Lazy Friday

Yesterday was a continuation of my stretch of sloth days. After quilting into the early morning hours Friday morning, there wasn't much energy left for Friday afternoon. I don't know about you, but I can never catch up on a night of missed sleep, even with an afternoon nap. No worries though. I made up for it with a good night's sleep last night. Today, I'm raring to go. If, by "raring to go," you mean putting on my slip-ons and filling the bird feeders. That's probably about all the energy I'll muster today for anything other than sewing.

Fortunately, I had my feline friends to keep me focused. Actually, Smitty is only interested in the catnip.

Sadie looks like she could use some catnip too.

No thanks. I tried it once, but now, I never touch the stuff. How do you think I ended up with this one white whisker? Yeah, I've learned my lesson...and here's the purroof. Look at Smitty's whiskers: All white. It's a cautionary tale.

So, if only for the catnip, I did make my way into the sewing room yesterday. When I finish a quilt top, I like to finish the back too. There's nothing worse than having to make up a pile of backs for a quilt sandwiching session. At this point, I have four quilt tops ready to be sandwiched. A couple of them are small enough that I can do them in my sewing room. I might get started on that because I'm wanting to get back to some quilting on Eliza. 

For the back of Snips and Snails, I'm using one of the oldest fabrics from my stash. This shoe fabric was picked up from a remnant basket a long time ago. 

I'm using this same green stripe from the snake for the quilt binding, and so I cut the strips for that.

There was enough width, but not enough length of the shoe fabric for the quilt back, and so I used some of the green stripe to give me a little more length.

And there's my quilt back ready to go. By then I'd sewn exactly two seams. How much more could I accomplish on a lazy Friday afternoon?

Well...I turned my attention to Block 13 of the Solstice Challenge. This block is called "Studio Time." Mine is made for St. Patrick's Day. Yes, I am a week behind, but I'm catching up.

Today I'll make the next block, and that will bring me up to date. I'm torn on whether to make a block for the first day of Spring or whether to honor our trip to Cape Disappointment. I picked up some lighthouse fabric while we were visiting the Great Lakes a couple of summers ago,

but the block choice for this week's Solstice Challenge isn't going to work for the scale of my fabric. I haven't really looked at the fabric, but I don't think the North Head Lighthouse is one of the choices. Nevertheless, it's a good thought, and so I might just make the block to accommodate the fabric.

When that's finished, I really am going to get to work on the next section for And On that Farm.

At long last, it's day has come.

11 comments from clever and witty friends:

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Love the sneaker print!! And the green multi-stripe is perfect for the binding. I ran my morning errands and now trying to get some of Winter Solstice into larger sections (missing some parts for some reason).

claudia said...

Sadie just made my day! That look on her face. She looks disgusted, and by her opinion of captnip I can see why! I love your cats!

The back for "Snips and Snails" is so perfect! The sneaker print is so fun!

Catching up is okay, you have been busy, I still can't figure how you do it all! (Well, maybe staying up 'til all hours of the night helps!)
I really like the Shamrock fabric! Do you remember where you got it? I'd love to make a pillow case for my daughter with that in it.

Your lighthouse fabric reminded me about one of the goals I have to make a quilt. I want to do Lighthouse blocks. I like lighthouses. It will happen, sometime...

I want to do And On That Farm too! I love it!!!

Kate said...

The sneaker fabric is a perfect backing for Snips and Snails. Hope you get back on track. It always takes me a couple of days to get back on track after a sleepless night.

Janet said...

I agree! The sneaker print is purrfect! Don't you agree Smitty?

Wendy Tuma said...

Yes, the sneaker fabric is perfect; I love it! Your two kitties and the catnip tale made me chuckle. Good for you getting caught up on Solstice. I need to make a decision, I'm so far behind! Now that my commission quilt blocks are finished, I have time to work on Solstice. Enjoy your stitching today!

Dana Gaffney said...

Unexpected company yesterday so I sewed one 5 inch seam and David came home, I was very productive, LOL.
Sadie doesn't like catnip? You've got to love a girl that knows how to keep her wits about her.

Lyndsey said...

Love the sneaker fabric and the green stripe for the binding. As for your Smitty and Sadie, they are just adorable. Sadie's expression says it all. I must check my store box as I'm sure I've got a quilt to sandwich. I have blocks cut for the Solstice but haven't done any sewing but there also several to catch up on. It will all get done sometime but John, Scamp and I went for a walk in the glorious sunshine. There is real heat in the sun today so long as you stay out of the wind.

Auntiepatch said...

So, it's a cautionary TAIL? Ha!

Auntiepatch said...

I've had cats for 45 years and when it comes to catnip, well it seems to be a "male thing". The boys love it but my females could care less. What do the girls go nuts for? The smell of Bleach! Go figure.

quiltzyx said...

You tell him Sadie! All white whiskers indeed!! I have a new "nephew" - my sister & BIL lost Miss Elizabeth last month. Now they have a new boy, about 1 to 1.5 years old. They were told that his name was "Peach". Hmmm, they're trying out "Mr. Peach" but it may still change. He's a bit shy & hide-y right now, but does come out to eat & he lets them pet him. I'm looking forward to meeting him.

Great backing choice for S & S - love those sneakers. :)

Brown Family said...

Those are the perfect fabrics for the back and binding. Smitty, do we need to do an intervention? Probably not unless i do one for Angel and Kirby. Max has the same opinion as Sadie! Just walk away!