July Goals and Progress Report

Does it seem to you as if June just flew by? It sure as heck does to me. Last week, I despaired of getting much done on my goals-still-to-be accomplished, but the month ended up not half bad. I foolishly started two new projects during the month that were irresistible to me in the form of the Bee-utiful Quilt-A-Long and the FMQ Sampler from the Sit Down Free Motion Quilters group on Facebook. Both are great projects, but both take time. Nevertheless, I'm happy with what I accomplished for the month, so let's see how it went.

  Quilting and Flimsies

1. At long last, I'm going to finish up the 56 quilt blocks for the Live, Love, Teach quilt. Complete!

2. Also, I want to make the Pet Pawtrait of Scooter the dog. This is a Pay it Forward gift for my friend Marei's husband Bill. Complete!


3. This month, I plan to pay the piper and pick up with the next section for A Quiltmaker's Garden. Just because I didn't finish it in May doesn't mean I've given up on it. Hopefully, I can move it along in June. Or not, because No Progress.

Monthly Challenges



Make the next block for the Wheel Estate quilt using the color for June. Complete!

When my cousin asked me to make a baby quilt for their newest granddaughter, I changed out my originally selected project for this Baby Birds baby quilt. The pattern has been in my quilts-to-make notebook for years. It's only started, but finishes aren't required for Let's Book it, and so this goal is Complete!

6. Make a block for

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June's block is this "Improv Bulls Eye". Complete!

If I can finish all of that, I'll make a project for

If I completed my goals, my plan was to make a wine carrier bag similar to these seen on the allpeoplequilt.com website. Since I didn't finish my goals, I didn't finish this either, but I'm keeping it on tap for July.

So here we go...

If I had to choose a favorite month, it would probably be July. I love spending American Independence Day with my family down on the Willamette River. We make a day of it, setting up early on the east side of the river to wait for the fireworks after sunset. It was so darned hot last year, that we all took to using cooling towels to keep from keeling over. This year, we're expecting a nice cool 77°F. Perfect.

As for sewing during July, here's what's on tap.

Quilting and Flimsies

1. My highest priority this month is to quilt the "Seating for Two" quilt. I was going to put this off until later in the year, but there are a couple of quilt shows I'd like to enter it in, and that means it has to be finished this month.

2. Turn Written in Thread into a flimsy. It still needs its outer border, and then it will be ready for quilting.


3. The next section of Quiltmaker's Garden has been pushed to the side for two months now (hangs head in shame). Maybe this third month will be the charm to move this long-standing UFO along.

Monthly Challenges

4. Let's Book It:

This month, I'd like to make the next block for Chicken Buffet. Sharon generously allows me to use this project each time I add a block. Here are the blocks I have so far.

5. Rainbow Scrap Challenge:


Continue with July's color for the Wheel Estate quilt. Here are the blocks I have so far.

6. Block Lotto

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July's block has yet to be announced, as I write this.

That's probably a long enough list for July because I'm still determined to make the wine tote listed above as my project for:

That seems like a shorter-than-usual list, but still plenty to keep me busy. What are you hoping to accomplish in July?

5 comments from clever and witty friends:

Terri in BC said...

I'm going to bite the bullet and start doing a Goals and Progress report. I'm off to reorganize my sewing room (added a new table) and make my plans! PS: I love your Wheel Estate blocks - I must hunt that pattern down.

Vroomans' Quilts said...

You go girl!!! Those campers just crack me up, but what a fun quilt this will be. Well, all your quilts are fun.

Dana Gaffney said...

Scooter is magnificent, you really did an amazing job. I love those wine caddies, different fabrics, different holidays and you have the perfect gift for anytime, although the Santa one really calls to me.

Vicki W said...

Live, Love, Teach turned out great!

Kate said...

You had a very productive June. Good luck with all your July goals.