Gloomy Forecast

It's another dark day here in Oregon. Honestly, the weather gets pretty hard to take about this time of year. I made the mistake of looking ahead in the forecast, only to see that there's no sunshine in sight for the next two weeks. We may get a few spells here and there, but we can also expect rain every single day. On a more celebratory note, as of today, it's 30 days until Mike retires.

During one of the dry spells yesterday, I got outside to fill the bird feeders. I didn't notice any new blooming things, but I did notice a few things poking their heads above ground. The Bleeding Heart is coming up.

It seems to tolerate even the worst winters pretty well. It has always grown among the branches of a Dwarf Japanese Maple tree, but we lost that tree this winter. A big branch fell from a tree beside it, smashing the main trunk. Now there's a big gap of space where the tree has always been. We'll replace it within the next month or so.

Also, I was happy to see that at least five of the six echinacea plants grown from seeds last year are coming back. That was a big surprise.

If you remember from last year, they were very slow-growing, and I didn't get any flowers until late in the season. This year, I'm hoping for a good performance from them. Also, I noticed the cherry trees are beginning to bud out. It will probably be another couple of weeks before they bloom. Some sunshine would definitely help. Don't even talk to me about the weeds that need pulling. Really, the sun can't come out soon enough.

Block 6 of It's Raining Cats and Dogs is off to a good start. It took a little over an hour yesterday to fuse down all the pieces.

Today is a grocery shopping day, but I'm hoping to get it all top-stitched today. There are also some detail lines to be stitched in by machine. I'll use a hot fix nailhead for the eye of the dog and the doorknob, and then this one will be finished. After that I'll get to work on the next row of Hobo quilt blocks.

Just now I started the remaining two loaves of bread dough rising. Hopefully, I'll get a better looking loaf by giving them more time. On the other hand, the yeast might be done in. We'll just see, won't we?

7 comments from clever and witty friends:

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Wow - that count down is going by so fast!! Hopefully the weather will be so much better once he is home - and he can play tractor man.

WoolenSails said...

I am tired of the gloom and cold too, but the sun has popped out a few times today.
Of course, tomorrow will be the nicest day of the week and we have to sit home to have our electric box changed, errr.


Kate said...

It's thunderstorm season here. But we tend to get sun in the morning, then storms in the afternoon evening. Forget doing anything outside after work. You are moving along on your projects this year.

claudia said...

We got sun, then rain, then sun and with the second sun came wind...wind...wind! I am as sick of this weather as you, and probably everyone except those in the southern hemisphere.
When I go out to feed the horses and goats n the mornings I look at my trees and see more and more of them starting to send out buds. It gives me hope...and then it rains!
Tomorrow is my day in town. My WeightWatchers weigh in, pick up chicken food, batteries, some fruits and veggies, and a few other things. I have to go to Costco too.
Let's all think sunshine really hard at the same time, maybe it will come out to see what is going on!

Brown Family said...

We had bad storms roll through North Texas last night around 2 am. Very small tornado's and high wind. Apparently we were so tired that we did not hear any of it. We did get some rain, though. I have a rose blooming and a few Iris and one tomato plant but that is all of the flowers around.

It's Raining Cats and Dogs is so cute! I still have not done much in the sewing department lately, but I did cut out two tops tonight so I have something to work on!

SJSM said...

Isn't is fascinating to see you go about your day with the WWW following you all along the way? Who knew a couple of decades ago you would be known far and wide in villages, cities and country lanes. Your writing style is engaging all to appreciate the woman on the hill in Oregon who quilts, cooks, photographs and has adventures with her cats.

quiltzyx said...

I'm glad to see that the plants are popping up! I was hoping for some more rain here, but nope - just breezes & wind. The other night my mobile home was feeling about ready to take off in flight!! Weather report does show some clouds upcoming, so we'll see.