Smitty and Sadie are good buddies at this point, and we see them playing together frequently. They spend hours together in Smitty's He Man Woman Hater's Clubhouse. They spend hours on "mouse patrol"...because a cat can never be too careful. Often, Smitty will be in a separate room, and we hear him "calling" to Sadie. He has taken on a particular way of meowing for her. At other times, he decides to exert claim to his territory. Generally, this results in a squirt from the squirt bottle if he's too rough with her (he is about twice her size, after all). And so with that background in mind, you might understand why I found this positioning so funny last night.

It was a stand-off, and I'm not sure who was winning. Smitty seemed to lose interest once he saw the camera come out. Sadie is still a little confused by the "flashy thing".

Fast forward to this morning and Sue and I walked the McCormick Hill Road loop.

Ordinarily, we park our cars at the end of the little tail at the bottom there. When the winter rains return, it can get muddy there at the corner, and Sue had a close call one morning, nearly getting her car stuck. We were a little nervous parking there this morning, and after a couple of false starts, we ended up parking our car here at the Laurel Community Hall. You can see its little white square in the upper left corner of the loop above.

The community of Laurel, Oregon, is an unincorporated area that was settled in 1872 by the Mulloy family. Originally, it had its own post office which was established in 1879, but closed in 1935 when the population dropped to 29 in the 1900 census. The Laurel Community Center, pictured above was built in 1923. It's now the home of the Laurel Valley School of Dance. And all of that to say I was pleased to see that it's earned itself a spot on the Quilt Barn Trail of Washington County

There are now 30 blocks on the trail. The quilt barn trail continues to grow, and it's been a many-years-long effort of some dedicated ladies from my former guild, the Westside Quilter's Guild. And good for them! If you click on the link I gave you above, you'll see that this block is described as a "variation" on a friendship star.

The Weather Channel promised us a dry walk, and it didn't let us down, although it was quite overcast and surprisingly dark. I probably didn't need to bother with sunscreen this morning. While I don't participate in the FatMumSlim Photo-A-Day prompts so much these days, I thought I might find an appropriate picture for today's prompt of "Calm". This photo of Mt. Hood with birds in flight fit the bill.

On that same stretch of the loop, we saw this:

When I got home, I used the remainder of a jar of apple pie filling to make these apple turnovers. They are so simple and so yummy with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. 

There was no sewing here yesterday. I should follow-up my biopsy-bound whine from yesterday to say that my dermatologist isn't yet worried enough about my cheek to bring out his big needles. Instead he zapped it a couple of times with a laser, thinking it's more vascular than anything else. He'll look at it again in about six months. Until then, I'm reprieved from any cutting, and I'm going to put my worries aside for now. After seeing him, I did my grocery shopping, and so it was a pretty full day of some of my least favorite activities. I needed a nap by the time I got home.

Today I'll get back to the Happy Village. As I'm writing this, the wind has come up, and it's supposed to start raining again. It's chilly, and we're expecting chillier temperatures in the next few days. Winter is coming, my friends. Quilting weather ahead.

11 comments from clever and witty friends:

liniecat said...

Fingers crossed the laser does the trick and that the whatever it is wafts away on the wind!
Love the stale mate pic, we all need our space at times, even if it's just a hairs whisker away lol

Quilting Babcia said...

I hope that laser does the trick. We're having our last day of Indian Summer today, temps in the low 70s. By tomorrow evening it'll be snowing, with winds of 30 mph or so. Yuck.

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Sounds like it was a stand-offish day all round.

quiltzyx said...

Glad you & Sue found a safe spot to park, and near a quilt block to boot!
Laser zap to the rescue. Hoping it did the trick.
Good to see a pic of Smutty & Sadie, even in a stand-off! LOL

Brown Family said...

My Max is twice Angels size and he is a real bully to her most of the time. I have to keep the squirt bottle handy all the time. It is going to get cold here tonight. Down in the 30'3. Looking forward to it. I got my first Bag Ladies today and can start gathering floss from my DMC stash!

claudia said...

Yep. The room mate started a big over night style fire in the wood stove when he got in this evening. His rom is up stairs. It's an open loft type room and takes a bit to warm up. I like it a bit on the chilly side, so I leave my bathroom door open to my bedroom and the window in there is open so I can breath. I was getting a headache from the heat in the rest of the house! The cold has arrived!
That looks like a good long walk. It's funny; I just took a snap of my property from google earth and sent it to a blogging friend via email. I was startled when I saw your picture, I thought maybe you got my shot somehow!
I remember my cats doing the same as Smitty and Sadie. Most of their "disagreements" took place outside wile they were hunting.

Dana Gaffney said...

They look like you walked into the room and they both said "cool it". It's winter here now too, I'm not telling temps because I don't want to be scoffed at but I've pulled out my long sleeve T's.

Susan said...

Lasers can do wonderful things these days. Hope it works for you as planned. Yesterday it was in the mid 70s. Today it is in the 30s and snowing. Goodbye Fall, hello Winter. I suspect Sadie will be able to deal with Smitty even though he is twice her size. Sadie doesn't strike me as the one who will back down.

Auntiepatch said...

When it gets really quiet, I go looking for the cats to see what they are up to. Sometimes I find them like that and they look at me as if to say, "Made you look! Ha! Ha!" Brats!

Kate said...

Looks like you had a very nice walk last week. Hope you had a very happy Thanksgiving.

Michele said...

All siblings have days when they get along great and others when they fight like cats and dogs from sun up til sundown. Looks like you had one of the latter that day.