Give Me a Head with Hair, Long Beautiful Hair

Yesterday I saw a new hairdresser who trimmed my hair. And before I go on, I should tell you that I absolutely hate my hair. I never minded having fine straight hair when I was a teenager during the 14th Century, and when it was in style. You know...when the Cowsills were at the top of the charts. (Please tell me you're old enough to remember the Cowsills.) 

Now, I'm wishing for thicker locks that will hold some curl. And it doesn't help that I've been unhappy with my hairdresser literally for years. It's hard to make a change...and how do you find someone who knows a better way when you hold the world's record for the most difficult hair? In my world, every day is a bad hair day.

So anyway, I sat myself down in her chair, sucked in my breath, and told her what I wanted. And she actually listened to me! We were off to a good start. And she told me about three different ways of rolling up a perm (not on yesterday's menu), and what she thought would work best with my hair. And she ran her fingers through my hair, fluffing it, inspecting it, and telling me how she thought it should be cut. Given my experience with hairdressers over the course of a couple of decades, this was such a nice change. So she gave it a good trim...that I like...and she stripped the chemicals out of it. And it's softer and shinier already. She completely inspired confidence, and so next month, I'll let her give me a perm. Fingers crossed.

When I got home, I got an early start on dinner, and then I went to work on the latest Chicken Buffet block. This is my project for

These always start with sewing this large four-patch together.

This time, I'm making Chicken Caesar. (These patterns all come with recipes! Such a fun book.)

I traced out and fused all the appliques...

These have quite a bit of embroidery to add in details. I always trace the embroidery when I trace the applique, then flip it over to the fabric side and draw in the lines for stitching. When I'd cut out these pieces, it was time to stop for the day.

This morning, I finished up Block #12 for the Bee-utiful Quilt-A-Long. This one is "Bee Grateful". Those sunflower centers are made up of about a zillion French knots.

Block #13 was ready to go, and so I got started on that.

After all those French knots, I decided I wanted to start with the colorful flowers, and I stitched this much before quitting.

I'm hoping to get the Chicken Buffet block finished today, but there is much to do on the home front. The cucumbers are filling the refrigerator again, and so I'm going to get some more Calico Sweet Pickle Relish soaking in the brine. It needs to soak for 24 hours before cooking and canning. It makes a small batch, and so that won't take too long either today or tomorrow. 

Also, the annuals need watering again. Our weather has warmed up significantly, and so I'm spending more time keeping things alive in the garden. Smitty likes our watering sessions because he gets to go outside. He's still a hunter at heart, and always will be. Yesterday he brought a little gift to the door. This is always very exciting for Sadie.

Mom! Smitty brought you a present! Come and see! You're gonna love it!

Oh gosh, thanks Buddy. (Gack, gag, choke.) And finally, there's always housework it seems. A couple of you asked about this housework business. I assign myself certain tasks as repeating events on my calendar. Then, I can move them around within a day or two if it falls on a day when I'm busy or something...and, frankly, even when I don't have anything to do, I'm usually too busy for housework. So, these tasks tend to get pushed out for a couple of days until I have a bunch stacked up. And today, I'm determined to get caught up.

So off I go...and I swear, I'll meet my Fitbit goal today, even if it kills me.

13 comments from clever and witty friends:

gpc said...

A bad hairdresser is like any other bad relationship; it's hard to let it go but you'll be better off in the long run. So good for you -- I hope the new one maintains your trust! Housework??? My house has gotten SO out of control that I am afraid to even invite the grandkids over because it might be too much of a mess even for their standards! (Now I have the "Hair" earworm firmly injected. Glad no one can see me shaking it as I go about my business. :-P )

Sherry said...

I was born/cursed/blessed to have naturally curly hair. . . so I had the opposite problem. . .there was no way my hair was going to ever look like the Cowsills (yes, I remember them!)

I went through a couple of torturous "anti" perming sessions; slept with frozen drink cans as rollers in my hair, etc., etc., etc. Until I said, enough is enough and just let my hair do what it wanted to do.

These days I just go to Great Clips, Hair Cuttery, etc. and say "I need at least an inch cut off, I wear it longer in the back" and let the cutting begin.

Good luck with your new hairdresser. . . . I hope you have wonderful success with her.

Quiltdivajulie said...

I changed hairdressers a few years back and have been SO happy. Hope you stay happy with your new person, too.

Robin in Portland Oregon said...

I couldn't wait to retire so I could get my hair ALL cut off. Never was a hair person. Always went to cheap haircutters too, so rarely was the same way twice - short as possible without looking mannish. Now I go every other month and get the EXACT SAME CUT every time. All I have to say is take it all off and "too short" is impossible. No faffing with hair for me. Good luck with your new hairdresser - I know one who "gets" what you want is hard to find. I went to a great and cheap one for a few years but then she moved away. And it was back to whatever they interpreted as "short, but not to short"!

quiltzyx said...

Sounds like you found a good stylist, hooray! I too have ultra-fine, stick-straight hair. Wore it long in high school back in those olden days. Now I go in every 6 weeks, 2 cuts then a perm. Works for me, I hate messing with my hair!
The Caesar Chicken is so fun! And I like your bright yellow start on the latest Bee stitchery.
Great picture of Sadie yelling about Smitty's catch o' the day!!

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

I had a hairdresser turn my hair burgandy/purple. I cried! I'd told her just how to mix the color, and even called my old hairdresser (in another state) so that she could tell her. The lady didn't listen. Did I mention that I cried? I'd just moved to town a short time before. One of the ladies I volunteered with, told me about another volunteer, that did hair from her home. I've been with her for 13 years now. She's GREAT! So nice to find someone who listens and makes your hair NICE. Glad you found someone. Good luck with the perm next month.

SJSM said...

Hope you have fewer bad hair days. Starting a day with hair that cooperates is a good omen.

Those chickens are so darn cute! The Bee-utiful blocks are quite lovely, too. I finally have the right supplies and am almost finished with block one. I do my hand stitching in the evening while watching tv with my husband. I'm definitely a lot slower than you are. In four evenings I am left with one grouping of flowers to finish. That should be this evening then on to block two.

Don't you love the gifts from your cat? It's lizard season here and Lana brought another toy inside. The tails are the first thing to go on the lizard. Sometimes we don't catch that a lizard came in and it is such a surprise when we uncover one. Love that cat!

Teresa in Music City said...

I SO empathize with the bad hair!!! And it's almost impossible to find a stylist who understands and can really do something magical with fine, thinning hair!!! My hair is so baby fine and thin that it tends to burn with a perm, especially the follow-up perm after the first one grows out a bit. Since moving to TN, I hadn't found a stylist that I trusted to give me a perm, so it has been flat and lifeless for the last 12 years. I bit the bullet in the spring and had my old hairstylist from NC give me a body perm during my last visit home - what a wonderful change!!! I'm so glad I did it and have a follow up perm scheduled during our visit next month. I hope you will be as delighted with your new perm!!!

Loving your Bee blocks and can't wait to see your newest Chicken block. I had housework on my agenda for today too - but I think it is going to get rescheduled :*). I hear my sewing machine calling my name!

Vroomans' Quilts said...

I have a great hairdresser (shop) right in our little town. They all go above and beyond to address any one's needs (inabilities or disabilities). She knows my winter cut versus my summer cut, takes the time to set up the shampoo area as I can only sit a certain way. And I use a regular chair versus the cutting chair. Moe has been successful with keeping squirrels out of the bird feeders and Bella has developed a taste for rabbit. They are lucky I have a strong stomach.

Dana Gaffney said...

I gave up on hairdressers a long time ago so if you found a good one maybe you should buy a lottery ticket too. Make friends with her so if she switches shops you know where she is or just bring her home with you :).
The caption for the picture of Smitty and Sadie is perfect, I love to laugh first thing in the morning :)

Quilting Babcia said...

What is it with hairdressers anyway? I certainly hope your new gal continues to do what you've hoped could be done all along. Sadie's saying "MOM!LET ME OUT!"

Janarama said...

Oh girl, I know exactly how you feel about your hair. I have thin and very fine, silky hair. Used to get a perm every 5 months or so from the same hairdresser for about 10 years. Then, for whatever reason, I wasn't happy with the way she did my hair any more. So I changed to another girl in the same shop and loved how she did my hair. Then I moved. A friend recommended a hairdresser who did hair in her home. Her cuts were good, but when she gave me a perm it was horrible (frizzy and like straw). Never had a perm since. My hair may be flat and lifeless, but at least I have hair. Have to look on the bright side. ;) It sounds like you found a good hairdresser who knows how to work with your type of hair. The real test will be the perm.

The picture of Smitty and Sadie is priceless. Looks like Sadie is kind of grossed out about Smitty's "gift" too!

Brown Family said...

I have straight thin hair, too. I have just settled on a pixie cut for the past several years! I can comb it with a damp wash cloth! Sadie looks like she is laughing about your gift!