March Forward

It's the first of March, and we can officially say that Mike retires in less than two months. It's making me hungry for traveling, and so it was a bit of a tease when our free pass to Canada's national parks arrived in yesterday's mail. Thanks, Canada! And Happy Sesquicentennial!

It was a pretty decent day weather-wise. There was quite a bit of sunshine, and the snow has all melted. Let's just hope that's the last of it, shall we? The bird feeders needed filling, and while I was out, I noticed the daffodils were heading up. I'll be posting pictures of Every Blooming Thing in no time, right? Right.

Looking ahead, March is going to be kind of a busy month for me. Next week, I'm heading back to Vancouver, Washington, to take another class from Ann Shaw on the technique of Ruth McDowell. You might recall the "Seating for Two" quilt that came out of that class when I took it last year.

During last year's class, Ann Shaw showed us a quilt she'd made from a picture of her husband when he was a child. If you're familiar with Ruth McDowell's technique, then you know she doesn't add details to the faces of her subjects.

When Ann showed us her quilt, I got an idea to make a quilt from this picture of my brother when he was about five (and before I was born). 

So that's the picture I'm going to use, and I'm going to take the class again (beginning next week) in an attempt to solidify this rather complicated technique into my feeble brain. You might recall the class was difficult for me last year until I had an Ah-ha! moment of clarity. From there it sunk in a little better. It's a great technique for making quilts from photographs, and I'd like to be able to accomplish it on my own. If you missed those posts from last year, they start here. Just scroll down and keep hitting "Newer Post" to get to the next one.

Also, we have another camping trip planned mid month. It was supposed to be our maiden voyage in the new camper. Then we got impatient and took our maiden voyage last month. Think of this next trip as the Maiden Voyage 2.0. We'll be heading up to Cape Disappointment on the Washington side, 

where there is a wonderful lighthouse and a very nice state park.

And all of that to say that I've been enjoying my goal-less 2017, which has allowed me to participate in a lot of challenges. Nevertheless, I have been setting a goal each month for 

Usually I try to finish off one flimsy and quilt one flimsy during a month, but I'm fresh out of quilt sandwiches, and I have just one more flimsy to finish. Instead, I'm going to focus on my WIP's for the month, starting with the next section of And On that Farm. This section is called "EI-EI-OH!"

As for the challenges, I'm in the middle of this one on Quiltshopgal's blog:

There are five mini quilt blocks posted as free downloads from Craftsy. You can make one or all of them. Mine are in process, and yesterday I made three of them. Each one of these finishes at two inches square. This one is called Autumn Tints:

Don't think they go together quickly just because they're small. They take at least as long to make as their full-sized brethren. This one is called Rainbow Flowers:

This one was the hardest one of the bunch. It's the Rolling Stone. Mine ended up a little distorted, but not bad for a first try.

The corners are one inch square, but to make them requires working with a one-inch squares of white and four 3/4-inch squares of the yellow. Oy.

There are two more to make, and I'll work on those today, along with the latest of the Solstice Challenge blocks. Also, I'm going to get started on Millicent for my next bag lady. Usually, I work these from head to foot, but because I'm feeling a little wild and crazy today, I think I'll start with her feet.

If you're stitching along with us, please feel free to choose whichever bag lady you want to work on. There's no requirement that you work on Millicent, although, I can't imagine how you can resist the cat in her pocket. Also, don't forget to link up with your February bag lady right here. Show us your progress. No finishes required.

That's pretty much the rundown for the day. Early this morning I started another loaf of bread for Matthew. I'm having breakfast with him in tomorrow morning. I figure if I get the bread ready for baking today, I can bake it in the morning and take him a nice fresh loaf. What's on your agenda for the day?

13 comments from clever and witty friends:

gpc said...

Less than two months, how exciting! It will be so much fun! :) I can't wait to see your portrait work, I have been amazed at how your talent has been revealed over the years. The "ei ei oh" (or as my son said when he was tiny, "yi oh yi oh") look very cool to me, looking forward to seeing them, too.

QuiltShopGal said...

Two months? That is less than a blink of an eye, when you take into consideration all the years he has worked. Woo hoo. Time to plan the party (aka road trip).

Great post full of #CreativeGoodness. Glad to see you jointed our Precision Piecing QAL. I agree the Rolling Stone pattern does look like the most challenging, but I think you did a great job. Thanks for the great shout out for this event too!


PS - My BIL/SIL are in their camper at the Valley of Fire, NV and have had Bighorn sheep come into their campsite this week. Not sure if you guys have been there, but pictures look like it is a beautiful camping area.

Debbie said...

Enjoy the class, I love seeing what you dare to try. You will be on the road before you know it. Look out world!

claudia said...

I am soooo happy to see that there is another crazy quilter taking on those mini's from Craftsy! I did the Rolling Stone yesterday and mine was wonky as well. But fun! I will do the others when I have a break from all the join alongs I have put myself into.
Two months until FREEDOM from the norms of work life...YAY! I'm loving my retirement, but I haven't done the travel yet. I'm still waiting to find the RV I need. And a "thing" came up the other day which may give me a little more money to upgrade what I am looking for!
I love those Roosters and Chicken section! Gosh! I need to get my rocket sewing on just to get all the pretty things sewn that I want to sew!

WoolenSails said...

Love all your projects and I think the one with your brother will be fun to do. I have some photos that I would like to do someday. I am planning our vacation, a week means I have to plan food and the area is remote so it is a drive to shop, so thinking, frozen prepared meals I can just cook or heat up. Also, no sewer, so I have to plan an extra day to stop for a dump, but it means we can go to the state park and drive up the mountain that afternoon;)


Vroomans' Quilts said...

Wow - that time went by so fast!! Better get that honey-do list ready so he doesn't get bored. Mini blocks do take more time to make because you have to go slower and really concentrate on precise. Shorten your stitch a little so your machine doesn't 'run away' with your little pieces.

Wendy Tuma said...

Less than two months and the party really begins! Woohoo! Will be thinking of you at Cape Disappointment. We were there a few years ago, still one of my favorite memories. The cool lighthouse, the amazing beach and the raccoons that scared my daughter. Hahaha. It was part of a trip we planned as we studied Lewis & Clark with the kids, so from here to there we stopped at L&C places along the way while listening to the audiobook of Undaunted Courage (great, by the way). So excited for you and your soon camping adventures!

QuiltE said...

You'll be a start student at this coming class, with your prior experience. Good for you for taking it again, and without a doubt, it will totally gel and you will be totally at ease with the technique .... with more quilts to come! :) Maybe even a Canadian one in honour of your trip during our Sesqui celebratory year. I know you will enjoy our National Parks ... and all that our country has to offer you, including many fine quilt shops! :)

Brown Family said...

We just took my Jelly Roll quilt off the frame, so I will be binding that tomorrow. I finished an top stitching an applique block and have another one to do tomorrow. That will bring me down to the last block in a 17 month BOM Texas quilt. I will be glad to get it done. Then Hopefully Saturday evening I can start the precision blocks. I contacted Chickadee again today. They explained that they do not ship their BOM out till sometime in the first week of the month. So I bit the bullet and had them send me all the rest at one time! Problem solved after this month!

Patty D from NC said...

Thanks for linking up with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal and good luck on your project.

dq said...

Barbara, you are busy making very beautiful things as always! I love your EI EI O quilt. It will be a stunner. I also love your lawn chair quilt and the one you shared from the teacher in your class. WONDERFUL EYE CANDY here today!

Kate said...

Sounds like a good list of things for March. Looking forward to seeing your next photo quilt develop.

quiltzyx said...

I got my Canada Park pass too! No plans to travel, but, well, free stuff, ya know?

Have a great time at your class. I think you've picked a wonderful photograph to work from. I think Erik looks a bit like your brother too.