Snowed In

We're snowed under here in the Portland Metropolitan area. It snowed hard all night long. Just a few minutes ago, I heard our weatherman say that we'd have to go all the way back to January of 1980 to see this much snowfall in a single event.

Mike was out earlier to help our neighbor who had high-centered his little Subaru on our shared driveway. They dug it out, and then he came back and filled the bird feeders and traded out the hummingbird feeder for a thawed one. He says we have about 12 inches accumulation.

As I'm writing this, he's chaining up our tractor so that he can plow our driveway and the driveway we share with our neighbors. Temperatures are going to stay in the teens at least through Sunday, and so this is going to be around for a while.

Snow has drifted up in the catio....

...and Sadie is completely stressed out, as you can plainly see.

Also, there is this one very impressive icicle. There are quite a few icicles, but this one wins the gold medal.

Yesterday's roaming around took longer than expected. I stopped off at the farmers to pick up my eggs. Farmer Brian was out, and so I had a chance to chat with him for a while. During our conversation, I admired the stalks of just-harvested Brussels sprouts he had in a wagon hitched up to his tractor. He reached into the wagon and handed me a stalk. Score! Do you think my hint was too heavy-handed? (Honestly, some people will do or say anything for Brussels sprouts.)

Also on my agenda was a trip to the grocery store. Since "heavy snow" was in the forecast, the grocery store was absolutely mobbed. It took me far longer than expected to get my shopping done, and so I didn't get home until around 2:00. After my grocery shopping experience, what could I do but lie down and take a nap? Matthew, Valerie and I had to reschedule our dinner planned for last night, so Matthew called me later in the afternoon. We ended up chatting for over an hour. Getting a "just because" phone call from my kiddo was a perfect way to end a busy day.

So, all of that to say I didn't get much sewing done, but I did have time to sandwich my small quilt.

Also, I made a nice size practice piece so that I can practice the all-over design I want to quilt on Stars and Stripes. 

Just before getting started on dinner, I checked the sourdough starter. The bubbles had disappeared, and so I fed it earlier than the instructions told me. That seemed to make it happier because it looked like this when I got up this morning.

Recently, I purchased some 3/4 liter Weck jars to use for starters. I prefer storing them in glass to plastic, and these jars have tapered sides that make stirring easier than, say, a mason jar. 

Besides, I can see the bubbles on the side of the jar now too, and that makes me feel downright bubbly myself. These are the sorts of things that excite old people. Young people, you have a lot to look forward to.

I'll feed this again later today, but today's bread-baking adventure is to try some Pane all'Olive, or olive bread to you. I happen to love the stuff. I tried baking it one time before, but it was so salty it really wasn't very good. I'm trying it again today using kalamata olives. The recipe is in this book...

...and so this is a no-knead bread. I'll get it started after I finish here, and it should be ready for baking tomorrow morning.

So that's my day. There's no quilting like snow quilting, and that's what I'm planning to do.


  1. THAT is an overwhelming amount for anyone in one storm. ENJOY your snow day! I also read your post yesterday about your upcoming travels! HOW FUN!! And the planning is half the fun!

  2. That's one sensible cat lol
    Such a lovely little quilt there too, hope you aren't snowed in for too long!

  3. Dearest Smitty,

    I was sorry to see the evidence of your druggie sister. And no, dewormer medication does not have stupor as a side effect. And no, we don't provide refunds.



  4. Oh, your snow looks gorgeous - it has been so hot here in Oz that it is hard to find the motivation to do anything, really. Great post, Barbara.

  5. P.S. Love the bubbles on your bread, too. Can't wait to see the Olive loaf all baked up.

  6. I was wondering if you all were snowed in. I have a friend just outside of Portland and she got a foot of snow. Love the new jars for your starters. They are gorgeous. And the small things make me happy, too. I don't think I'm old and I'm not much younger than you. So you can't be old either! Although some days I wonder why mentally I feel about 21 and physically I feel about 90.

  7. I was thinking about you this morning as I watched the Weather channel. I knew at the very least, you had plenty to keep you occupied, if you were snowed in. I just love Miss Sadie! I wish my Delaney (who looks quite similar to Sadie), was as social. Delaney is the most shy of all my cats, even with me, and she was born in my house. I call her my Supermodel, because she's tall, thin and gorgeous. Olive loaf sounds interesting, I'm not into cooking, but I love bread!! Sending you warm thoughts from the other side of country!

  8. Wow that's a killer ice spear! Yes, looks like you will be house bound for a while, just enjoy it. Your starter looks so good and healthy. I haven't tried again but will in a few weeks. I am just doing my usual loaves for now. Love your little quilt, very good idea for practice on a new pattern.

  9. Sadie seems to be copy well, but I bet Smitty is pacing. Our cold and wind made for a very icy evening and morning, but turned into warm and sun by afternoon - going to enjoy this for a couple more days because (probably your storm) another system is due. We always joke about how we have the same type of winter every year, yet people here see one snowflake and forget how to drive - keeps me off the road.

  10. That is a lot of snow! Beautiful photos. Thankfully, we did not get quite that much. I would guess we received between 5 and 6-inches here (south of Portland.) I'm not looking forward to the ice from the melt/freeze cycle the weatherman predicted this week. I love your quilt and the bread sounds amazing. Sending warm wishes!

  11. Lots of snow. Is that paw prints I see in the drift in the catico? I would guess they are Smitty's unless that is why Sadie is SO stressed out! Maybe she is drying her toes. Since I have never gotten into bread baking, those jars are new ans interesting to me. I know you posted about an apple cranberry pie or tart. Is that your recipe or someone else s. U have a friend that has tried three times to make one and they are always so tart it is like the cranberries over powers the apples. I told her I would ask you about yours.

  12. As usual the snow pictures are gorgeous, but I hope it's going to stop snowing on you. I know you probably have plenty of food but it's a little scary to me and are you going to knock down those ice spears, they look dangerous.

  13. Boy, the snow just keeps coming in your neck of the woods, doesn't it. Sure is pretty, though! Sadie is obviously very safe and secure with you - haha! So when you use the Weck jars for your starter, do you leave the lid loose? Olive bread, yummo! Wendy at piecefulthoughts@gmail.com

  14. Wow, all that snow looks beautiful! Here in NJ we had only 6" earlier in the week then some ice 2 days ago along with night temps in the single digits. Today it's sunny and a nice warm 63!! Crazy Winter!!! Hope it warms up for you soon!
    lstangl482 at aol dot com

  15. Poor Sadie having to deal with the stress of that much snow. I'm pleased she's taking care of herself and staying nice and snug. The snow looks beautiful but I think I'll stick with our slightly warmer temperatures.

  16. Beautiful snow photos Barbara. We have quite a bit of snow in the local mountains. I took a couple of pics the other day...with my actual little camera, not the one on my phone. I need to d/l them to my laptop to see if they are worth posting or not - the camera screen is too small!! LOL
    Sadie's picture just makes me want to rub that tummy....
    The Weck jar is very cool looking! I had to check them out on amazon.com. Maybe I'll put some on my wish list, just because I like glass.

  17. That's a lot of snow! Glad that you and Mike have been able to get around. Hopefully it's starting to warm up a bit. Sadie's going to have to learn to relax, that cat is the picture of stress.