No Sewing Day

Well, I shouldn't have counted my blocks before they were quilted because I wasn't able to do any machine sewing yesterday. I woke up with my shoulder threatening to go into spasm. When I wrote my blog post yesterday, I'd taken some Aleve, and it was feeling a little better. Then I went to the grocery store and lugged around a 30 lb. box of kitty litter. I didn't actually lug it around that much, but I did lift it on and off the shopping cart, and then I lugged it into the house when I got home. By then, my shoulder was really complaining, and so I spent the day on the heating pad. I blame the cats...the real ones and the quilted ones.

Since I spent all day nearly every day this past week hunched over Eliza or Big Bertha, I should have expected this would happen. Nevertheless, I did find it within myself to bake some Apple Turnovers yesterday.

There was a partial box of puff pastry and a partial jar of apple pie filling left in the refrigerator, and I needed both to get out of there. We had two of them with ice cream last night, and we'll eat the other two tonight. Yummy...and just thinking about it makes my shoulder feel better.

Also, I was able to get the 8th Hocuspocusville block traced out. Lots of stitching to do on this one.

The brown ink against beige fabric is almost impossible to see in a photograph, but I messed with the lighting and contrast in Photoshop Elements so you can see it. It looks kind of spooky that way, no?

Then this morning I spent some more time on the heating pad and a good amount of time stitching.

"Stitch & Witch" sounds like my kind of event.

So I have an appointment with the hot tub this morning, and I'll continue with my Aleve and heating pad. Still, I think I might be able to do some short stints at the sewing machine today. Tomorrow is a cooking day, however, and so I'm taking great care not to make myself worse.

There's still a week left in the month, and I'm optimistic that I can finish both the cats and the gingerbread flimsy before time is up. The rest of my monthly goals are still up in the air. This might be the month of large, but few finishes.

How are things holding up at your end?

7 comments from clever and witty friends:


Sorry to hear about the shoulder pain--so here is hoping that it will heal real soon and you can get on with your goals--you are sooo close--love all the cooking and baking you do besides all the quilty things--
love and laughter, di

Kate said...

You may have to stick with the hand stitching for a couple of days, that's still progress, just not on the on going quilts. Hope you are feeling much better tomorrow.

Ariane said...

Your stitched block is going to be beautiful! Hopefully you start to feel better soon. I hate not being able to sew.

liniecat said...

Hope your shoulder eases for you - like the idea of the heat pad!

Auntiepatch said...

Ice and heat then ice and heat. I don't like the ice but that is what my doctor says, and it works for me. Hope you feel better. More lap time for the kitties.

Angie in SoCal said...

Sorry to hear about your shoulder. My doc said the same thing as Auntiepatch's. Said heat in the morning to banish the stiffness. I could work 15 minutes and then had to ice. Rest and hour and repeat. Prayers being said, Barbara.

Brown Family said...

Sitting in one place sewing or quilting makes my hop hurt, so I understand where you are. Take it easy. Those projects do not rule your time.