A Weekend's Work

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This morning I had some time to do some hand-quilting on the Mumm's the Word quilt. Finally, the star block was finished. This goes along pretty fast until I come to a star block. Those take forever. The little pieces aren't quite large enough for "big stitch" hand quilting, and so I'm always trying to decide where to stitch and where to not. That's "not" not "knot." (I really just wanted to say that.) Anyway...when it was this far, I moved the hoop to the left.

The next section went pretty fast since the next block was just two half square triangles, and so I'm ready to move the hoop again. It was time to head off to the farmers market with Erik and Mae though. For this morning's foraging, I was on the hunt for pie cherries, which are surprisingly hard to find. I wanted five pounds, but was only able to find 4 1/4. I decided to take those and I'll fill in the rest of my recipe with blueberries. I'm going to can some cherry pie filling since cherry pie is not currently on our diets.

I have an idea that just making the filling will get me through cherry pie season without making an actual pie. Mike has lost 20 lbs., and I've lost 12. Once we reach our goal, we'll probably eat all the cherry pie filling straight from the jar. Nature abhors a vacuum, you know, and where did those pounds go? Huh? Somewhere there's some a hole in the universe into which pie filling will go.

As for the pie filling, I'm trying something new with that. I looked and looked and looked for a cherry pie filling to be preserved. Almost all that I found were made with frozen pie cherries, and they also wanted you to collect the cherry juice as the cherries thawed. I finally found one that used fresh cherries in this book:

This book has been on my shelf for a couple of years at least, and this will be the first time I've made anything from it. In my kitchen, cookbooks are a lot like quilting fabric. Sometimes one must simply purchase the item whether or not one ever intends to use it. I just feel better knowing it's there.

Also, I was on the hunt for tomatillos. I found some nice ones. With these I'll make some salsa verde. You can find the recipe I'll be using right here.

For that, I needed to stop off at the grocery store on the way home and get some jalapeno peppers. We found every variety of pepper imaginable at the farmers market, but no jalapenos. Bummer.

Finally, and this was just a spur of the moment decision, I picked up three bunches of beets for making pickled beets. We're on our last jar. I have some from the CSA, but I needed more for pickling.

So you can see I have my weekend cut out for me. There was no time for quilting yesterday, and it doesn't look like I'll get back to the Wheel Estate quilt until Monday at the earliest.

Smitty has taken to getting his morning sunbath on these sunshiny mornings. Here, he was taking care of some purrsonal grooming before falling off into a slumber.

Here, he was showing me what he does to people who disturb his morning naps.

Actually...he was just yawning, but I think there was some ferocity behind those teeth, don't you?

So...no more whining about my canning duties. The cherries await. Oh yes, I have a nifty new cherry pitter. I'll have to tell you more about it tomorrow...like, after I've actually tried it out.

12 comments from clever and witty friends:

liniecat said...

Those cherries look like cranberries!
We seem to only get dark coloured cherries here, can't recall the last time I saw red cherries come to think of it!
Well done on the weight loss!
The walking is paying off and have you cut down on puddings maybe too?
If that black hole with cherry pie filling comes over the this way ... I do hope I'm near it when it all arrives!

LeShawn said...

I am loving the photos of the fresh cherries and veggies. Inspires me to eat healthier. Smitty is too cute snuggled up. Enjoy your canning.

Cath said...

Hello Barbara....so long since I've been by for a visit. I am still looking for the perfect cherry pie filling for our cherries that are stored in the freezer from summer. I would have bought that book if only for the luscious picture on the cover haha. Enjoy the rest of the weekend

crazy quilter said...

Yum Cherry pie filling. I am doing weight watchers and I haven't lost as much as you but I am getting close. I wonder why Men loose weight faster then women? Not fair in my book.. Anyway have a grand time in the kitchen. I am certainly interested in the salsa verde since it sounds so yummy and I have never made it. Thanks for sharing! Glad Smitty is enjoying the sunshine. Those teeth!

piecefulwendy said...

Every year for the past I don't know how many, we have gotten a lug or two of cherries from Washington. My husband likes to make brandied cherries. We missed the delivery this year. We are so bummed. I, too, have cookbooks similar to my fabric. Glad to know you think like I do! Pickled beets -- yum!

SJSM said...

I am on another diet. This time I'm not messing around. After years of losing 25 lbs and gaining it back, it is time to commit. After all times a wasting and I only have a few more years to make sure my elder years will be ones with activity and not crippled by pain. At this point I've lost over 50 lbs and the scale tends to tip lower each day. Being back to the weight I was 20 some odd years ago has helped. I'm looking to be the weight I was 30 some odd years ago. So I empathize with your desire to be better to yourself. And yes, men do lose weight faster, even when both are just as committed. Hubby now has to GAIN some of his back. Gotta say seeing him slather goat cheese on bread was th first time I wished to join in.

Love your kitchen adventures and do let me know about that cherry pitter. I'm on the look out for a good one. We have to tomatillos plants and they are finally setting on. Canning salsa verde is the plan. My neighbor freezes the tomatillos after husking and makes her salsa verde as the mood strikes her. I like having the finished product on the shelf.

Nice progress on Mum's the Word. I liked seeing you piece that one together and how the quilt is getting quilted, pain or not. Enjoy the sunshine while you can.

Dar said...

There must be something in the water or the air this weekend. I'm up to my eyeballs in canning pickled beets. A friend grew way more than she wanted to fool with and knew that I loved them, so yesterday she brought me a big black trash bag full. I don't have a proper canning pot for anything other than pints (and only 4 at a time will fit), so it will be a long long day of it. Your cherries look beautiful. Oh, almost forgot, congratulations on your weight loss. How far are you from your goal. I would think it's almost there. Smitty is such a cutie, even when he yawns. :)

Susan said...

The cherries look delicious. I can only find dark cherries around here. I am the odd one in my family--I never developed a fondness for beets in any way shape or form. I thought Smitty was laughing his head off at you although those teeth could do serious damage.

Brown Family said...

The cherries look nice. I will be looking at your cherry pitter. I have one from Pampered Chef that works well. I have never worked with tomatillos. Do you roast them or chop them raw

Smitty, you have a great sun bathing spot and a fierce yawn!

Kate said...

We have the same cookbook addiction at this house, but unlike the fabric stash, all three of us tend to bring cookbooks home. Barnes and Noble is a very dangerous place in that regard. However, My Guy and Drama Teen actually use them occasionally. Me, I'd rather sew.

Hope all your canning is done and you can get back to stitching today.

gpc said...

I found those 12 pounds you lost! I've kept them safe for you but you can have them back any time you want! The cherries look fabulous, I am spending the week near Traverse City, which is Michigan's cherry capital, and we have been stuffing our faces on sweet cherries here but the tart ones are always in shorter supply. I have never canned -- only frozen -- them, but I think I will try that the next time I find enough of them.

quiltzyx said...

Mmmm cherries! And pie filling...OMG sometimes you are just so, so cruel to us!! And then SALSA VERDE! My favorite salsa!! Have fun with your ongoing canning adventures. :)

Good to see Smitty keeping up with his personal hygiene. (Do you brush his teeth?)