Flying to a Finish

The scrub jay is very close to being finished. I'm expecting I'll have the top finished by the end of the day. Also, I've chosen a name for it. If you've ever fed jays, then you know they are gluttons for peanuts. With that in mind, I'm calling this quilt "Working for Peanuts." So here's what I did yesterday.

First, I finished off the right leg.

Then, a little smidge on the breast.

And then, it was just a matter of filling in the background pieces.

And sewing them all together.

All that's left is to sew the horizontal edge-to-edge seams...there are four of those. Then I'll square it up and add a border to two sides. The border will either go on the top right or else on the bottom left. It seems a little heavier on the bottom left to me, and so I'm learning toward the top right. Either way, I can cut the pieces and then see which way I like best before I sew it on.

The only other thing I did yesterday was to prepare the next stitchery for the Bag Ladies stitch-along. There's something terribly wrong with Mildred's mouth, if you ask me. I think there needs to be a line added so that she has two lips. I'm going to experiment with that a little bit. Either way...there she is, ready for stitching.

I'm doing the bag ladies in order, but if you're stitching along, please stitch whichever bag lady you like. We're not much into rules here at the Three Cats Ranch.

This morning I walked with Sue, and then I needed to make a final trip to the grocery store. It's going to be a heavy cooking weekend. We're expecting guests Sunday evening...good old friends from high school...and then I'll be contributing some dishes to our 4th of July celebration on the east bank of the Willamette River on Tuesday. There's nothing left on today's agenda but sewing, and that's where I'm headed next. I'm seriously hoping to show you a finished quilt top in tomorrow's post.

Oh, but wait...I almost forgot...remember the Mommy & Me quilt for the newest granddaughter of a friend?

Well...she has arrived. Here's a picture of day-old Aylasaid Mae with her quilt:

Welcome to the world, little one.

14 comments from clever and witty friends:

gpc said...

How sweet to see a baby wrapped up in your quilt! It makes me want to learn to quilt and then I can go hunting for babies. :) Your jay is amazing, of course. As for Mildred, she looks like she's lost her dentures, poor thing.

Kate said...

The scrub jay looks terrific. I've been fast forwarding through posts in an attempt to get caught up. It was fun to see it develop.

Brown Family said...

SHe is so cute in her quilt!

claudia said...

What a beautiful name for a beautiful little one! She looks happy all wrapped up in the quilt!

The Scrub Jay is fantastic! It has turned out great.

I was thinking that Mildred was just doing a toothless smile!

And what the heck am I doing up at the bewitching hour? I have no clue, but I'm sleepless. I don't really want to go out and start sewing, then I would be up until dawn. No can do, I've got company coming tomorrow night, so I need some beauty sleep...

Robin Klein said...

I like the baby quilt, it is just perfect. I agree that the bag lady needed a line BTW the lips even in 1 strand.
OMG I hate to bring this up now and it may just be me looking at a project in Oregon from FL. My vision is not what it use to be since I turned 63 on 6/29 (:)) but looking at your hard worked lovely Jay from the latest pic I see a yellow duck's bill lying on the jay's beak! A large duck made of yellow poppies. If you don't see it or do not care that is OK with me just thought to give you a head's up from (hopefullly still) a friend. Sorry.....Robin
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Racznos said...

I just wanted to say that you made an excellent choice for the background fabric. Kudos for being daring!

piecefulwendy said...

The scrub jay quilt is turning out just fantastic. The name is perfect! Mildred almost looks like she has an awful underbite. The little one wrapped up in your quilt is just darling! Enjoy the weekend, it sounds like you have much fun lined up!

Lyndsey said...

Fab post Barbara. I love the Scrub Jay, great choice of fabrics and it looks fantastic. It's always lovely to see the baby enjoying their special quilt. She is a little cutie. I've left myself Beulah's face to sort out and make her look a little happier and now Mildred needs a little cosmetic surgery! By the time the stitching is finished they always seem to look OK

Sandra W said...

The blue jay is looking great. Bravo.
Mildred looks like she has a slice of orange in her mouth! A joke smile. I'm sure you can improve upon it.
We are celebrating 150 years today in Canada. And have friends from Michigan (Canadians who became Americans) coming up to celebrate July 4th as well.
The baby is beautiful.

Sandra W said...

I can now see the bird behind the bird, as noted above. I think a colored pen and a few hash marks would easily break it up the secondary ghost-bird.

Kathy H said...

I have been enjoying watching your progress on the jay bird quilt. It is amazing. I am impressed with your patience working with those little pieces! Love the baby blanket. What a sweet baby. She shows off the quilt so well.😊

Susan said...

Scrub Jay is looking like a real bird. If can't tell for sure, but Buelah looks like she doesn't have a line separating her lips, but the shape is more defined. Mildred looks to me like she is smiling but has no teeth.

Such a sweet baby--so cute wrapped in her blanket.

Dar said...

Your scrub jay looks fantastic! I will have to go back and see the second bird reference. Obviously I'm not real observant! lol I thought the comment about Mildred losing her dentures was so funny. Some folks are sure clever.

quiltzyx said...

I'm with gpc - she's lost her dentures! LOL

Great title for the Jay quilt. I, too, had to go back & look for the duck! I found it & it made me smile.