling particularly cheap, so we headed back to the RV. Hopefully, we'll get a chance to walk the three blocks to the beach and get a look at it today. As we were leaving the parking area, I noticed this sign.

Clearly, they take hurricanes very seriously here. It's easy to see why. Tybee Island is a barrier island and the area where we are located is surrounded on three sides by the Atlantic Ocean. You can see a satellite image of the area below. The RV park is right in the middle. The lighthouse is off to the right.

Fortunately,  there are no hurricanes in the forecast.

That's pretty much the whole day right there. Today will be a little busier. It's Christmas Eve. Back home we'd be having the kids up for Christmas dinner. We'll have our Christmas dinner tomorrow, but I'm making dessert today...a Bailey's Chocolate Chip Cheesecake I've been making for nearly 30 years. It's a family favorite. I shared the recipe in a previous post right here. Today I'm cutting the recipe in half and attempting to make cheesecake for two, using two individual springform pans. Wish me luck. I'm hoping it'll turn out fine, but if it doesn't, I have ingredients to make another pecan pie. Think of it as my emergency back-up dessert.

As for the kitties, it's all quiet on the RV front right now. Last night seemed particularly busy. They weren't so much running around as scurrying. Neither Mike nor I said anything to one another, but in our minds we both were thinking it sounded as if they had a mouse. Both of us dismissed this idea until we got up this morning. Fortunately, we have a brand new Spotbot to take care of that little, um, spot, er...yeah, let's just stick with "spot" as a descriptive term. It's Christmas Eve. You're welcome.

I'm planning to take the day off from blogging tomorrow, and so I'll wish you a Merry Christmas right here. I hope the season has been good to you.

27 comments from clever and witty friends:

Charlene S said...

Merry Christmas!

Vroomans' Quilts said...

A very Merry Christmas to both of you!

Susan C said...

Merry Christmas! ��

Quilting Tangent said...

Merry Christmas, enjoy your cheesecake.

Kate said...

Such a fun post - Merry Christmas!
I think I put on a pound or two thinking about your cheesecake and pecan pie. :)

Betty said...

Cheesecake or pecan pie? Hmmm... two of my favorites. A few days ago I saw a recipe for pecan pie cheesecake, no need to choose.
Good job Sadie & Smitty taking care of ...things!
Merry Christmas to you all!

QuiltShopGal said...

Merry Christmas to all of you. Looks like you are in a wonderful place to enjoy this holiday. Glad to know that you need not worry about hurricanes right now.


Lynette said...

Merry Christmas, Barbara!!


MERRY CHRISTMAS--to all of you--!!!
Glad you got 2 'security' folks there on alert--they deserve an extra hug and a treat!!!
Hope all your dinner plans and the walk to the beach work out for you--and you are lucky cause for here in the south now--hurricane season is over until next summer!!
love to all--enjoy the moments, di

WoolenSails said...

I think I need one of those, we did get a small rug cleaner though, Izzy is the puker in our house, she cannot tolerate canned food, but she gets into it anyways. Looks like a nice spot to camp, I hope the weather is nicer down there and you both have a wonderful Christmas together.


Shari said...

Hope you get a chance to get down to the beach for a walk. Marry Christmas!

Judy1522 said...

Merry Christmas! We had freezing rain this morning but I think it has warmed up enough that it is just rain. I can do without the ice but wouldn't mind if it snowed as we can get around in that.

liniecat said...

Merry Christmas!
Did you have a stowaway mouse all this time or has one found a way in?!

Nancy said...

Merry Christmas! You will be glad you are missing the storm at home today. Freezing rain moving up the valley. Snowing right now in Vancouver. We did not hear that prediction until late last night so I am glad that I braved the crowds yesterday. We are suppose to go to our youngest daughters tomorrow. She lives just West of Troutdale so we will hope for warming to be able to make it tomorrow.

I have a question about your Snow Globes - is it one of the projects that calls for coloring the fabric with crayons?

Have a great day tomorrow. I hope the weather turns sunny for you.

Marlene said...

Merry Christmas to you both. Wishing you a Merry Christmas and hope you have a wonderful day.

Janarama said...

Merry Christmas Barbara, Mike, Smitty and Sadie. Thank you for sharing your wonderful adventures.

HouseDragon said...

Merry Christmas to each of you.
I've been following your blog almost since day one: I read you first thing after the news.
Mahalo for brightening my day,
Your cyber friend HouseDragon.

Angel, Kirby and Max said...

Merry Christmas! Looks like you have a great place to spend it!

I guess I have commented on all of these from the cat's ID!


Tilly said...

Merry Christmas for yur both and the kitties of course.

piecefulwendy said...

Max is a bit like Sadie. Thankfully not often; however, I'm going to look into a SpotBot. I've never heard of it. So thanks! Enjoy your day, and I hope that yummy looking cheesecake baked up just right!

Kathe Gardner said...

I so enjoy your updates. For Sadie - try giving her pure pumpkin in a can - just a bit at first and see if that takes care of 'everything'. I give it to my cat and she loves it and I haven't had her 'gifts'. However She got very upset when I ran out and didn't feel like opening a can - she taught me! If it doesn't work - make pumpkin bread. Merry Christmas and thanks for your 'journal'

Beth said...

Good morning and Merry Christms to you! It is a wintry wonderland here, and our cats were watching the falling flakes through the windows yesterday; not a one of them thought to patrol the place or do something brave. But it seems Santa rewards nature lovers and the lazy, too, so everyone at our house is happy.

Lyndsey said...

You just have to love kitties and their mouse catching abilities. Picasso bought one in as a present for Richard in the early hours of Christmas morning.It was still alive and fortunately Richard caught it and put it outside again.

Kate said...

That light house is pretty impressive. We did go up to the top. It's been a few years so I don't remember if we had to pay to go up or not, probably. We really enjoyed Savannah, it was a great place to spend a week. As I recall, we ate really good food, a lot!

quiltzyx said...

Great pic of the lighthouse - just as you promised!

My friend had a pair of pukie cats - she got quite good at Frisbee-throwing paper plates to catch the, um, out-come. LOL


Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Hope you had a Merry Christmas. There were 18 of us at my inlaws house.

SJSM said...

Well, your kitties were just saving your Christmas dinner! How kind of them to protect the home and consumables. We were supposed to have 17 for christmas. We ended up with 6. Last minute bug got the grandma of the family that was coming and the extended family there stayed with her. Understandable but I sure have a lot of food! A lot went into the freezer. Oh well, the house got a thorough cleaning, too. On the 26th we headed for Oregon. We enjoyed our time there. Waited an extra day in Lebanon for the ice/snow to clear in Portland area before heading for my husband’s 's brother’s new home, on a hill.