Nothing Ventured

Yesterday, I had grocery shopping as my one must-do item for the day, and that was about all I accomplished. The morning found me feeling better from our recent illness, but I had a headache and was still having trouble breathing at times. I took some Tylenol and used my inhaler, and felt better. Then I headed off to the grocery store. While I was there began to feel really wiped out from the exertion. My list wasn't even very long. When I got home, I put away the groceries and then flopped down on the couch for a nap.

All of that to tell you that I made no further progress on quilting the Yard Art quilt. I'm hoping to get some more done today. Instead, I spent most of my time in the kitchen. Cherries and apricots are in the stores now, and so I made my annual Apricot Cherry Upside Down Mini Cakes.

These will keep us in dessert for two days. After that...panic.

When the desserts were finished, I got to work making dinner because it was late into the afternoon by that time. It's my first official day of trying to claim victory over the vegetables in our CSA share. Last night's assault: Thai Beef Salad. It must have been a Cooking Light kind of night because that's where the recipes for dinner and dessert appeared for the first time. As for the salad, I've made it before, but since I'm at war with the vegetables, I made some changes this time around. I used parts of the two lettuces from our share along with some of the spinach. (You can see what's included in this week's share at yesterday's post if you're curious.) Also, this gave me an opportunity to use about half of the cilantro, some of the garlic scapes (I chopped them up and used them just like garlic cloves), and I threw some of the Hakurei turnips into the mix as well. The turnips are really delicious...not the turnip you would ordinarily turnip your nose at. (Ha! Get it? OMG I am so funny sometimes.)

Mike, the grill master in our home did a masterful job of grilling the flank steak and voila! Dinner was served.

It's been years since I made this salad the last time. Now I'm wondering why I've waited so long. Ordinarily I make some jasmine rice cooked in lite coconut milk as a side, but I skipped that part yesterday. It looked like plenty of food without the rice. Besides, who wants rice when you can move straight to dessert?

We're gearing up for a camping trip to the beach this weekend to celebrate our 41st wedding anniversary on Tuesday of next week. We've been debating all week whether to take the camper or the 5th wheel. We'd always hoped we'd be riding ATV's for this trip, but the weather forecast is a little iffy. Yesterday afternoon we decided that neither of us was feeling well enough to ride ATV's and so we settled on the fifth wheel. Besides, we can take the kitties with us that way. And with that decision, Mike needed to put the hitch in the back of the truck. As he was heading out the door, we noticed this young buck dining on the rose bush.

Deer bait. That's about the only function served by the rose bush. We've talked about digging it up, but it's kind of fun to see the deer up close and personal...pilfering gluttons that they are.

This morning I'm tackling a lump of laundry...not the mountain I've grown accustomed to. Maggie helped me get started on the Written in Thread embroidery. She's an excellent and polite helper when it comes to embroidery, only biting the floss occasionally.

With her help, I rounded the first corner and started making my way up the left side. There are still many inches of stitches to take before it will be finished.

And that seems like enough to pack into one day since I'm still not 100%. If I'm feeling up to it, I'll get back to my quilting.

5 comments from clever and witty friends:

Shari said...

I wish we had something in my area like your farm share. We had a farmers market co-op that was great, but the lady who ran it tired of the business and closed it. Hopefully someone will come along and start it up again. Thanks for sharing your kitties and sewing with us!

Vroomans' Quilts said...

I love a full salad for a meal - looks fabulous. Maggie is looking so fine - and so is your stitchery. Feel better soon.

Lynda Halliger Otvos (Lynda M O) said...

Take all the naps you need. Rest is how we heal best. See how they rhyme-must mean they go together... rest is best, rest is best, rest is best... Yeah I'll get used to that one.

Stitchery is cute; and only a million more stitches to go.

Kate said...

Glad you are close to being back to 100%. Being sick is no fun. That salad looks really good and so does dessert.

Dana Gaffney said...

I would plant more if it meant having the deer come so close, I'm replacing my hibiscus so the iguanas have plenty to eat :)