Proud to be a Slug

When I finished writing my blog post yesterday morning, I had the best of intentions...so much was going to get done. Then, I went straight to the couch and took a morning nap. Heck, I didn't even get dressed until after noon. And then, I messed around on the computer for another hour or so until my Fitbit sounded the 2:00 alarm to get moving. Yeah, I totally ignored that. Only then I realized I only had an hour and a half before it was time to leave to pick up the CSA share, and so I made haste starting and finishing the housework. I'll just say the woman can move when she's motivated.

There was nothing weird in the CSA share yesterday, which is always nice. Even my imagination was on strike. I've noticed that when I work intensively on a project, whether in the sewing room or the kitchen, my brain takes a hike for a day or two. (Some might argue that my brain is always on vacation, but ignore them.) The only thing that caught my attention yesterday was a pretty sunflower. The squirrels planted this one.

Aside from the housework, I made up this week's grocery list too, and I'm leaving for the grocery store as soon as I hit publish. Maybe I'll brush my teeth first. But, anyway, there are quite a few kitchen items on the list over the next couple of days. The onions are piling up again, and so I'm going to make another batch of  Walla Walla Sweet Onion Relish

Also, the green bell peppers are ganging up on me. I'm not a great fan of green bell peppers, and I don't use them often. Right now there are showing up in the CSA share with alarming frequency. Yesterday I perused my food preservation cookbooks for some relish or chutney or jam that would do away with them in a flash. I found a recipe for green pepper jam that I'm going to try. From reading the recipe, I'm presuming the green bell peppers provide the color and some flavor while the jalapenos add the heat. And since I have a couple of jalapenos hanging around in the refrigerator, smoking cigarettes and drinking tequila, I'm going to do away with them too. They need a new job.

We're heading out to our friends' house for our annual summer get-together this weekend. It's always a fun time, and it's become a tradition that I cook for the smaller group on Friday evening. I need to prepare some stuffed pasta shells for that, and I'll be using the remainder of the pasta sauce from last year. They're a little like lasagna, only easier to eat when one is eating from a hand-held paper plate. I'll serve that up with a simple salad and some store-bought garlic bread. Also, I'm baking cookies. A get-together with this crowd and no cookies would be downright blasphemous.

With all that going on, I'm still hopeful that I'll get the sleeves and labels put on my two quilts. The only other sewing I did was to fill the first hooping on Hocuspocusville. The next Bee-utiful block should be out today, and so I'm glad to have a little bit of a start on this large block.

Also, I gave myself an opportunity at redemption for yesterday's slugfest by doing a first practice attempt on the past week's free motion quilting sampler. This motif is called swirling feathers. I started there in the middle and made my first one a little too large. It meant all the others had to be kind of small to fit in my 6-inch square. I want to try this again before committing it to my sampler.

So there you go...and off I go. In Buzz Lightyear fashion...TO THE GROCERY STORE AND BEYOND! Sounds exciting when you put it like that, doesn't it? It isn't.

6 comments from clever and witty friends:

gpc said...

Seriously, the grocery store AND cooking plans? You are putting me to shame again with all your frenetic activity. It is 92 degrees here. Again. We are not 92 degree people in Mid Michigan so that's a very bad thing. I am hoping to get up out of my chair for a haircut, but that would require leaving the (air conditioned), so no promises have been made. Well of course they have been made, but they can certainly be cancelled. It's just a matter of deciding which option would take the least energy.

Vroomans' Quilts said...

LOL - and I am taking a bit of break in the quilting department while you are working up a sweat!! I have an eggplant that needs attention, maybe I'll prep that.

beaquilter said...

the FMQ looks good, I bet if you did it in matching thread or at least a solid you'll be much happier with it, sometimes variegated threads need more "space" around them to look good

Pam said...

Not bad on the practice fmq sampler. I have not worked up the courage for this one yet. It looks like it needs lots of practice. One thing-since we use contrasting thread on this sampler-all the bobbles and wobbles and little errors show up-we would never notice these if the thread was matching.

quiltzyx said...

Well the squirrels certainly planted a nice sunflower for you. Very nice of them.
I need to stop at the market on my way home today. I need ice cream. That's important.
I think the FMQ looks cool with the larger one in the center. But I am strange that way.

Brown Family said...

I think I have been in Slugville for a couple of months. I am beginning to find my motivation.