Barbie's Camper

Yesterday I was able to do all the fusing for the latest Wheel Estate Block. This is the July block for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge. July's colors were inspired by watermelon: pink and a hint of lime green. Here's my block.

It kinda makes you think Barbie and Ken are inside, doesn't it? So, it still needs top-stitching, and then I'll be stitching in stems for the flowers, a pole for the flag, and a line where the window is divided. Also, I'm going to put a couple of small hotfix nailheads in the flower centers for a little "zazz". Do you see the cat?

While I was working on this, these two were playing. They have become good friends. It's hard to get an in-focus picture of them when they're playing.

Yesterday morning I looked everywhere for Sadie. I shook the treat bag, and that will get her to come running every single time. And that reminds me...do you remember the character of Kramer on Seinfeld? 

Remember how he came through the door and skidded to a stop? That's our Sadie. She runs everywhere she goes and always skids to a stop. So funny. 

So anyway...I shake the treat bag and I put treats out into her bowl. No Sadie. I went through the house, all three floors of it, calling her. And I was getting a little panicky. Did she get out last night somehow? During all of this, I was thinking of you, dear friends. I'm thinking...I can't get on the blog and tell them we've lost yet another cat. Geez. So finally, I'm downstairs and I hear her little peep. Which reminds me of something else. (Eventually, I'll get to the end of this story, I promise.) Do you know the muppet character Beaker, and the "meep, meep, meep" sound he makes when he talks? That's our Sadie.

So anyway...I find her sitting and gazing revealingly at the space between the wall and the piano. This can only mean one thing: a critter. How it got into the house, I have no idea. And here I thought the Catio would put an end to a certain kitty bringing critters into the house. 

As it turns out, it was a little shrew. Let me tell you, those things run faster than lightening. You absolutely can't catch them...unless you're a cat. The two of them worried that poor thing to death yesterday morning, and I'm not sure if they ever caught it. We've chased enough of them around the house to know that it's best to just let the cat have at it. If it's still around, one of the kitties will catch it. Eventually, they both came upstairs. "Now about those treats..." says Sadie. Not sure about the shrew...haven't seen it. Haven't seen any evidence of it. Maybe it was an appurrition.

When I picked up the CSA share yesterday, I was delighted to find these shishito peppers. They're about the size of a jalapeno pepper, and wrinkly. I got some at the farmer's market the other day. The first time I saw these was in last year's CSA share. The farmers tell us to heat an iron skillet with some olive oil. When it's good and hot, plop those babies in there and blister them. It takes about 10 minutes. Then salt, and a little lime juice, and yum. They're a mild pepper you can eat right off the stem. So when I got home with yesterday's share, I wasted no time, and those puppies are so outta here.

There was no chard in our share yesterday, and so I'm making good on my plans to head down to the Newberg farmer's market today. I have some errands to run anyway, and so it's a good excuse to make the drive into town. (It sounds as if it's forever away, doesn't it? It's about 15 minutes, including the time it takes me to find my keys.)

This morning I'll get stitching on Block 12 for the Bee-utiful Quilt-A-Long. Block 13 is out now. Look at how cute this is:

This quilt was designed by Pamela Morgan and Block 13 was inspired by her own wedding day. For an uplifting read, check out her blog post on the Moda Bake Shop page.

My color printer is acting up, and I need color to print out these pages. The help page on Canon advised us to turn it off for 24 hours and see if that helps. The Resident Engineer and I are both skeptical that this will change anything at all, beyond delaying repair for 24 hours. Nevertheless, the Resident Engineer can attempt the fix if the 24-hour time period doesn't work. I've spent some time scolding it this morning and urging it to think about it's recent behavior and what can be learned during this timeout. We'll see if that helps. As you might guess, I was a fearsome mother.

So off I go. There's stitching and watering to do this morning before I head to the farmer's market.

14 comments from clever and witty friends:

gpc said...

I have loved all your little campers but this one might be my favorite, despite my essential non-pink nature. Adorable. It is good to have a critter around for critter control. My kids' dog eats spiders, her one useful activity. In my creature-less house, I use the fearsome mom routine on bugs, warning them that if they don't vacate my home immediately their families will never have closure because their body will be flushed. I give them a moment or two to reflect, but so far none have showed a bit of concern for their loved ones.

QuiltShopGal said...

I love your Wheel Estate Block. Super cute. Fun post. Thanks for the link to wikipedia for Shrew, as I really had no idea what they were. Glad Sadie was on the hunt, keeping a close eye on it. I'm sure it will be caught, so it must be nice to have such domestic security control in your home. :)


Robin in Portland Oregon said...

Your fabric for the lawn chair is just perfect. And I really like how perfect all the little cats you're adding are.
Shrews have the highest metabolism of any mammal and must eat every few minutes as long as they are active. They eat anything alive that they can catch and not necessarily smaller than they are (like earthworms and insects etc). They also apparently taste really bad so animals won't eat them. But the stress of being chased and not having time to catch food will kill them fairly quickly, so hope you find it soon. Also they can get into places that mice cannot. I'm thinking the young might also be seeking new territory and that's how come it's in your house - not that the cats brought it in. It's also possible it could have come in your CSA box.
I can't seem to get your email letter icon to work, got any ideas? Thanks so much for your great blog and your help.

Barbara said...

Hi, Robin...yes, I'm aware of the email icon problem. Don't know what happened there, but I'll try to fix it. Not sure about the shrew...it's a tiny little thing, but I know for sure and certain it didn't come in the CSA box. I start with an empty box and fill it myself, farmer's market style. I have a feeling I know where it is, so I'll get a flashlight and check. That's interesting about their metabolism. Smitty must not have gotten the memo about them not tasting good because I've seen him eating them.

Barbara said...

Hi again, Robin...I hope I've fixed the email icon. Please give it a try and let me know if it's working. I think there was a space where there shouldn't be. I've used a tutorial for this, and there were some problems with the tutorial. Nevertheless, she stated that it's possible that it won't work for some people, and that may be the case for you. If it doesn't work, I'll try something different. Please give it a try and let me know.

Dana Gaffney said...

I love the new block, the bike and flowers are so pretty. So the answer to the printer problem is the old basic of reboot, but for 24 hours instead of 30 seconds? Technology is moving backwards. :)
I now feel the need to make a wallhanging that says "I shall be a fearsome mother..."

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Yes, a Barbie Camper!! I wasn't a doll girl, but my younger sisters were. I love the 'meep' - how cute! Being a Tortie, she should be a good hunter. I need to hit up one of the farmer's stands this weekend. Funny how produce is so abundant now, but what is in the stores is horrid.

Wendy said...

There is just nothing more pleasant than sipping a cup of coffee while reading your post. I so enjoy hearing about your day, your market, your cats and all. Still chuckling over your fearsome mother comment . . .

Barbara said...

What a sweet comment, Wendy. I'm sorry you are no-reply.

Auntiepatch said...

I think the sign on the Barbie camper should be: Purrdy N Pink! Lol! Have a good day and give the fur babies a pet from me.

Robin in Portland Oregon said...

ARGGH!!! No the icon doesn't work for me. Thanks anyway.

Barbara said...

Oh shoot. Okay, well, send me your email address. Once I have it in my address list, it will appear automatically. Use this email: threecatsranch at gmail dot com.

quiltzyx said...

Just look at Smitty, showing off his extra-long tail! LOL
Barbie's camper - HAHAHAHA!! I think it's Barbie and the Resident Engineer in there myself. ;^)

Brown Family said...

Your Wheel Estate is going to be so cute! You would think that living in the city, we do not have many small furry critters come in the house. Max has brought two rats in from the garage! Last night it was a cicada.