It was a very busy day yesterday, and this morning was busy as well. There was just a little time for sewing, but I'll have some time this afternoon to get back at it. First thing yesterday, I made good on my promise to re-pot the tomatoes. Now they're in their largest pots of the season. They're way behind on their growth curve for this time of year, but they are looking healthy enough.

Only six plants remain of the 11 I planted earlier this year. They're going to have to hurry along, or we won't get any of the tomatoes. That's okay. We can obtain all the tomatoes we want from our farmers, and the neighbors can enjoy these after we leave.

We have been enjoying the lettuce, and it's been a boon to our weight loss goals. The lettuce is so sweet and good. I harvest it early in the morning so that it's nice and crisp when we're ready to eat it. We've been making salads and sandwiches from it. We get lettuce in our CSA shares, but the farmers seem to focus on bitter varieties. We like those, but it's nice having a virtually unlimited supply of sweet lettuce as well.

These heads are so large now that they are close to bolting, and so I planted a second round yesterday. We grow it in planter boxes in our greenhouse. The seeds are planted just under the surface of the soil, and so I keep them covered until they germinate, and then uncover them. The soil stays moist since they create their own little terrariums.

There was a veritable mountain of laundry to tackle yesterday. I would have worked on it over the weekend, but it was so hot I was loathe to run the dryer. The loads of laundry took me well into the evening. In the meantime, I worked on the jay and finished off the tail section. Here's where I left it yesterday:

The bird is looking pretty good to me, but I'm not happy with that orange fabric. For one thing, it's too dark and draws the eye away from the main subject. I like the addition of orange, but it needs to be something lighter in value. Also, I don't like the way the triangular piece adjacent to the top of the tail is shaped. It really needs to be cut in the way I've indicated with the green line below.

I'll continue with the same poppy fabric out to the edge of the quilt, but I want that inner border looking differently. Whatever I use there, I'm thinking I'll use the same fabric under the bird's perch. There is still much strategizing to do with respect to fabric. Today I'm hoping to get the legs added, and then I think the bird will really be standing out from the rest. Either way, the most difficult parts are finished.

So off I go with my bird brain to figure this out.

8 comments from clever and witty friends:

claudia said...

The Blue Jay is looking great. He has such definition now!

I really like the setup you have going on in your green house. I wish I could get one going, but it looks like I have too many animal things to finish up first. I have a garden, but the 'room mate' didn't listen to out neighbor so it is a jungle of weeds at the moment and I can't do anything about them myself. I just keep pulling what I can around the veggies that I have planted and keep them watered. I will attempt to do something completely different next year. I did put some old hay out there, but haven't spread it around. That will definitely keep the weeds down.

Kaisievic said...

Your greenhouse looks wonderful, especially the lettuce. Love your bird, too.

Sandra W said...

The bird looks good. I agree about the orange fabric. It's too bright.
The background seems to be working, but I must say I had my doubts. I probably would have used a sky-like fabric which would have been too much blue. Or something in green. Or perhaps gray. That's my go-to.
Re the sketchbook--my husband says I shouldn't have been so cheap and I should have gone for the digital edition. So I wrote them and got the info.

CathieJ said...

Your bird is looking really pretty. I agree that the orange fabric needs to go. I had trouble seeing the bird at first. I thought it was a toucan. Your veggies are looking great. I have a little bunny eating my one little lettuce plant.

Vroomans' Quilts said...

You will figure this one out. I just weeded flower beds (we have a lot less this year) and snipped dead heads with the help of two furkids. I harvested a bit of my various herbs and some Kale to take out to my daughter tomorrow - some grandkid time.

Brown Family said...

I am sure you will find the right orange for that border. The Jay is coming along nicely.

Debbie said...

Your lettuce looks so good! We have been enjoying Butter lettuce this week, from the market, not home grown. The Jay is looking good. I agree with the orange being too strong there, where as the soft yellow and gray/black tones work well that close to him.

piecefulwendy said...

I agree with you on the orange. I didn't expect it to be that bright with the other colors. You'll figure something out. What does it mean when you say the lettuce will be bolting? Non-gardner here, so curious.