Stitches in Bloom Quilt Show 2016: First Batch

As promised, I have some pictures from yesterday's quilt show. As mentioned in my previous post, the quilt show is held in the Grand Hall of the Oregon Garden. The row of windows across the top of the building is a problem because the bright sunlight shines on the quilts inside and makes it impossible to get good pictures of any of the quilts on that side of the building.

One must enter the Oregon Garden through the Visitor's Center where you pay your admission and then proceed into the garden proper. Just outside the Visitor's Center there is also a smaller quilt display. It's still part of the show, but usually set apart for some reason. The line was long to pay admission, and so I visited the smaller venue first where there were two challenges on display. Here are my favorite quilts from the smaller venue. First, the "Working in a Series" challenge.

This first one was included because it is the work of June Jaeger, and she's the one who taught me to make kitty pawtraits.

Also, note the problem with the bright sunshine at the bottom of June's quilt series.

I really love the colors in this next one.

Also, a challenge from the group that calls itself "High Fiber Diet". This is such a talented group of fiber artists.

This explains their "How do you make your mark" challenge.

I love the thread work in this next one.

And I loved this next quilt. I have a Facebook friend from high school who knew, practically from birth, that she wanted to be an entomologist. Honestly...what little girl even knows what entomology is??? But my friend did it, earning a PhD and spending her working life doing research. I had to take this next picture for her and tag her in a Facebook post. Her response: "The entomology is strong in this one."

Fabulous use of fiber, thread, and embellishments.

That's all I have for you today. There will be lots more over the next several days.


  1. Very fun challenge quilts! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thank you, there's some real talent there. The baby egrets made me laugh :)

  3. Wow, those are amazing! Can't wait to see what else you have to show.

  4. Thanks for (virtually) taking me along with you to the quilt show! Loved that nest full of babies. 8)

  5. Wow! Now that is quilting on a whole different level! Such artistic minds!
    Love all the beautiful colors. I hope you show us the other side of the quilt show!
    Thank you so much!

  6. Now that was interesting, different - made me stop and study them. Thanks!

  7. Those are interesting quilts

  8. Ooooh! I think my favorite in this group is "Painted Rocks"! Thanks for taking us along. Even if we don't get any steps counted...