Easter Feast

It's one of those mornings when I feel as if I need to go back to bed for a while...and I'm not saying I won't. There's not much on my to-do list for today beyond sewing, and so it would be a good day to indulge my inner slug.

Although most of the work for our Easter family dinner was done on Saturday, I still spent most of the day in the kitchen yesterday. For one thing, I needed to peel and dye my Easter deviled eggs. I've only done this one other time, and it's kind of fun. I did it once three years ago and wrote about it right here.

The crust for the pie was all ready to go since I did that on Saturday. All it needed was prebaking and filling. Splitting up the prep time over two days made this a much easier task. The last lemon meringue pie was so delicious that I made another to share with the fam. 

Matthew allowed as how he didn't think he'd ever eaten actual meringue before...which is sad. I didn't start baking pies until about five years ago. Actually, that's not quite true because I did try making one in approximately 1980 (four years before he was born). The crust was such an unmitigated disaster that it took 30 years before I could work up the courage to try again. My mother didn't bake pies either, and so my only homemade pie experience came from my grandmother and my aunt, both of whom were happy to indulge me with a lemon meringue pie each time my family visited.

So poor Matthew didn't have a pie-baking grandmother or a pie-baking mother. Realizing that, I'm glad I made the pie this time around. It would have been a tragedy for him to go through his entire life without ever tasting a homemade lemon meringue pie. I can go to my grave in peace now knowing that his neglectful upbringing has been set right. And Erik's too, I imagine, although he did have the benefit of being about six months old at the first pie-baking catastrophe. No doubt, I pureed it with a mixture of my tears and fed it to him on a spoon.

This morning, I finished stitching the quilt shop on the Written in Thread wall hanging.

Time to move my hoop to the left to finish off the quilts hanging on the fence.

Our weather is forecast to turn dry and warm, with temperatures into the 70's later on in the week, and let me tell you, we Oregonians are so ready for some warm weather. Judging by the sky, it won't happen until tomorrow, and so I'll probably stick close to home today. It's time to get going on my Let's Book It project, and that's where I'm headed.

Only first...I might take a nap.

5 comments from clever and witty friends:

Vroomans' Quilts said...

We picked up some homemade pies at a local shop - so much easier and they were delish. We had just a few - mom baked a ham and each brought something. I tried to dye eggs this way long ago and everyone thought I was nuts - never again.

Quilting Babcia said...

Those deviled eggs look fantastic, though I doubt I'd be ambitious enough to make them since I'd be the only one eating them. Very festive though! We're looking forward to some more spring-like weather, were teased with 70 sunny degrees yesterday, today it's snowing.

WoolenSails said...

That looks delicious. I was too lazy to cook so we had a cookout with shish kabobs.
Today I am resting too, spent the weekend with Nick and he wore me out.


SJSM said...

Our Easter was in Yosemite having brunch at the Majestic (Ahwahnee) hotel. This tradition started 4 years ago when Mr Car (our daughters 1996 Infinity) decided his water pump would quite working on a camping trip. Luckily they were camping with friends who could bring them home. Mr Car had to stay at the Yosemite garage for 2 weeks waiting for parts and be fixed. He was ready for pick up on Maundy Thursday. A ride was needed to get their car and we were tagged to be it.

Since we were there on Easter Sunday, it seemed appropriate to go to the Ahwahnee for their Sunday brunch. The tradition was started. This year the waterfalls were very full. Every seasonal warefall was in production, too. In Half Dome Village (Curry Village) we were blessed with the Staircase Falls. Never saw that one before and surprised it had a name.

Beautiful trip but many more people due to the abundance of water.

Glad your day was spent with your family. It is always a much happier day when family comes together.

Kate said...

Those Easter eggs looks so pretty. The pie looks really pretty too. Hope you got caught up on your rest.