Sunny Sunday

It was 3:30 before I finished all my kitchen duties yesterday. Actually, I took an hour off to rest my feet and read some email, and then it was back to work until I was finished. These Morning Glory Muffins were baked yesterday to enjoy for breakfast this morning. Yes, they are on our diet!

They're packed with nuts, dates, dried pineapple, mashed banana, fat-free yogurt, and lots of good stuff to make them high in fiber and protein. We enjoyed them for breakfast just now. The recipe makes 18...I got 17...and so I froze the leftovers for future breakfasts. You can find the recipe right here.

When I finally made it into the sewing room, I was more inclined to do some quilting than anything else, and so I did the final quilting on the Spring Quilt-along from The Inbox Jaunt. I'd missed that we were supposed to do the middle sashing motif...this one...

on the border ends, and so I did that. I made a mistake after stitching the center swirls, and so I ended up with an extra line of stitching on both sides. It doesn't matter. As it turns out, I made a design decision without even trying. Yes, it's true...my imagination knows no bounds.

Then the final motif was a row of "tulips" on the side borders.

With that...the quilting was finished, and now it's ready for binding.

I still needed to cut the binding strips for Working for Peanuts. I'm using the stripe in this image.

Then I cut a back for it. I'm using this fabric...um...excuse me...

there we go.

I purchased a yard, which was just about the perfect size for the quilt. And then, I had the quilt-along sitting there next to the stripes, and it looked like a fine choice for that quilt too.

So, I cut the strips, but I was sort of avoiding my domestic machine yesterday. I've been sitting there for the past ten days or so, working on the scrub jay.

Instead, I decided to do some more quilting. This Little Bunnies quilt went with us on our last trip, but I didn't work on it at all. I'd hoped to get this quilted in May, and now we're into July. No time like the present, right? A diagonal grid seemed like a good choice, and it gave me a chance to practice with my Line Tamer Ruler. I really love this ruler. Think of it as a ruler for dummies. I've linked to the page back there, and you can watch a video to see how it works.

Little Bunnies is a small quilt, and I'm about 3/4 of the way finished with the quilting. I love the simplicity of a diagonal grid. This quilt will be ready for binding (hopefully) by the end of today.

We're expecting guests for dinner tonight. Yesterday I made our dessert and a potato salad. Today I'm putting some Pulled Chicken Sandwiches in my crockpot. (When I looked up that recipe link, I realized it's a recipe from Cooking Light. Surely it can't be that far off our Cooking Light Diet, can it?) Also, I'm making some Spicy Barbecue Coleslaw. That recipe is from Cook's Country, which requires a membership, and so I can't link to it. If you're looking for a good coleslaw recipe, email me and I'll send it to you. It makes a pile of coleslaw. Since it can be made two days ahead, I'll take the leftovers with us on the Fourth. (I just love foisting off leftovers on my family, don't you?)

So all of that to say that if there's time for sewing today, I'll finish quilting the Little Bunnies and then get the bindings sewn on two quilts. After that...more little hearts for I Found a Quilted Heart. And if there's still time...who knows? I'll surprise myself.

4 comments from clever and witty friends:

quiltzyx said...

Looks like Smitty was toe-testing the backing fabric. Good job guy!

I like the grid work on the bunny quilt. Have to go back & click on the link to see how that ruler works.

Happy Sunday!

Brown Family said...

That is an interesting ruler. I may look into it!

claudia said...

I did nothing but watch cartons with my grandson all morning until the parental units woke up and then we played with kites and dogs and chased (my poor) goats and blew bubbles. Then we BBQ's , ate too much and had dessert!
No sewing was done, although I did pick up my latest mystery along and showed it to people. (I'm very proud of it, it is the only thing I have to show for myself in almost four months!)
They have gone home and now it's quiet. Soon to be louder. We are allowed to explode things for three days, in honor of the fourth. Oh yay! Then I get to listen to my poor horses running from the boomers! I kind of wish I could bring them in the house, but no...

piecefulwendy said...

I made an attempt at quilting yesterday afternoon, only to find that I was cranky and really needed a nap. So I wrote my blog (quickly) and took a nap. I did do a little cleaning in my quilt room. Today I'll get some quilting done. You had a productive day. I'm impressed you actually snuck in some sewing in the midst of all that cooking! Enjoy your time with friends and family!