A Day for Nines

The 9th block is quilted now, which means I can say I'm 3/4 finished with the quilting on Cats of a Different Color.

With three rows finished, I took it off the machine and laid it in the best contrasting light coming from the living room window. 

My goal has been to make the kitty feet walk back and forth across the quilt. Unfortunately, I didn't get that bright idea until I'd already quilted the first block, and so the cats will have to walk off the quilt here and resume their trek across the bottom row.

My quilt inspectors were nowhere to be seen for this go-round, which is just as well since I haven't fulfilled my assignment of putting claws on the paws.

The quilting shows up best on the light strip down the middle.

There was a break in the rain yesterday, and so I decided to check outside and see how the budding echinacea had come through the recent storms. The conventional pink echinacea still has just a bit to go before its petals are fully opened, but you can see that a spider has been hard at work there.

The other one is still looking good despite all the wind and rain. You can see that there are more buds coming on both.

Right beside them lies this red leaf, which is kind of a funny juxtaposition of spring and fall all in one little garden plot.

After that I made up my grocery list and then got back to work on my nine-patches. There are 88 of these now. (Pause with me here for a moment and grieve for the fact that 88 is not divisible by nine. The universe just lost a little bit of symmetry.)

Next, I'll be sewing a HST to all four sides of these. That should go a little faster since I won't need to pin them or match any seams. I'll just eyeball them into place and hope for the best.

When I wrote yesterday's post, I had my day's schedule all planned out. Then my pedicurist asked me if I could move my appointment to noon. No problem, but it means I'll put off my grocery shopping until tomorrow. It works out fine because it means I'll have time to quilt another cat both days. If all goes well, I'll have them all finished on Saturday. Yahoo!

It's probably dangerous to count my cats before they're quilted, but I'm taking an optimist's point of view today.

7 comments from clever and witty friends:

QuiltShopGal said...

Purrfect quilt. Really beautiful. Great post overall too! Full of #CreativeGoodness.


beaquilter said...

yay for nines! or rather 88, maybe it's an on point setting?

Kate said...

Loving the quilting on the kitty kats. It's going to be such a fun quilt. Hope you get in lots of stitching time before you have to head out for your appointments tomorrow.

Shirley Elliott said...

This is such a wonderful quilt! Love seeing the progress. Quilting just takes it to another level.

Wendy Tuma said...

I love this quilt. That orange kitty is purrfect! Your quilting is so fun -- love the kitty paws! Wendy at piecefulthoughts@gmail.com

brenda j chesnut said...

The Cat Quilt is beautiful! But, the cat's need eyes? Love reading your blog.

Brown Family said...

That is a nice juxtaposition of spring and fall. Not something you see often. The kitties in the quilt do need an exit point to the litter box!