Free Day Friday

It's a free day here today, so I'm going to get after the next block on the Wind in this Whiskers quilt. This will be the sixth of seven blocks on this quilt, and I'm getting antsy to get it finished. The blocks are so detailed and tedious. On the other hand, they are completely engrossing, and so the time flies by while I work on them. The next one I'll be working on is the Kitten Kaboodle.

Whining will commence in three, two, one...

By the way, I saw an announcement from McKenna Ryan on her Facebook page that she's going to stop publishing her applique templates on both sides of the sheet, which, as you know, frosted my nostrils pretty badly. Unfortunately, I still have a whole new quilt to make when this one is done still printed in the old way...not to mention a few little ones I purchased while at her showroom in downtown Portland. I might forgive her...grudgingly.

Yesterday, I was pretty anxious to finish up the little "Endless Pawsibilities" quilt for Another Little Quilt Swap. So, first thing before showering or even brushing my teeth (TMI?), I sandwiched, quilted, and bound it. Who says I can't delay gratification? So here's the front:

I just used a straight line grid. Here's how it looks on the back.

That wasn't on my to-do list for April, but I'm glad to have it finished, just the same. I might include it on my May list so I can cross it off right away. Would I do that? Yes, yes, I would.

As for my regular to-do's for April, I wanted to make the next block for the Chicken Buffet quilt. The next one is the "Fried Chicken". Honestly, these blocks are so much fun.

So, first I fused all the appliques.

Then I did the top-stitching.

My friend Sharon says I can keep using these blocks for my Let's Book It project, and so...

Let's Book It is ready for April's linky party.

That's the third of 12 blocks. These are the ones I have so far.

Next time I work on this, I'll be doing Chicken Caesar. Aren't these a hoot?

It rained all day yesterday with the exception of a couple of hours in the afternoon. The forecast is for some nicer weather today, although still a little chilly. The weekend is forecast to be mah-velous. I think I'll stick with sewing for today, and get out for a couple of walks this weekend.

What're you up to today?

8 comments from clever and witty friends:

quiltzyx said...

Regular work day, sorta. I did a bit of Guild work too: managed to get at least 1/2 way thru the process of getting our temporary seller's permit for our High Tea & Boutique in August. Hooray!
How tiny are those caboodles of kittens? I wonder if McKenna Ryan would trade you for the updated pattern?

Have a great weekend! We're looking to be in the high 80°S to low 90°s.....

SJSM said...

Ah marvelous weekend here in the Bay Area, too. My task is getting the boxes of books unpacked, catalogued and shelved for my new sewing room. Still waiting for 4 pieces of furniture including sewing table and cutting table. No sewing in there, yet. June will make a year since I packed all my sewing supplies. Our wonderful neighbors let us use their garage for storage while the remodel happened on 3 rooms. This last week we vacated their garage.

Love the chickens! The McKenna Ryan quilt is absolutely amazing to watch you construct.

Happy sewing!

Dana Gaffney said...

So you're not the only one complaining about her patterns, maybe she'll listen about some of the other things too.
Those chickens are so cute and I'll bet they're even more fun for a cook like you.

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Love those chickens!! We are in for a great weekend too - finally.

Laura said...

Thanks for continuing to show us your cat creations. Always makes my day. I agree about the quality of the Mckenna Ryan patterns. Her designs are darling, but pattern quality not so much!

Auntiepatch said...

Whenever I buy a double sided pattern, I scan it on my printer, and then print it. Saves me a lot of headaches!
Oh, send some of that rain down here to So. Calif. We can use all we can get!

Lyndsey said...

I love the chickens, they are so much fun.The weekend is fabulous for quilting in London as its on and off showers.

Kate said...

Love the chicken blocks. Thanks for the smile.