Sew Helpful

Sadie was my constant companion yesterday and this morning as I was sewing the sleeve on the Quilting Snowladies. It's hard to imagine how I even managed to get this finished, so helpful was she.

Hey, did you know there are cats all over this quilt?

Just to purrove my point, I'm a cat, and I'm all over it.

She gave me a little space so that I could show you the sleeve, although you might notice there's a lump to the right side of the quilt.

That was a minor inconvenience. Once the photography was out of the way, she could resume her position as Queen of the Quilt.

I like this quilt, Mom. Thanks!

She'll be disappointed to know that it's ready to be packed off to the Northwest Quilting Expo on Thursday. I have a pedicure appointment right next to the quilt shop where I need to drop it off for the show. Convenient on so many levels.

The only other thing I did in the sewing room yesterday was to get Block #17 for the Bee-utiful quilt ready for stitching. The flower centers are appliqued.

There was quite a bit to do yesterday, and I got most of it done. It's a CSA pick-up day today, and I have just a little housework to catch up on. Also, I'm going to get my echinacea plants into the ground. That was on yesterday's list, but I got dressed and showered and then realized I hadn't done the gardening. I suppose I could have gotten dirty and taken another shower, but then I might have been too clean...and then what? Some things just aren't worth the risk.

The only other thing I'd really like to get finished today is to get the Baby Birds flimsy sandwiched and ready for quilting.

Before I start the quilting on that, however, I want to get caught up on the free motion quilting sampler. I'm down to the lesson entitled "Borders and Sashings".

That's a pretty good list for my Tuesday. What's on your agenda today?

Before I go, I had to show you this latest image of my grandkittens, Cricket and Clementine. Big sister Lucy is up above there. She's barely tolerating these two terrors.


Pam said...

Love the colors you choose for your Bee flowers! You thing you have Sadie to help. Does she ever try to work your computer? My cat has keyboard skill for a hacker to envy!

Lyndsey said...

I think Sadie is going to be a tough member of your quilt quality team once she's learnt all the processes. I hope she wont get side tracked by the catnip as Gracie used to. I've had to ban Picasso from near my sewing as he tries to catch the needle.

gpc said...

Wow, the two C's have really grown! Still adorable. I can imagine that time takes on a whole different tempo with a helper like Sadie. :)

Dana Gaffney said...

Good to see Sadie is pulling her weight, she knows how good she has it. The grandkitties are adorable.

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Sadie is a quick learner. The grand kitties have grown!

Susan said...

When I saw the thread hanging over the arm of the chair I thought you were going to say Sadie likes to play with and chew on the thread. My last cat (may he rest in peace) was addicted to thread. He liked string and yarn too, but thread was definitely his preference. I had to be so careful about threads hanging loose or falling on the floor. I had to close my sewing machine when not in use so he couldn't pull the thread off.

Sally Trude said...

So sorry to see your grandcats are useless slackers. And I'm stating the obvious to note that Sadie would only be really helping if she were crawling into the sleeve as you sewed it. She appears to be productivity challenged. Respectfully, Molly

Teresa in Music City said...

Sadie is such a lovely Vanna for your quilts! She shows them off to such advantage, and her beauty of course is a perfect foil :*). So happy to hear that she is happy being a Quilting Kitty. As for the grandkitties, I'm not sure how anyone can handle such cuteness overload!!!!

Kate said...

It's nice to have help some days. Sadie will quickly learn how to "best" help you. Your grand kitties do look like trouble, but only the fun kind.

quiltzyx said...

Poor Sadie, to have her quilt sent away after she's worked so hard on it! Well, I guess she's gotten over her streetwalker days, so she'll get over this when the quilt comes home again.
Oh my are those grandkitties gorgeous! They must have been working so hard to be that pooped out!

Brown Family said...

How do we ever get a quilt finished with out our fur babies I had to move Angel off the Halloween table runner I am making to re-iron it and get it pined!