An Epiphany

Yesterday I took an unplanned break from Sadie's pawtrait, being somewhat discouraged from the day before. Unplanned because, while I had some things to do, I originally intended to find my way into the sewing room to work on it some more. Then, I dragged my feet all day. Toward the end of the day I knew that my foot dragging wasn't just by accident. Nevertheless, I spent the day studying the image of the work I'd done to that point. (Maybe I was working on it without even realizing it.)

Also, I was studying her pretty face.

As I looked at the fabric version, it seemed to me that the nose was off center, and I didn't see how it could be. I'd used the plastic pattern template for placement, and so I was reluctant to start tearing things up from their fused positions. Toward the end of the day, I saw what was bothering me, and and it seemed like an epiphany. Let me try to explain. You'll have to decide for yourself if you're interested.

It looked to me as if the nose went like this, and you can see that it's too close to the left eye.

While I was looking at this and comparing it to her face, I realized that the right side of the nose has more orange, and I'd traced that into my template when I made my pattern. So once I had that figured out, I could see that, actually, the nose goes like this.

And then, the rest of the face popped out at me, and I could see where I was going with this.

So now I'm excited to get back to it again. There's just one little fusing problem I need to fix one way or another. I need to get rid of this little notch between my two applique pieces here.

Also, this little "tail" here.

And using photo-editing, I made those two corrections. Now it looks right to me.

It's still going to be heavily dependent on thread work to get the shading right, but now I think I'm back on track with it. And in any case...doesn't it look cool? Even if it never looks like Sadie, it looks very sort of sexy, or something. When I finish this one, I'm thinking of starting again and just making a sort of sexy blazing on-fire cat set on a dark background. It has potential, don't you think?

So I'm really hoping to get a chance to work on this some more today, but Mike is going to drag me off to look at patio furniture. Ours has been sitting in the weather and the sunshine for about 12 years, and it has rotted through. Time for some new chairs, at the very least.

Patio furniture aside, I told him I wasn't leaving home without making at least one more batch of applesauce. Yesterday I weighed out the remaining apples and found I had enough for two more batches. With those set aside, I had just a few left. I used those to make an apple crisp for two.

There's nothing for scale in that image, but I'll tell you that dish is about 4 x 7. When we cut into the crisp last night, we decided there was actually enough for four. We'll have the portion for those other two people tonight.

Also in yesterday's mail, my latest trip planning tour books arrived. It's like Christmas when those arrive on the doorstep. We have just a short vacation planned this coming September. And, I feel a need to point out that this will be Mike's last "vacation". The next time he takes time off, it will be for life.

This trip, we're heading to the eastern border of Idaho to see my friend and fellow quilter, Marei. Our trip is only two weeks this time around, and it's three days to Marei's house (and of course, three days back). That gives us about 8 days free, and we haven't done much planning beyond that. Right now, the plan is to head back west to Stanley, Idaho. I've mentioned before that we visited Stanley way back in 2003. We rented a little motorboat and motored out to the middle of Red Fish Lake, and it was incredibly beautiful.

We were on our way to South Dakota, and so we only had one night there. We've wanted to go back and spend more time ever since. Although we've planned this little excursion many times since, we're always discouraged because of smoke and fires. Maybe this will be the year. After that the plan is to make our way back west via Coeur d'Alene, another favorite spot, and Spokane, a small city we'd like to explore in a little more detail. (There are quilt shops there that I have yet to visit.)

So that's the current plan, and our travel plans are always subject to change. As for today, the apples are waiting...and apparently, so is the patio furniture.

9 comments from clever and witty friends:

NancyA said...

Love seeing your process for your "Pawtraits"; I think this one will be great!
As to the Stanley area: this may not be the year to go there, either. I just went through Stanley yesterday and it was very smoky; there is a large fire to the west of Stanley and a new one just outside of town near Stanley Lake. When I was there, we couldn't even see the mountains and the smell of smoke was strong as well. Maybe they will be out by the time Sept. rolls around, but you should check it out before you go.

Vroomans' Quilts said...

I was wondering why you saw the nose set like the first pic as I saw it set like you drew out in the second per Sadie's photo. I see Nancy's comment on the fires - plan safe travels.

Dana Gaffney said...

The pawtrait looks great and I like the idea of just doing one without trying to make it look like her, the colors are so fabulous. Are you buying patio furniture or catio furniture?

liniecat said...

Fascinating how small an alteration changes the pawtrait so much.
I think this will still have the essence of Sadie and be recognisable :)
Hey a Hot Cat in Sexy Boots on a black background maybe for the next Character Cat!!

quiltzyx said...

Nice to see you figured out what was bothering you about the Pawtrait. For the gold notch, you could just use a black Sharpie. Whatever works, right?
And yet more yumminess with the apples! Yikes! I did try a new drink from Starbucks this morning (gift cards are nice) - a Green Tea Creme Frappuccino. It was quite nice - not so 'green tea-ish' as green tea ice cream, but a lovely flavor.
Your Northwestern states tour sounds good. Hope that the fires that NancyA experienced are long gone when you're ready to go so you can visit Stanley.

juliehallfeldhaus said...

If you get to Rapid City Sd go to http://rapidcitysewing.com/ and the Quilt Connection on Saint Joseph St.

Brown Family said...

THat looks like a fun two week trip!

Kate said...

Ooh, sooooo....we had five quilt shops in Spokane close in the last two years. A Heart Like Yours, Top Stitch, and Cozy Quilt closed this year, and Buggy Barn and Charming Lulu closed the year before that. We're down to Quilted Posies (only open once a week), the Quilting Bee (which you've been to), Regal Fabrics, Hattie's, and Sew EZ. Bear Paw is still open in CDA. If you do go to Stanley through Sun Valley, there's a fantastic quilt shop there, the Granary. That's where I got Ripples and Reflections. Also, one of the RV blogs I read was just in Stanley and got some gorgeous shots on the lake - Wheeling It. And that's all the randomness I have for now, unless you want recommendations for Spokane. ;)

Kate said...

Glad you were able to get the direction sorted out for Sadie's pawtrait. Sometimes it's hard to visualize where you are going.