Ketchum, Idaho

We rolled into the Ketchum/Sun Valley/Hailey, Idaho area yesterday. These little communities are packed tight together, and so you might think of it as a three cities area. We're in a nice RV park in Ketchum proper...or maybe it's Hailey. It's a little hard to tell.

We headed into the quilt shop in Hailey right after eating some lunch and relaxing for a bit. It's an interesting little place. Here's the main street through town (right across from the quilt shop).

Here's what our AAA tour book tells us about Hailey:

You can read my separate post about the quilt shop, which I enjoyed very much. We went back to the RV after that. As the sun was setting, we took a little walk around the surrounding area. There's a really wonderful bike path. I'm not sure how far it goes, but we saw it on our way back from Hailey about five miles south of the RV park. Looking south, you see this:

Looking north, you see this. The surrounding hills are covered in sagebrush with a notable absence of trees. This is a high desert area.

Walking a little further, we came to the Wood River. Look north, and this is what you see.

Here is it to the south. Lovely, and serene.

The sagebrush is in bloom right now.

Here's what our AAA tour book tells us about Ketchum:

Today we're going to drive around these three little communities, although being Sunday, we expect to find a lot of businesses closed. Although we're not usually people who seek out graves, we'd kind of like to see if we can find Hemingway in the Ketchum Cemetery. Also, the Sawtooth Botanical Gardens are right next door to us, and so we'll check those out too. As one drives the main road south from Stanley, one passes through Ketchum and Hailey, but Sun Valley proper is to the east just a couple of miles. We'll drive up there and check that out too. Here's what our AAA tour book says about Sun Valley. (This one spanned two pages, and so it's in two pieces...sorry.)

So a full day ahead, although we probably won't spend the whole day at it. I'll have more to say about these places in a separate post. 

And now I'm caught up!

5 comments from clever and witty friends:

quiltzyx said...

When I first went to Idaho back during the Dinosaur ages, I spent the summer with my penpal's family. Almost every weekend we went to a fair or rodeo as her Dad was a member of the Sheriff's Posse drill team. It was so much fun, but I don't remember much of the scenery. I was just a teenager back then, what did I know? LOL Thanks for taking us all along on your trip!

Brown Family said...

I has no idea Hemingway was buried in Idaho! I will remember to stay away from that area in September in case I am Allergic to sagebrush. I am allergic to most other blooming plants!

Debbie said...

I enjoyed your quilt shop reviews. And loving your photos of your stops. The river looks so inviting. Thanks for sharing your travels.

Vroomans' Quilts said...

I have enjoyed the quilt shop reviews, too. And your photos are always stunning. And Sir Smitts is just dashing in his new harness. (all your posts rolled into one read today)

Lyndsey said...

I never knew Hemingway was buried in Idaho. Your posts are an amazing source of interesting information accompanied by great pictures and fun commentary which means I tend to remember it. Thanks for sharing.