Quilt Shop: Mountain Stitches by Susan

Okay, my blogging friends. I promised you a quilt shop, and a quilt shop you shall have. As I mentioned in my post from Thursday, we drove through Great Smoky Mountains National Park to the Gatlinburg, Tennessee, side and stopped there for lunch. While we were eating, I checked my quilt shop app (which, sadly, will stop working the next time I update my iPhone...sad face), and discovered this quilt shop just four miles down the road. I've learned to call ahead and check whether they're still in business and to double check the address before going. Sure enough...there and open. Yay!

Mountain Stitches by Susan was located in a "craft mall" along with other shops. When we arrived and parked, I wasn't at all sure we were in the right place.

Walking a little to the left of the main entrance, I spied this window.

From there, I walked through the entry and down this dark hallway.

It was a little confusing at first because I saw this off to the left. You can see a long-arm quilter inside stitching away. At first I worried I'd found a long arm business rather than a fabric store. In the suite next door, you can see quilts hanging on the wall. I tried both doors, and both were locked. Hmmmm. Now I was really perplexed.

Turning directly around, there it was!

Walking in the front door, one sees this. The man on the extreme right of the image was the husband of Susan, the long-arm quilter I'd seen across the hall. He was tending the store while I was there.

It was a small shop a very, very quiet. I felt a little uncomfortable taking too many pictures. Despite being a small shop, but they had a nice selection of fabrics...especially fat quarter bundles. In one room I found mostly civil war-type prints.

In the second room, I found mostly brightly colored calicoes.

On this table, fabrics were $6 per yard. I didn't find anything there to purchase, but there were a couple that were tempting. See the light blue at the top and the mauve in the middle? They had teapots, and they were awfully cute.

Near the doorway she had some bolts standing on end of reds on white and whites on red. Remember the quilt I posted the other day? It's called Love Me, Love My Cat.

And see that red and white fabric I used in the border? I used all I had on that quilt (both front and back) and I've always wished I could find more. She had several that were close, and it took me several minutes to decide on one. I got three yards of the one below. Nothing planned for it, but I'll use it for something. Maybe it'll get used in the redwork doll quilt pattern I picked up at the Virginia Quilt Museum. Whatever I use it for, I'll be happy to find it in my stash at some point in the future.

As for my regional print, I picked up a fat quarter of this one.

And y'all are such enablers giving me the idea to ship my fabric purchases home if they threaten to burst the seams of the RV. Yesterday we picked up a couple of flat rate boxes, and when I finish here, I'm packing everything up to ship home. That will give me lots more room for more fabric purchases in upcoming travels...because you can never have too much fabric, right? And, certainly, one can never visit too many quilt shops.

Today we visited the American Museum of the House Cat, and what a fun, fun, fun place that was! I can't wait to tell you about it, but that will have to be put on hold for tomorrow.


Vroomans' Quilts said...

This so looks like the shop near my daughter (where I took my Juki to be repaired). Small, but neat and plenty of selection to keep anyone happy.

Lucky Duck Dreams said...

I dont know if you realized but your were on the Smokey mt Arts and craft loop

Quilting Babcia said...

Lovely red and white fabric! Looks like a great little shop.

WoolenSails said...

That looks like a wonderful shop and nice to have them indoors so you can walk around.
Great finds for your collection.


DeeDee said...

So excited that you were able to get to Mountain Stitches. I always find something there to bring home with me when I go. Susan is a really sweet lady. And it's a good thing you were there during the week. She closes on Saturdays! Can't wait to hear about the cat museum.

piecefulwendy said...

Sometimes those little shops can have fun little delights. So glad you found more of that fabric. It's always fun to find those unexpected little things. Thanks for sharing the photos of the shop! I think I would've had to explore some of the other shops; it looked very interesting! Looking forward to the cat museum post!

Kate said...

Love that red and white print! The last two vacations, I've really appreciated the value of shipping stuff home (we usually fly). The post office makes it pretty easy these days to run in and do that.

Terri in BC said...

Great idea to ship your fabric home! It'll be like Christmas when you get to open the parcels again!

QuiltGranma said...

I love finding quilt shops on my travels, when we travel which is getting to be less and less. I'm in N Central Oregon. Knowing the trip route, I googled quilt shops in (said state, or if I know the area better, the county, since I do not have a smart phone)... the area, and have been delighted at what I've found. Enjoying your trip as you share it with us, thank you!

Brown Family said...

That is a nice small quilt shop.

Unknown said...

Great red & white fabric!! Did you check out any of the other craft shops?