Couch Potatoes

Yesterday was spent top-stitching the latest block for


Even though I wasn't happy with the green scraps I had to choose from, I'm happy with how this turned out.

Yesterday morning, Mike drove into town to run some errands. While he was gone, I jumped in the shower. When I got out of the shower I had that unmistakable feverish feeling (absent when I got into the shower). Although I hadn't stood under the warm water very long, I still felt kind of crummy and decided to lie on the couch for a while. Within a few minutes, Mike came through the door from his trip into town and announced, "I think I'm getting sick!" And I said, "I am too!" After nearly 41 years of marriage, I think it's good when a couple shares everything, don't you?

One of the people in this story began to act as if we'd been exposed to the Ebola virus. The other person spoke reassuringly saying that this was probably a survivable illness. We both took Tylenol as directed on the bottle throughout the day, but nevertheless ran fevers consistently in the 99° range...hardly alarming, but enough to make us want to lay low. We're both still about the same this morning. Mike stayed home from work. I canceled breakfast with Erik and Mae, and rescheduled my pedicure (hated to do that with such short notice).

We never get sick here at the Three Cats Ranch, and so we blame our Saturday outing into Hood River where we met up with germs aplenty. We figure the germs must have been lurking on the table where we had lunch...or possibly the person who prepared the food was sick. It's the only thing we both touched, but it hardly matters. Sick we are, and hopefully, it will be short-lived.

Despite feeling like death warmed over, I made my way into the sewing room to make the next row of blocks for the Mulligan Stew quilt from this book:

It's a fun and interesting quilt to make, and I'm reading the little blurbs that go with each block. You can read more about this quilt and the history of the blocks at this old blog post. Here is yesterday's batch. I included the meaning of the block below each one.

 Doctor, No Charge

 Don't Give Up

 Don't Go This Way


Easy Mark

That was pretty much all I was up for, but it was a good day's work for a sick person.

Today I'm hoping to get a start quilting the Yard Art quilt. There is a quilting plan in my head. Deciding how to quilt something is always the hardest part. For now, I think I'll make my way back to the couch for a while. It's gotta get better soon, right? And since I have to pick up the first share of CSA veggies tomorrow afternoon, I'm really hoping it will.


  1. So sorry to hear you aren't 100%. Hope you will be well very soon. I have a question---is there an online scorce to learn how to do the Pawtraits you have done?

  2. OK, maybe I asked for help too soon. I actually did a scherch and found a couple online scorces :-}. hopefully they will help me get started.

    1. Hi Elaine, your settings are at no-reply, and so I can't reply to your personally. I learned to do the kitty pawtraits from June Jaeger, and I can recommend her book. You can read the blog post I wrote about her book and the class right here: http://catpatches.blogspot.com/2015/09/a-cat-is-cat.html

  3. Hope you both are feeling better soon. I do love the Hobo quilt.

  4. Love love love the camper. Totally loving the hobo squares. So sorry about the sick thing, but impressed (as always) with how brave you both are. I am brave that way about sickness, too. :) And jealous beyond words about the prospect of produce. We had snow yesterday.

  5. Your camper is adorable. And I am so sorry to hear that you are not feeling well. I hope you are better soon.

  6. great blocks and sorry you're sick. a round of the stomach bug went thru our family- well mostly the kids, my son was out of school for a week and hardly ate those days, we knew he was back to normal when he started bickering with his sister!

  7. Yuk! Hoping you are both feeling much better by now! Love how your green camper turned out. Isn't it amazing how a fabric we're not very crazy about can work just fine in small pieces with other so-so pieces? That's one thing I love about doing the RSC blocks.

  8. Oh no! Hope you are both better very soon! Rest and get better!

  9. Sorry that you both caught the yucks. Hope you are both feeling A-1 soon.

    I knew the latest camper would be great and I was right!

  10. As always, impressed by your productivity. The green trailer came out very cute. Love reading about the Hobo signs. I'd probably get "easy mark" or "don't go this way" depending on my mood. ;)

    Get well soon.

  11. It's amazing that you crawled into your sewing room to sew while having a fever...what a woman! Looks like an interesting book of hobo blocks and stories. Hope you both feel better soon!

  12. Oh dear! Surely the benefit of being in a great partnership is being poorly sequentially not concurrently. Moral of the story stay in the confines of the ranch and sewing room! But seriously I hope you get better soon. Having said that your outing may be the root cause I was so impressed with the talent in show at the quilt exhibition. Your part of the world obviously has some very talented quilters. As you say very hard to pick a favourite.

  13. I think that's world wide, men get the deadly virus and women only get the sniffles, LOL. Who's the stronger sex?

  14. Being sick is miserable. Hope you and Mike are on the mend now.

  15. Hope it's just some 24 hour bug and nothing more serious. Love the camper. Such a fun project.

  16. I hope both of you are feeling better by now (or soon will be). Darling little camper, and quite a few other blocks considering you didn't feel well!