Deep Freeze

It was a snowy, blustery day yesterday. Early morning saw Mt. St. Helens shrouded in clouds near the top with a spotlight of sunshine. Not being able to see its flat top made it look a little like Mt. Fuji.

We were expecting sunshine, although I think it's only because we read the forecast wrong. (Read that "we" as "me.") Anyway, it was dark and windy, and it snowed hard off and on all day.

We had to wait until today for the clear, crisp weather to reach us. Here's the view out my window as I'm writing this.

 It's pretty to look at, but a brisk 23°F. Brrrrrrrrrr...

The wind has the wind chime Santa brought me singing like crazy. We've been listening to it almost nonstop and it certainly imparts a feeling of zen. Yesterday, I made a little video so you could hear how melodious it is.

If you can't see the video, click right here. Nice, huh?

Smitty knows how to stay warm. Demonstrating the kitty mantra, "if I fits, I sits," he found a warm spot in the living room basket of quilts. It makes a nice little napping place.

As for me, I returned to paper-piecing purgatory and made another four flowers.

Here are the ones I have so far.

And the end is in sight because there are just two more to do. After that, I'll be top-stitching the center circles and then I can move on to the long list of half square triangles and other shapes and sizes. Quiltmaker's Garden, defeat is nigh. Today I'll get those finished and move on to the rest.

Housework has completely fallen by the wayside for the past weekend, and so it's time to get back to that. Also, I'll bundle up and venture out this morning to fill the bird feeders and switch out the frozen hummingbird feeder for a thawed one. If I don't write again, look for me to be a frozen ice sculpture outside. I'll ask Mike to post a picture.


  1. 23*F is lovely winter weather. The forecast for the rest of the week for our corner of the world is nighttime lows from -11*F to 2*F and daytime highs from 2*F to 8*F. If I could, I'd join Smitty in the quilt basket.

  2. I love your wind chimes! They do chime instead of tinkle. I would certainly need chimes to tackle paper piecing. Well, that and a couple good stiff drinks. But your flowers are going to be lovely, and when it’s all put together, you’ll forget the pain.

  3. Too cold for me....but they say snow for us this weekend. 3'' stops the world around here. I have a set of chimes very similar and I love to hear them sing.

  4. What wonderful chimes. We have the same cold, but no snow :-)

  5. Very pretty sound to your chimes. Smitty has the right idea. Your little flowers are looking good.

  6. That is such a gorgeous view, love seeing scenes, covered with snow.
    The chimes are beautiful.


  7. I don't know how cold it got here, I know the forecast was clear and cold...lows of 22 degrees. Yep. It's cold. There was 2" of ice on the horse and goat's water buckets. That's always fun to remove! Tomorrow I will have to haul big buckets of warm water out to replenish what they have. Today they had enough so I didn't have to mess with it. It's a process, I tell ya!
    I'm loving your pieced flowers. I'm so glad that your friend gave you a good solution to sewing those. They are so pretty!
    I love your wind chimes. I have a tuned wind chime, it's pretty but I love the soothing sound of yours!
    Your view is gorgeous!

  8. Beautiful picture but it does look COLD... Stay warm , you have got this paper piecing down now , you go girl I can't wait to see the finish.

  9. We started out pleasant today. Almost 60 at lunch time and down in the mid 30's now! May have wintery mix on Friday. I can stay on the couch and stitch!

  10. Now I need those chimes, I've seen them but never realized how beautiful the sound is.

  11. Those chimes have such lovely sounds. Your flowers are looking good, despite the angst. We are at a chilly -6 here today, with no improvement on that in sight. Enjoy your day! Wendy at piecefulthoughts@gmail.com

  12. The wind chimes really do have that Zen tone, beautiful to listen too. Congrats on beating up on the Quiltmaker's Garden! You are making great strides. Hope you have since warmed up some. Our high today was 23F, it's not fun walking across the parking lot at work in the morning!

  13. Your new wind chimes are lovely to listen to. I have had tuned chimes for a long time and they are my favorite.
    The basket o'quilts looks just the right size for Smitty and a great place to be in your weather!