Derelicts R Us: Day One

Well, we didn't sleep in very late this morning, and before 8:00, we were off to eat breakfast at the local diner. Going out for breakfast was a nice way to start our first day of freedom together, but to really get this right, we're going to have to learn to sleep in later and be lazier in the morning. I've actually had quite a bit of practice at this. Obviously, Mike needs a tutorial.

We stopped off across the street where Erik works and scheduled some service on our car. Then we headed off to the feed store to get some potting soil and scratch grains for the birds. While we were there, we saw baby chicks!

They're weirdly colored because they were under red heat lamps. It's all I can do not to pick them up and start stuffing them in my pockets.

Now we're back home. When I finish here, I'm going to get started on The Emperor's pawtrait. First, though, I need to back up to yesterday's walk and every blooming thing. These aren't blooming, but I liked the way they looked growing up through the rocks. If I'm not mistaken, I believe these are called horsetail ferns.

This is some kind of a wild berry...blackberries, if I know my Oregon.

These are apple blossoms. We have a lot of apple trees growing by the sides of roadways, no doubt from passing motorists tossing out an apple core.

From the same tree a few unopened buds with their pinkish hues.

I think this is just some wild mustard growing by the side of the road.

And I'm sure I've identified this one before, but I can't recall what it is without looking it up.

And there are other things blooming besides flowers. Check out that baby calf there on the right. He was pretty small, probably born very recently.

These sheep were lying down enjoying the sunshine until the pesky photographer showed up and scared them. I would have liked to get my hand through the wires of the fence there, but they would have taken off if I'd tried.

Our own dogwood isn't even near blooming yet, but some of the ones at lower elevations are showing their stuff now.

I once heard a segment on NPR where the author had set flowers to music. She loved the dogwoods, in contrast to the cherry blossoms below, which she described as "Hostess Snowballs." I can't look at these now without thinking of that segment.

Here's a whole tree of snowballs.

These are a type of morning glory.

And finally, the celebratory lemon meringue pie, which was oh, so delicious. We didn't eat the whole thing in one sitting, but we probably could have.

And that's it! Smitty and Mike are outside enjoying the sunshine. I'm about to head out to see what they're up to, and then...mustn't keep The Emperor waiting!

12 comments from clever and witty friends:

Debbie said...

YAY!!!! You made it.....now enjoy:)

DeeDee said...

Love all the pictures of the blooming trees. Here in central NC they bloomed a long time ago and have gone to leaves. But the greens sure are pretty. We found a new to us nursery yesterday and bought some enormous hanging baskets for our front porch. I keep my husband up to date on your blog and we're both looking forward to your travel adventures coming up. RVs have us intrigued! Enjoy the sunshine. Here it's 91 and so humid I can barely stand it. I'm so glad for air conditioning and my sewing room.

Rosyquilter said...

I have a suggestion for your tulip bulbs that was shared with me this week by my quilting friend, Penny. She told me that when you plant tulip bulbs, you dig the hole a bit deeper, put in the bulbs and then wrap some chicken wire around the bulbs. The bulbs can spourt and grow through the wire but the critters that enjoy eating the bulbs and not letting them bloom for us to enjoy, can't chew through the wire and your bulbs are protected. Worth a try? Really works for squirrels and mice, rats etc.

Ranch Wife said...

Let the adventures begin! Congratulations to Mike on his retirement! Lemon Meringue pie is the perfect way to celebrate. Looking forward to seeing where your noses lead the two of you. Does Mike have any hobbies? Figure he'll need something to occupy his time when you're stitching. :)

Charlotte M. said...

Happy retirement to you both. I hope you enjoy every minute. Great pictures of all the blooming.

allthingzsewn said...

The cherry blossoms and dogwood are just beautiful. Ours aren't blooming yet, by ours I mean ky's. That last one look an awfully lot like a clematis. And the pie, why it is awesome I can almost smell it. I gotta go get a napkin, I'm drooling.

Brown Family said...

When I first retired, I was use to getting up at 5:30 or 6. So 8 AM is sleeping in. Now a couple of years later, 9 is more like it! That is a sweet calf!

Celtic Thistle said...

Congratulations on achieving that retirement milestone, I am sure you both have lots of exciting adventures to come. I am really looking forward to reading all about them :)

Gayle - venturesinphotos said...

And so the compromises of two retirees sets in. It will settle into a workable routine eventually.
Lovely photos. Tks for sharing.

Wendy Tuma said...

What a fun day you two have had! I thoroughly enjoyed your post. We are home, bringing rain and possibly snow, with us, so I enjoyed seeing the lovely pictures of every bloomin' thing. A little worried that whatever might have been blooming here will soon be frozen. Enjoy yourselves, you two. Might take a bit for Mike to get out of his early morning wake routine :-)

quiltzyx said...

Reading your posts in a bunch once a week, well Lemon Pie twice in a row. Now I want something lemon!

Yesterday it went up to 90 down here, and right now, here at the Claremont Colleges it's 85 outside. Of course, I'm down here in the basement & it's trying to make Popsicles of my fingers! A peek at the upcoming weather & it looks like this is going to be about the same all week.

More lovely Barbara-and-Sue's walk photos! Thanks for sharing so much beauty with us. :)

Junebug613 said...

Sounds like a good way to start the first day of retirement! How very Spring, your pictures are! Love them.