May Goals and Progress Report

April ended up being far sunnier and warmer than western Oregon has any right to expect. It felt like summer, even though we're barely into spring. It meant getting out for lots of walks and doing lots of gardening, and so it's a good thing I kept April's list relatively short. Let's see how I did.

1. Quilt and Bind the Sweet Tweet table runner, that was March's Let's Book It project. Complete!

2. Make a flimsy from the blocks for Cats of a Different Color. Complete!


3. Finish up four more blocks for the Live, Love, Teach quilt. Complete!

4. Complete Block 3 of 12 blocks for the Chicken Buffet quilt. Complete!

These are the blocks I have so far.

My friend Sharon tells me I can keep using this as my Let's Book It project as well.

5. Complete the next section for the Wind in the Whiskers quilt. The next one I'll do is called Kitten Kaboodle. Complete!

Monthly Challenges

6. Complete the fourth block for the Wheel Estate quilt. Complete! This is my project for


7. Begin the challenge quilt for my guild.

Okay, well I had to petition the Monthly Goals Committee for an exception to this project. It's a large and very serious committee because these monthly goals are very serious business. You can see the Committee in session in the image below.

And let me just tell you that these folks say the Pledge of Allegiance and everything, so you know it's super official. Since I've decided not to return to my guild, I petitioned the Committee and requested a substitution of my quilt for Another Little Quilt Swap 10 for the guild challenge. 

Thank goodness, after hours of testimony, the committee approved my petition. I think they were impressed by my flow chart. And who wouldn't be?

My swap quilt is made from the scraps left from Cats of a Different Color. I called this little mini "Endless Pawsibilities," and it is Complete! 

If I can finish all of that, I'll start piecing together the blocks for the Mumm's the Word quilt. Since my goal was to "start", that makes this goal Complete!

With great thanks to the generosity and understanding of the Monthly Goals Committee I can say ...

That brings me to the merry, merry month of May. 

May is a busy month in our family. Mike, Mae, and I all have birthdays, and Mike and I will celebrate our 41st wedding anniversary. That calls for plenty of party planning. Nevertheless, I'm thinking I'll be able to get some sewing done even with the many wild celebrations we have planned. So here goes with my goals for the month:

Quilting and Flimsies

1. Finish making a flimsy from Mumm's the Word (pictured above).

2. Quilt the Yard Art quilt.


3. Finish the final four blocks for the Live, Love, Teach quilt. The final four will be pretty easy. Two are t-shirts, and one will be a block of an appropriate printed fabric. The last block is a surprise! More on that later.

4. Complete another five blocks for the "Hobo Quilt". 

5. Complete the next block for "It's Raining Cats and Dogs". I believe I'll be doing the block in the middle on the left side.

6. Complete the next section for "A Quiltmaker's Garden," which is a project I love to hate. It's going to be a great quilt, but it sure has been a pain in the neck to work on it. Prepare yourself for commensurate whining

Monthly Challenges

7. Make the next colored block for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge. 


These are the blocks I have for the "Wheel Estate" quilt so far:

8. For my Let's Book It project, 

I'll be working on the quilt I start while at my "Designs from Nature" class that started last week. Since I've had Ruth McDowell's books in my library for years, it's a good choice for Let's Book It. Here's the quilt I started in class, and I'll continue on with this and start sewing it together.

9. Depending on the selected block, I have a plan to make a block for

Join me on the Block Lotto Blog

I say "depending on the selected block" because I don't know what block will be on the agenda for May. Sometimes I opt out, which is always allowed in the Block Lotto.

And that's probably enough on my plate for the month of May. If I can finish all that, however, I have a project chosen for

If all goes well, I'll get a start on another "pet pawtrait". This time I'll be making a pawtrait of my friend Marei's dog, Scooter. Here's a picture Marei posted on Facebook, and I think it's detailed enough for my purposes.

Isn't she a pretty girl? I want to have it finished for when we visit Marei and her hubby Bill in September.

So that's my list. What goals do you have for the merry month of May?

8 comments from clever and witty friends:

Debbie said...

My head is spinning from all you finished to what is planned. Great month of finishes especially the colorful cats!

Pam Marbourg said...

You are so light hearted and funny. Your blogs always make me feel good. I enjoy reading about your projects and your kitties and their stories. My to-do list for May is to finish quilting Mountmellick and continue making blocks for Stonefields. http://pamspaintbox.blogspot.com/

Sher S. said...

you absolutely amaze me with all you get done each month!!! My only goal for this month is to quilt and bind the second Dr. Who quilt for a friends son who's birthday is the 27th of this month. I will be mailing it out to my daughter in Calif. for her to deliver. If I get that finished (it's a full size quilt) then I have my pastel BOM to do and my Red, White and Black block to do and mail out. We shall see how it goes. You are just a little worker bee :)

quiltzyx said...

First of all...Happy May Birthday to you, Mike & Mae!
Congrats on winning over the committee, but really, they had no choice in the matter anyway. ;^)

Michele said...

You always get so much accomplished each month. For May I'm hoping to get 3 tops quilted and bound and the teacher gifts at least pieced. Wish me luck.

Dana Gaffney said...

That committee looks tough so I'm so glad you won the decision. I have no goals so I win every month, of course half the time I have no idea what I've done either.

Susan said...

I am always amazed at how much sewing you get done. I really enjoy hearing about your experiences at a class you take. My After November and December, April and May are my two busiest months. I have 4 more concerts this month, another wedding, our monthly potluck club, and hopefully get the lawn cleaned up from winter debris between the rains. As for sewing/quilting, I hope to get caught up on my pile of mending and square up a bin of inherited scrap blocks so I can sew them into a quilt.

Kate said...

Wow, you had a super successful April! Very impressive goal crushing. Good luck with your May goals.