Bag Ladies of the Fat Quarter Club: November Linky Party

Welcome to this end-of-fall version of the Bag Lady Linky Party. Geez...the next time we link up (which will also be the last time we link up), we'll be into winter...and Christmas will be over. Now, that's a scary thought!

Cat Patches

Today, it's time to celebrate Thelma, so come on! Let's party! Thelma was stitched up in record time. I love her curly hair, her bobby sox, and Mary Jane shoes.

Everyone who links up will be eligible to win this fabulous prize! It's a magnetic needle threader from Puffin & Company. This being November, I'm thinking we should talk how much we love turkey dinners and Black Friday sales. This month's needle threader is the heart.

These are especially created for long-eyed needles and embroidery floss.

Here's what you need to do to win:

1. Link up below showing us your progress on whatever Bag Lady you happen to be stitching; it doesn't have to be Thelma. You don't have to finish your block to link up, however, you should have taken at least a stitch or two. Please link using the URL to your blog post, not your entire blog. If you don't have a blog, please feel free to post an image to our FlickR group, click on your image, and use that URL to link up.

2. In order to win, I need a way to contact you. If you aren't sure, please include your email address in a comment below. To avoid becoming spam bait do it in this format: yourname at yourserviceprovider dot com.

And that's it! Pretty short and simple. I'll keep this linky open until Monday, December 4, 2017, at midnight (PST). Winner will be announced sometime during the day on Tuesday (assuming internet access).

Now, I can't wait to see your bag ladies!

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Kate said...

Those silver glass and silver pin were a nice touch.

Judy1522 said...

I decided I was probably not going to get this totally finished this month. There is way too much going on with the holidays. I had trouble and was not able to link from my flickr account or the flickr group account. I finally just resized it and downloaded from my computer. I am wondering if the latest Microsoft upgrade that caused problems for so many people isn't still causing me some problems. I'm just glad I had a way of doing it that actually worked.
I am so behind on reading your blog but the ones I have read so far are great. You are going to some very interesting places and it is always interesting to read what you say about them.

gpc said...

Thank goodness for your reminders. I wish I had taken Abigail with me to the hospital, the unplanned week stay would have given me plenty of time to work on her. Unfortunately, hanging around since then at Honey's house, I only have green and red thread, so I need to be sporty with my color choices. That's what I like about Abigail though. She isn't a fussy gal, she's just happy to be here. And I totally get that.