Quilt Shop: Quiltique, Henderson, NV

Oh my goodness! What a fabulous place! And it was so much fun to meet up with my friend Heidi there yesterday. There was so much color and so much to look at, and I could not stop taking pictures. I have a lot to show you, so let's just get to it, shall we?

My quilt shop app led us right to the front door:

Just after I took this picture of the storefront, Heidi walked up. Do you think the camera gave me away?

Here's a link to their website. As we stepped inside the door, this is what we saw. (Sorry for that little bit of blur. I was so excited!)

The thing I love most about a quilt shop is that there is so much color! Just look at this row of Kaffe Fassett fabrics right at the front door.

On the other side was a whole wall of pretty batiks.

And check out all these stripes and polka dots. 

I'll admit, my credit cards were heating up at the vision of so much fabric. What a fabulous inventory in this store. These below were all flannels. Heidi pulled out the cutest bolt of orange giraffes.

Heidi came in armed with a bag of hexi blocks she was trying to match up to a good background. Most of the bolts in the image below are all cat fabrics.

Half of the store was devoted to machine sales.

In the back of the store was a nice roomy classroom. (Someone got their finger over the lens. Amateur!)

To the right of the classroom was a whole room(!) devoted to sale fabrics. (That's Heidi there.)

There were some great prices on yardage.

And they also had bundles of "chunks and hunks" at 40% off. Some of these were rather large.

This was a stained glass block. I just loved all the color in this store.

Here's a cute pattern...this one was set up for a child to take along on a road trip, but they had another one that was made to be a sewing kit you might take along for a class or a retreat.

The pattern was for sale here, and I was tempted mightily.

There were so many beautiful quilts on display. This one was just inside the front door.

This next one must be a newer BQ pattern. I don't think I've seen this configuration before. Maybe I'll seek it out and get to work on that Corvette fabric I've had for so long.

Wouldn't this be great for a little boy?

Many of these were available as kits.

This was their 2015 Row By Row. As a person from the rainy Pacific Northwest, I was tempted again.

This next one was hanging just inside the front door, and it makes me think they knew I was coming. It was supposed to be a block-of-the-month starting in June. I asked if I could just buy the pattern and not do the BOM. Well. Don't you know they had exactly one pattern available. For me. I rest my case.

It was too cute for this cook to resist. The fabrics are all listed on the back, but I'm going to have fun choosing my own, I think.

At the register, they had these postcard sized patterns for free, and they came with 20% off any jelly roll you wanted to buy...or not...the pattern was free, regardless. There's a new one each month.

After we made our purchases, we asked the store employee to take our picture, which she did happily.

Heidi was so sweet and thoughtful. She brought a gift of these back issues of magazines for those times when we're without internet, and she brought a bundle of fabrics from her own stash. She chose some that would be great with my blue jay quilt...the one I'm going to start on as soon as we get back, I swear!

As for me, I spent way too much money in here. For one thing, I found this fabric that I fell in love with. It's a large scale print, but if you notice right there at the front, one of the shops is the "Quilter's Inn." And there are other sewing-related storefronts included in the scene as well. I bought all they had: 4 7/8 yards remaining on the bolt. I think this will make a perfect backing and border fabric for the Quilty 365 I want to make that will feature regional prints collected from quilt shops all across the country.

And, absolutely, could life go on if I didn't have a half yard of this one?

As for my regional print, this one will represent Quiltique on my Quilty 365. I figured with all the blooming cactus in the area, this was the perfect choice.

I'd already made my purchases and was waiting for Heidi to finish hers when I noticed these lapel pens. As it happens, I have a "collection" of these. Have you ever noticed how a collection just sort of happens to you, even when you aren't planning to start one? Well, at some point, I started picking these up when I could find them. They aren't available at every quilt shop. At home, I have a doll quilt where I stick these when I get them home. There are about two dozen by now. Anyway...I definitely needed that too.

Here's their business card.

So what a great shop and a great day!!! I'm so glad you suggested it, Heidi! Meeting up with you was a real treat, and it makes me so grateful for my community of blogging friends. I've only met a few of you, but I'm hoping to meet many more friends in our trip across the country this fall. Meeting up is like meeting up with a friend I've known all my life.

Well, what about us? Do you love us too?

These are my bookend cats. They've become the best of friends, but mainly, Sadie loves Smitty. Whatever Smitty is doing, Sadie wants to do it too. She runs alongside him, bumping him, and nudging him. He tolerates this well.

The only other picture I have for you today is this quilt block seen in the historic section of Boulder City. We went to the Boulder Dam Brewing Company for a pub dinner the other night and then walked around a little bit. There was some great street art, none of which I photographed, with the exception of this quilt block. I do have my priorities.

Mike just now left to go wash his truck. It's his baby, you know, and he must keep it clean. I'm just about to hit the shower. Simply because we're here, we're going to drive out to Hoover Dam today and spend a little time at Lake Mead National Recreation Area. Then we have a few errands to run before coming home. We're fresh out of tequila, for one thing, and with new additions to the collection of shot glasses, this is something of an emergency.

24 comments from clever and witty friends:

Vroomans' Quilts said...

I love Q shops with lots of color and assortments - and the open space so you can see it all!! You picked up some wonderful things and how nice that you and Heidi wore matching stripes (or was the quilt police squad after you),

gpc said...

What a nice shop! I would have had to have that 2015 Raindrop Row -- that one might be my favorite yet of all the ones I've seen! And how fun to meet bloggy friends. :)

Dorothy Finley said...

Thank you for the wonderful tour of the shop. Wish it was closer :-)

claudia said...

OH! MY! GOODNESS! I hope the warranty on my keyboard covers drool!
Holi Ganesha is the prettiest thing I have seen all week. Kitchen Love is so cute! I can't wait to watch it grow. Who is the Quilter's Inn fabric from? It is a great design. And those kitties chasing yarn...I want! I'm glad I didn't see all these fabulous fabrics in person...I would have maxed out my fabric credit card!
Thanks for the tour.
I will be traveling soon! Shake down trip is this weekend! I found the RV of my dreams (for the past TEN years!) and it was at my neighbors!!! I have coveted this RV since they bought it a year ago and every time I passed their house I would chant "Sell it! Sell It!" I looked at Craigslist Sunday morning and there it was! I called immediately, went over checked it out, drove it and gave him a deposit, and went back Monday morning to pick it up!!!
Yesterday and today I have been making lists and grabbing stuff and taking it out to get us all geared up for the short but sweet trip we are taking. I will have a great support group. My daughter, her boyfriend, his sister and BIL and friends of theirs. We are going to Forks...which is pretty close to me, but hey! Baby steps!
I'm just hoping this sustained 25MPH wind will stop by then!!!

Ioleen said...

What an amazing quilt shop. Colour wherever you turn. I purchased the cats with the yarn fabric a couple of weeks ago. Love cat fabric, 😂😂😍😍.

Ioleen said...

I forgot......I have the pattern for the 2015 Row by Row from my LQS here in Alberta, if you would like a copy just email me your address and I'll pop it in the mail.

quiltzyx said...

Wow! That is a fabulous shop indeed!! If I hadn't just paid my car registration an hour ago, I would have been tempted to pop on over to their website... I'm glad you got to meet up with a bloggy friend and how cool that you were twinsies!
Continued safe travels as you go along!!

WoolenSails said...

Wonderful quilt shop, lots of wonderful goodies.


Cathy said...

I've been to that quilt shop before (we travel from Salt Lake down to Tucson every winter) and it is a great one (even if a bit pricey). It's always a MUST for me. Your purchases are awesome, and I love that little BOM quilt. What is the pattern called? Great purchases, all. And it looks as though the fur kids are relaxed and enjoying themselves too!

Kate said...

Ha! I bought my Nevada fabric there, too. (But mine was poker chips.) It is a fantastic store!

Brown Family said...

That is a fabulous quilt shop! I would be tempted, too, especially by the vat print! It is so much more fun to visit and shop with a friend!

Debbie said...

Wow, wonderful shop, but then you always discover the most inviting shops. I love the village fabric and it will be a great backing for the collection of fabric from travels:) I am drooling over the elephant....he is such fun. Glad you got the pattern.

Dana Gaffney said...

I think that's the nicest quilt shop I've ever seen, it looks so uncluttered and open. The "Quilter's Inn" fabric is cute, but you only bought a half yard of the cat fabric? That is seriously adorable and would make an amazing border, I bet the two furkids feel the same.

piecefulwendy said...

Oh my, what a fun shop and how great that you could meet up with a quilty friend! I think I would've even picked up the 2015 Row by Row, since we've had enough rain here too (and it is an adorable little runner). I think you exercised amazing constraint; I'm pretty sure I would've come away with quite a bit more than you. Thanks for sharing!

Heidi said...

Meeting you was a treat, Barbara. Looking at your photos, I realize I missed a lot. They change up the eye candy frequently, so that each visit is new inspiration. This was by far my favorite, most memorable visit, and only partially because I got away for less than $5.. how did that happen.. was I really yappin' that much?

QuiltShopGal said...

What an impressive quilt store. So glad you were able to do some shopping there, as well as meet Heidi. What a treat. I love all the photos and definitely am inspired to visit this amazing shop. Happy to hear Sadie and Smitty have become best of friends. Safe trip home.


Shirley Elliott said...

That is undoubtedly one of the most impressive quilt stores! I think I could have selected fabrics with my eyes closed and still been happy with the selections. So beautiful and so much color. Guess you can tell that quilt stores in my area are nothing in comparison to your photos. Really, only 1/2 yard of the cats chasing yarn fabric? Everything was awesome. Thank you for sharing with your readers.

LethargicLass said...

Quiltique was one of my first "in person" quilt stores and it is still one of my favourites for sure!

Janet said...

What a fantastic store! So much to see! So much colour! I would have spent money too!

Beth said...

What a glorious quilt shop! I saw many things there I would have been hard-pressed to resist. I'm very glad you came away with your desserts pattern; it's going to be great fun watching you make that one!

Beth said...

Happy Anniversary! And hooray for your itinerary. I grew up in Orange County, CA and lately I've been thinking about the poppy tree at our neighbor's house. (Is there such a thing as a poppy tree? That is the memory of a four year old--the poppies hung above my head, seemingly from the branches of a tree...I'll have to do some research.) Those neighbors were two elderly "hold-outs, living in the oldest house on the block, an original, non-tract home after the rest of the land around them had been built up, and their yard was wild and wonderful, and they welcomed this inquisitive little visitor in and offered hard candy from a cut glass bowl and engaged in conversation like we were contemporaries. How I loved them.

I'm thinking of making a poppy quilt, in memory of Mr. and Mrs. Miller, so it will be grand to see your photos. Plus, I always love to get a glimpse of California. ;)

crazy quilter said...

PS I have that pattern for the strawberry quilt . I what've made exactly 2 strawberries at a retreat. I will pull it out again once I finish a few other UFO's and can concentrate the cutting requires lots of attention .

Kate said...

Such fun fabrics. I really like the Quilty Inn fabric and the kitty fabric is really fun. Looks like a great place to shop (and warm up that credit card).

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

I love that chalkboard pattern. I just finished some project bags from ByAnnie. Your app works better than mine does, even tho it is the same app. I can be standing in front of a store, and it doesn't show up on the app.