Fall on the Farm

October is off to a good start. As several of you have observed, And On that Farm is coming together nicely. No swearing so far. The pattern is a little easier for me than Wind in the Whiskers. It's hard to say if the pattern is easier, or I've just learned how to work with McKenna Ryan patterns. It's probably a little of both.

Yesterday, I made the plowed field with bales of hay.

When I had that one fused together, I was able to fuse the apple orchard and the field to the top portion of the farm.

There was still time left in the day, and so I got started on Barn O. It has 38 pieces in all, and 16 for the quilt block alone. When I had taken it this far, I needed to stop for the day.

Matthew and Mike returned home from their ATVing weekend yesterday afternoon. They had a great time. You might think I'd get lonely spending the weekend alone, but I had plenty of company no matter where I went. 

Smitty takes his job of holding down the pattern pieces very seriously. You don't want stuff flying around, now do you?

Sadie was on hand to provide affection and moral support.

But all that kissy-face stuff is a little much for Smitty, and so he assumed his throne on the other side of the room.

It's hard for me to leave something unfinished, and so this morning I went downstairs and finished the rest of the barn before sitting down to write this post.

I love the weather vane. It's just like the one our CSA farmers added to their new barn recently.

With that barn finished, I could fill in the gap for the plowed field. 

It isn't fused down yet. The section won't be finished until I add the tree and fence to the left and the grassy field below the barn. It's coming along faster than expected.

I'm actually enjoying making this section very much. I got kind of excited when I saw that the pig was included with Barn O. Imagine how excited I'll be when I get to the chickens and chicks! Yes...small minds require only small amusements.

As I was finishing up the barn this morning, I heard purring. When I looked across the table from where I was standing, I saw one contented little kitty.

As for fall, our maple tree is in full color now. It isn't the bright orange that we were hoping for when we planted it, but this red is very nice.

Cat Patches

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8 comments from clever and witty friends:

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Love the barns - piggy and cow weather vane just a plus on this one. Sadie looks like a sandwich cookie in that last photo.

quiltzyx said...

You're building barns faster than a barn raising! Fun critters all through the farms too. Are you going to add a barn cat?

WoolenSails said...

I love the colors you are using, that is going to be gorgeous in those shades.
Our trees are just starting to turn.


Kate said...

Your farm building is going nicely. It seems that many of the pieces for this part of the quilt are a bit bigger than what you were working with for the Whiskers quilt.

Nellie Duclos said...

Those Bag Ladies are a riot! I'm still working on Moda's Bee-Dutiful blocks(doing 10 now). Love the farm quilt so many cute little details. After putting Gus down, we adopted a 2 mo old male ball of energy. He runs circles around us. We haven't introduced him to his two house-mates yet. I know we'll have no trouble with Ben, our laid-back orange tabby, but our female Black one is going to be more difficult-any tips you might have would be greatly appreciated.

heartsease54 said...

Sadie is so pretty in these pictures. Of course Smitty is handsome as ever. Great progress on the quilt. I have a McKenna Ryan kit in my to be done bin too (the cabin, fly fishing one), one of these days I'll gather up my courage and start it.

Lyndsey said...

That's a fun pattern, love all the farm animals. Sadie is a little cutie and has settled in so well. Smitty seems well pleased with her even if he doesn't do all that kissy stuff. A weekend alone with stitching and the kitties, sounds like heaven to me. I wonder if I could find somewhere for John and Richard to go?

Dar said...

I love seeing your contented kitties while you work on your quilts. Sure do miss mine girls. I think my DH and I have decided not to get any more pets because of health issues, but who knows. We may change our minds. Love watching your progress on this McKenna Ryan quilt.