Presidents Day Pleasures

It was a fairly productive day yesterday, and I managed to tick off most of the to-do's on my list. Unpacking the camper was highest priority, and that didn't take long. It helped that Mike kindly unpacked all of the food and cleaned out the refrigerator. That job is usually mine 100% of the time, and so it was a nice surprise. Once everything was put away, I could get to some of my sewing tasks. First, I needed to make up a new embroidery project. This was accomplished with the help of my cat and several cups of coffee.

That's a new Wafer Lightbox I purchased from Massdrop recently, and I love it. At 11 x 17 inches it's a nice size, very portable, and very bright. It'll be nice to have along when we're traveling because it takes up almost no space at all.

As for the stitchery, it's hooped up and ready to go now. It's almost impossible to see in this image, but I'm showing it anyway just so you'll know I'm not kidding around.

After that, I finished up the "On the Road" block for the Summer Holiday quilt. These are so cute. Lynette Anderson's drawings are charming.

The next time I work on this, I'll be doing a block called "At the Campsite." (I had forgotten about the trailer.)

Finally, I was able to put the half-square-triangle border around the house for the Welcome Home Mystery Quilt Sew Along from Kathleen Tracy. Cute, huh?

I'm in the process of making eight square-in-a-square blocks. The fabrics are selected and cut, but I was getting tired of sewing by that time. Those will get finished today if I have time.

9 comments from clever and witty friends:

Brown Family said...

I love my light box. It is a Huion brand. It has adjustable brightness and is thin like yours. I got it at Amazon. Your On The Road block is cute. I like your choice of fabrics in the border. The next one will be cute too.

Vroomans' Quilts said...

I still use the light box my Dad made for my Mom 40 years ago. Love the new Road block - how cute! The house block (mystery) intriques.

Sally Trude said...

What is that dark lump in the chair next to you? Doesn't it see that cup of liquid too close to the edge of the table. For safety, that should be on the floor. Also, how can you use a light box without a quilting assistant to help you with the marker. Otherwise, I enjoy my visits to Two Lump Ranch.



WoolenSails said...

Your new box looks like it is much brighter than the old ones and i do like the larger size.
You are really doing a beautiful job on the stitcheries and the camper will be fun.


Quilting Babcia said...

Love that upcoming camper block, are you planning on adopting a chicken to supply fresh eggs for future camping adventures lol?!

Christine M said...

I love your camper block, Barbara.

SJSM said...

As one other poster remarked, the Hurion light table from Amazon appears to be the same as yours. I think there must be one factory that puts different brand names on the same product. Mine was purchased when I took a fashion illustration class it sure was handy as I no longer had to tap my line drawings to the window. I could work at night or on cloudy days. Plus no awkward positions to trace.

The "on the road"stitches are so cute. On the campe one why is the dog given human characteristics and the cat such a lump? Is that a beer in the dog's paw? Looking forward to seeing theses blocks being made. Enjoy!

quiltzyx said...

Cool looking lightbox. Another thing for my "I want that" list! The new Halloween block & the camper block will be more fun blocks!

Kate said...

The On the Road block turned out beautifully. Looking forward to seeing your progress on the next Witch stitchery.