Catching Up

It was a good day of sewing yesterday, and also, we sold our truck. Can't ask for a much better day than that. Well, I suppose if someone had come in and done my housework for me...which remains undone...but let's just not talk about that, shall we? (I'm very good at avoidance.) Also, if an airplane had flown overhead and dropped a bag full of money right beside me, that would have made it a better day. One can always dream.

First, I got the binding sewn onto the Wheel Estate quilt. Now, only the hand-stitching remains.

The quilt inspectors were back on the job yesterday morning. Sadie gave it a good once-over checking for snuggleability. It's going to be a snuggle quilt, after all, and so it was critically important for it to pass this test.

It's snuggly enough, but I'm afurraid I have to agree with Smitty about these campers. These are the weirdest-ass campers I've ever seen. We've never seen any that look like this when we're in those RV purrks.

Obviously, everyone's a critic.

With that done, it was time to work on the Marvelous Monday Mini blocks. I was several weeks behind on these. First, were these four squares. Simple enough.

Then, the broken dishes. These all end up at 4 inches unfinished, and those middle HST's are 1-1/4 inches. Is it any surprise I'm having trouble getting my points to match up?

Then, the flying geese block...again, those dastardly 1-1/4 inch HST's.

Last, was a 9-patch. You might recall that I made this 9-patch in error when I first started on this project. It wasn't quite the right size, but I was determined to use it. Since it was a little too large (and since I'd already taken it apart and sewn it back together twice), I only put one border on it, and that one border was fudged to get to the 4-inch unfinished size. Please don't call the quilt police.

There's still one more to do on these, but it just came out on Monday. That means that I'm technically caught up...and I'm all about technicalities. These are the blocks I've made so far.

That was all I had time for yesterday. I rode along with Mike out to Troutdale where we met a guy from Yakima who bought the truck. (It's about a three-hour time differential, and so we split the difference.) We still have it in our possession, but he's given us a deposit. It's officially off the market, and he'll bring us the balance on Monday. We're a little bit nostalgic about the old truck. It was a real work horse, and we traveled a lot of miles in it. We only sold it because we needed a dually to haul our larger truck camper. Nostalgia or no, it'll be good to get that pig out of the driveway and off our insurance policy.

Today, sadly, is a grocery shopping day. On a brighter note, the list is short. Then, I'll get back to my sewing. Oh yes, and housework, if I'm feeling charitable. I'll finished the last of the minis and then, hopefully, get caught up on the Welcome Home Small Quilt Mystery.

Just as I was getting ready to post this, I noticed I had an email from the Sketchbook Project. They created a map of all the participants so far. This is a global project, and so people from all over the world are participating. I totally love being a part of something like that. Here's their map. One of those dots there in Oregon is me!

Actually, I'm very excited to get started on this...and to tell the truth, I'm very excited about our trip. It's hard to think about much else.

Before I go for the day, I must show you this picture of the Princess and the Pea. We've had to negotiate about what spaces she can occupy on my work table. She has a little bed, and I try to get her to stay in it. Yesterday, her feelings were hurt, but not so badly. She found the quilts-to-be-quilted pile (I think there are five in the pile) and decided that would make a nice soft and cushy napping place for her. Pea? What pea?

And since the quilts-to-be-quilted pile is always a popular napping place, I've taken to saving my quilting practice pieces as a protective shield against cat fuzz. Kitties don't mind. It's just one more level of cushiness.

12 comments from clever and witty friends:

liniecat said...

At last you've earned my now complete respect!

Hst's should frequently have off skew points in my opinion, like,
its the whatever it is that proves the rule - and anyway,
my points seem to be miss each other no matter how hard I try lol
So I'm thrilled to see yours occasionally do too!
But to be fair, yours looks naively delightful as if you made them that way deliberately whereas mine, look wrong!!

Lady Jane said...

Oh I so disagree with Smitty. These are the best campers I have ever seen. Hugs, LJ

CathieJ said...

I think the Wheel Estate quilt is wonderful. I recently read an article, don't ask me where, that had campers much like those to be used as a Motel. They were all spiffed up and ready. Unfortunately, I am obsessive about my HSTs which sometimes makes the process less fun than it should be. I am also the person who alphabetizes her spice rack so that tells you where I am coming from. I actually think all of your blocks looks very pretty.

Vroomans' Quilts said...

That's a great picture of Sadie on the camper quilt - purfect for pets on parade which isn't too far away. I swear by fork pins when working tiny for point accuracy

Annette Mandel said...

I agree with Sharon, I also swear when matching small points! Lol

quiltzyx said...

Congrats on the truck sale!

Sometimes Smitty & Sadie just have no imagination, y'know? I love the trailers on Wheel Estate! At least they passed it for snuggleability.

Oh the cute tiny blocks! I think I might have resorted to paper piecing them. My fingers fumble trying to hold those eensy pieces!

WoolenSails said...

I do love that camper quilt and the fabrics you used, you can see the colors better with the kitty on it.


Brown Family said...

I have to hang my quilts to be quilted or they are covered in fur!Kirby has no problem burrowing beneath the top one (protective cover)! I have fabrics selected for the mini blocks, now i just have to find the 'want to' to get started!

piecefulwendy said...

Ah, those little HSTs will look like the points match from a distance, so no worries. At least you're caught up! Yay on selling the truck! Max (my cat) has a nice little comfy bed that I've made him in my quilt room; however, he much prefers -- insists -- on napping on my ironing board. He has singed his fur in the past, when I haven't been paying attention to him cozying up to that iron!

BillieBee (billiemick) said...

Cats can be so purrrrsnickerdee....grin. I'm so in love with your camper quilt. We had an old baha (msp) bug (VW) in our younger days. When we sold it, I stood at the window and cried. So silly, but it was like part of us.

Angie in SoCal said...

What a cute quilt! Those are darling little blocks.

Kate said...

I love the funky campers. I bet if someone could figure out how to translate those fabrics to paint schemes, those campers would out sell all others. (Says the woman who had to work really hard to talk DT out of bright and bold blueberry colored car yesterday). Congrats on getting it all finished. Also congrats on selling the truck! I understand wanting to clear the driveway. DT got her college car. Now the high school car really needs to find a new home.