Cubby Scout

Good afternoon. Sadie here. This morning my dad took my brother out for a walk. He has a brand new harness...Smitty, not my dad. It looks good on him, don't you think?

My mom and dad have been using their time in Boise purrudently. They bought Smitty a new harness and they did some laundry.

I like sleeping on top of the washer, but it was too rackety and bumpety for that this morning. So while Smitty was out, I decided to scout out the cubby which he seems to claim as his purrivate purrovince. And I've got my own catitude about that. Hmmmm...it could use a woman's touch.

And what's this? No quilt? Please repurr that deficiency as soon as pawsible, will you?

When Smitty came back inside, he said I had to get down.

Nothin' doin', my furriend. You can sleep over there in that chair.

And please refurrain from bothering me because I'm going to take a nap too.

Then my mom and dad left to go to some quilt shops. I hope they came back with some quilts because we're sleeping on store-bought blankets here. Ew.

When the laundry was finished, I resumed my propurr place on the top of the washer, and I let Smitty use the cubby tempurrarily.

He'a so impurrtinent. He said he's never moving again and that it's his cubby purrmanently now.

But I don't think so. What do you think?


  1. Good to see they are having a good time. Add that quilt to the to do list! ��

  2. Oh how I've missed you! I don't know, Miss Sadie, I don't think Smitty is going to share his spot.

  3. Well Sadie, it may be your cubby only when Smitty is out for a walk. But you never know. I agree about the quilt situation. Good luck!

  4. Look at it this way Sadie, mom and dad don't fit in that cubby, so if you snag that comfy chair, you're more likely to get some extra cuddle time (and maybe treats)!

  5. How do those kitties get into that cubby hole to nap? Is it a long jump....

  6. You were lucky Smitty was a purrfectly good gentleman.

  7. That's a pair of contented kitties. I'm pleased they aren't fighting over the best napping spots.

  8. Store bought blankets?!?! Oh the horror of it all.

  9. You two have to learn to share, but I agree you need some special quilts.

  10. Sadie, We believe in equal rights between the boys and the girl. In other words, if she wants it, she gets it! Angel....