Tuesday Travels

It's a no sewing day here at the Three Cats Ranch. It was my monthly pedicure day, and then I usually take advantage of these forays out into the big bad world to do my grocery shopping. That took most of the day because it always involves a nap when I get home.

Monday, I was able to piece together a back for the newly finished Yard Art flimsy. Just to remind you what fabrics I had to work with, I'm showing off that flimsy one more time. Besides, after four years in the making, I'm just showing it off. Period.

My friend Sharon pointed out that with borders so wide, she might have sewn the strips of fabric together end to end, and she was right. Live and learn. I had already come to the conclusion that I could have matched up those little candy stripes better if I had done it that way. Oh well...next time I'll have my head on straight. 

On the other hand, sewing the diagonal seam meant that I had these eight handy bonus triangles, which I sewed into pinwheels along with the same pink I used for the flamingo body applique. 

I still had just a smidge over two yards of the flamingo background fabric, which gave me 76 inches of length. The flimsy is 56 x 64, and so I had in mind to cut it the long way at the fold, which would give me long enough pieces for the length of the quilt. Then, I just needed to add a strip down the middle to make up the width.

The middle strip needed to be 18.5 inches wide. The pinwheels ended up at 12.5 inches, and so I used the purple from the stop border to sew a border around the pinwheels and that gave me the width I wanted. After that, I just needed to add more length, and so I used the stripe and the yellow from the palm tree background to sew the two pinwheels together.

That got me about 2/3 of the way there, and so I sewed the remaining pink from the flamingo applique to either end to equal 76 inches of length. Nifty, huh?

At that point, my newest quilt inspector took a look and gave it her purrsonal seal of appurroval.

Looking good so far, mom. 

Then the only thing left to do was to sew the whole thing together, and voila! One quilt back was born. Pretty much all of those fabrics were used up. 

Okay...now all it needs is sandwiching, quilting, and binding. More to come.

Even though I didn't have any time for machine sewing today, I was able to get quite a bit done on the Written in Thread embroidered block(s). I hooped it in the middle to start because I wanted to catch both sides of the seam. There are two (not very) fusible pieces of stabilizer on the back that want to come loose, and so I wanted to catch both pieces in the embroidery right from the start.

Now I've rehooped it, and I'll start making my way up the walls of the quilt shop there.

It's a fun little piece, and I'm enjoying working with colored floss again.

Next up in the sewing room I'll be quilting the orange Four Fabric Forest. This one shouldn't take long at all.

I'm hoping to finish quilting and binding it, and calling it by a finish by day's end on Wednesday.

8 comments from clever and witty friends:

gpc said...

Good to see that Maggie is carrying her weight on the Inspection Team!

sophie said...

Live the pieced back ... and your orange forest has sparked an idea for me--thanks!

Dana Gaffney said...

Maggie's come such a long way, it makes me happy to see her holding up her end of the deal :)

Susan said...

I really like the pieced back for the Yard Art quilt. Maggie really does look like she is inspecting the quilt.

I like the orange forest quilt. Makes me think I am looking through a pair of those orange tinted sunglasses.

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Oh, I love the pieced back for your Yard quilt - well done. The tree project really peaks me - I need to play with that.

Brown Family said...

Very nice back. What a great way to make the fabric you have fit the project!

quiltzyx said...

Lovely job on the pieced back for Yard Art! I really like the purple borders on the pinwheels.

Kate said...

The back for Yard Art came together really well. Looks like you've been making a lot of progress on numerous fronts.