Playing Catch-Up

There was finally some time to get back into the sewing room yesterday. I'm working at catching up on a few sew-alongs, as well as finishing up some half-started projects from when Mike was at his driving school in Pahrump. Here's what I was able to accomplish.

First, I needed to finish up the third of the embroidered and appliqued blocks for the Summer Holiday quilt. I worked on the embroidery while we were traveling, but needed to finish putting the borders on it. This one is called "At the Campsite."

Here are the three embroidered blocks I have so far. There are two more yet to do.

Then I got to work catching up on the Solstice Challenge quilt. This is Block #23 called "Eureka." Mine was to celebrate our 42nd wedding anniversary back on May 24th.

Then I got a start on Block #24 called "Lucky Girl." Mine is to celebrate Memorial Day last week. It isn't quite finished, and I'll finish it up when I make my way into the sewing room today.

That will have me caught up except for the block that was released this on Wednesday. I'll probably finish that one up today, and then set all the blocks aside for some future date. 

The kitties are back at work helping out in the sewing room, as you might guess.

And with so much help, no one is any more surprised than I that I didn't accomplish more today.

Also, I've been hacking away at the CSA veggies. You might recall that I've been disparaging in my opinions about kohlrabi in the past. It's a vegetable I never ate before joining up with our CSA. Last year I attempted to make fritters from it, but I couldn't get them to hang together very well and called the recipe a failure. A few nights ago, I gave the kohlrabi another try using this recipe for Kohlrabi Fritters with Lemon Dill Yogurt Sauce, and let me just say that my opinion of kohlrabi has improved significantly.

The secret to getting them to hang together is squeezing as much water out as possible once they've been grated. It takes just a few seconds to grate them in a food processor. This time, I used a tea towel to wring them out good and proper. On my last attempt, I tried just using my hands. Using a tea towel allowed me to wring a surprising amount of water from them, and these fried up like a dream. The Lemon Dill Yogurt Sauce was a perfect accompaniment, and they were delicious. I'll definitely be doing this again.

The other thing we've accomplished since we've been home is to replace the seed bins destroyed by the squirrels with shiny new metal trash cans. I'd like to see those little marauding squirrels chew through those...although, nothing would surprise me.

And there are those thieving buggers now.

They're awfully cute.

There's another one.

Off to the right and outside the frame, one of the adults and another of the juveniles were happily munching on the strawberries. Like I said...thieving buggers!

Today, weather permitting because it's raining again, I'm going to pull some weeds and do a little housework, and then I should have plenty of time for sewing. It's good to be back in my happy place.

18 comments from clever and witty friends:

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

What! You didn't plant those strawberries for them?

QuiltShopGal said...

Spoiled little buggars. BTW - We also keep our bird seed in galvanized cans.


Lyndsey said...

Pretty blocks. Squirrels are such a pain as they think anything vaguely edible is for them but they sure are cute to look at.

liniecat said...

Bet the squirrels are cheesed off your back so eating the strawberries out of spite anyway lol

Goofin' Off Around the Block said...

I love these embroidered blocks. They are so fun and whimsical. As for those squirrels, they remind me of those pesky chipmunks Chip and Dale...you know, always into just a little bit of mischief. --Andrea

Debbie said...

lol...and just in case they are strong you might have to use bungee cords to keep the lids on :) Actually, we have possums that get into the sunflower seeds and it takes a bungee cord to stop them.

gpc said...

Little buggers ARE cute, though. And knowing that they are supposedly good eating helps me think of them as a pantry item, one I hope not to have to use, but nice to know it's available. Nice work on your blocks -- I am about 20 behind. :)

claudia said...

I barely went anywhere and I am way behind on my sewing. I did take a day when my daughter was here to start honestly organizing the sewing room. Boy was that a big help having her here with me doing that. Since then I have emptied a few more drawers of their various pieces of whatevers into boxes of like whatevers...(Does that make sense?) Eventually, I will have everything at hand and know where it is! (That's my plan anyway!)
Today, my boys, Levi and Dusty had to go to the doctor to get "fixed". They weren't broken, but they were starting to fight. One I think Levi weighed in at 12.6 pounds...and they aren't done growing yet! I go back into town at 4 to pick them up, so they can come home and heal. This weekend, my daughter and her boyfriend are coming to at least start making the boys' catio! I am so excited!!! I bought the plans from the company you told me about. (Thank you again!)
Okay...on and on I go.

crazy quilter said...

Looks like the thieving bugger have put on some peanut weight! Ha serves them right . Those pounds won't be easy to get off. I do hope they leave the shiny new cans alone. Glad you are back in your happy place. No weed pulling for me with all the rain we have had it will be days before it is dry enough to to go out, but on the bright side the temps have just been in the 80's . That is really good for this part of June, so no big complaints from me or Mr Electric bill. In Texas we must have the A/C on from about mid March so I am happy for the cooler temps. Enjoy your time in the sewing room, I hope to get to mine tomorrow.

WoolenSails said...

I had some old strawberries that went, so i threw them out in the yard and they disappeared, I am sure the squirrels had a feast;) Love the camping piece, that is a fun one.


Synthia said...

Welcome back to the sewing room. I enjoyed reading about your tripping adventures, but I missed your sewing and cooking posts. Greedy me.....I want it ALL! (grin)

Gretchen Weaver said...

You had better get some kind of tie down cords on those storage cans. If the squirrels don't get them open, the coons sure will.

piecefulwendy said...

Those squirrels are taunting you, eating those strawberries with such rapacity. I found the perfect quilt for you to commemorate the squirrel episode. I'll send you a pic in a separate email. Heh. Those kohlrabi cakes look yummy!

BillieBee (billiemick) said...

Your embroidery blocks are so cute as are your kitty paperweights on your sewing table. :)

We have a raccoon that is climbing our tree, pulling up the hummingbird feeder, and having a drink. We caught him in action the other night.

Brown Family said...

It always feels good to get caught up. I like the blocks.

I know those metal trash bins have tight lids, but we had to tie the tops down because the raccoons figured out how to get them open. We used a bungee cord stretched very tight from the side handle, through the lid handle and back down to the other side handle. It was so tight, I had to have help getting into it. It did keep the critters out!

Dixie said...

"Squirrels are just rats with cute clothes."
—Carrie on Sex & The City

quiltzyx said...

Your anniversary block is stunning! Love the metallics & black. And the embroidery/applique/pieced blocks look so fun together too.

I'm glad you were able to get some metal cans. Hope that will frustrate the little fuzzy thieves!

Kate said...

Glad to see you and your helpers back in the sewing room. Your Summer Holiday blocks turned out beautifully. That's going to be a fun project. I forget, is this one going to be a wall hanging? Hope you've been able to get a handle on your squirrel situation. We'll be doing the same later this summer. I don't want any more free loaders in the attic.