Home Stretch

The greatest quilt show on earth is just a few days away, and I think we're going to finish up Sadie's pawtrait in just a nick of time.

Pets on Quilts 2016

Yesterday I had one more batch of applesauce to can. Erik offered me more apples, and I said thanks, but no thanks. I'm kinda done with apples for the season.

With that task accomplished, I fused the last of the fabrics and finished up the colors on Sadie's body.

Then I peeled it up from the pressing sheet and fused it to its backing. 

Choosing the color for the backing isn't difficult. I usually choose something that matches the eyes, as I did on Maggie's and Smitty's pawtraits. Gracie's was the first one, and I liked that turquoise blue for her. Scooter was looking out the window of a car when she posed for her pawtrait. I chose a background the color of the car for hers.

I've about run out of subjects for my pawtraits, but I'd still like to do the other two original cats from the Three Cats Ranch: George and Krissy.

Or I might have to set up a photoshoot and make a pawtrait of my grandkittens

Or one of these fellows:

Or maybe I won't get ahead of myself, and I'll get back to top-stitching Sadie's pawtrait before moving on to the next one.

Yeah, maybe I'll do that today. Sadie is so excited, she can hardly sit still for her picture!

Really? Me? I'm going to be in the Pets on Quilt show????

Since I'm in between blocks on the Bee-utiful Quilt-A-Long, I had some time to trace out the next block for Hocuspocusville yesterday afternoon.

Also, I ventured outside where Mike was shoveling some dirt. I've been watching the zucchini plants carefully, but if you've ever grown zucchini, you know how sneaky they can be. Even if you harvest every day you'll wait ten minutes too long and grow one the size of a baseball bat. This one is a sort of mini-bat, but you could hit a baseball a long distance...once, anyway.

Today, I'll probably shred this one and package it up in sandwich bags in portions for zucchini bread. I could make some zucchini fritters too.

This morning I started stitching on the Hocuspocusville block.

Also, I'm doing laundry, and I'll get back to stitching on Sadie. The Pets on Quilts show waits for no cats.


  1. Barbara, You make my day. :-) Love how Sadie is turning out (In purrson and in fabric)

  2. I love Sadie's pawtrait! It is so her! It's purrfect! You are so talented! Thanks for sharing! Laura V. ninepatch@hotmail.com

  3. LOLOLOL stick to the cats girl Sadie is looking superb!

  4. You have lots of kitty pawtraits to keep you busy - forget the llamas.

  5. I love llamas and would love to see how you interpret them. You do such a great rendition of the cats! Thanks for the zucchini fritters recipe. I'm always looking for new things to do with them.

  6. Definitely nailed Sadie. I love how it has turned out so far. Grand

  7. I love Sadie's pawtrait. She is such a cute kitty. The two original cats would be a great project to do and love the grand kittens.

  8. Your pet portraits are wonderful, mine would all be a study in black and white, lol.
    I made apple jelly once and it tasted wonderful but it was full of skin and pits, lol.
    I read that you can use the cores for pectin and it worked, but I think I need to put them in a net to keep them from shredding into the jelly. Once it set it was too thick to drain it out.


  9. George and Krissy and the grands definitely need pawtraits! And, unless I have my blogs mixed up, so does Uno!

  10. Love the pawtrait of Sadie.

  11. Sadie's Pawtrait is looking absolutely amazing! I don't think I'll ever tire of apples.... though a switch to "everything pumpkin spice flavored" is fast approaching! ;-)

  12. You are doing a perfect rendition of Sadie. I had my doubts at first due to her brindled fur but you were right in how the fabrics would go together. George has a soft spot in my heart. I think he is my favorite of all your cats and seeing him immortalized would be an homage to his place in your life. I didn't get a chance to hear much about Krissy. It will be interesting to see how you interpret a longer haired cat. Keep up the good work!

  13. George!!! He looks so young in that picture. The way you run through these I think you can do them all, including llamas and tigers and bears.

  14. WOW!!! you are doing a wonderful job!!! I'm completely impressed!!!

  15. Sadie looks AWESOME!! You chose the perfect fabric for a torte!!

  16. Beautiful! You are learning with each pawtrait. I still miss Gracie and would love to see another pawtrait of her. Maybe a series?

  17. Your pawtraits are absolutely brilliant and beautiful. Would love to see the alpaca/llama one as well.
    My you sure are ones talented lady.