Sunshine at Last!

It's a sunny day here at the Three Cats Ranch. What a wonderful sight to look out and see the mountains this morning!

It's positively dazzling outside right now...especially if you're like us and have barely seen the sun in over a month. Even inside the house, I'm squinting from all that light blazing away outside.

My little cat is still my constant companion. He seems a little perkier this morning, and we both slept better last night. He's been a little restless the past few nights. He likes that I have some batting spread out on my work table letting the wrinkles relax out of it before I sandwich it with the Quilting Snowladies. It's an excellent and soft napping place for him.

We're on the hunt for a companion for him now, hoping that will give him something else to think about. Right now we have an appointment to see this little girl, whose name is Carole. We'll go take a look at her on Saturday, but we have a lead on a couple of other little girls. Carole is a 7-month old currently in foster care. I'd show you the others, but I haven't heard from the shelters where they're supposedly available, and so I'll wait until I actually have a meet and greet lined up.

It was a short sewing day yesterday. I had some things to do in the morning, and after I got home I was seriously on the hunt for kitties. It's been more than a little frustrating getting folks to call me back or respond to email inquiries, and so I feel lucky to at least have a meeting lined up to see pretty Carole.

We did manage to get the binding sewn onto the Icy Blues table runner. It still needs hand-stitching, but here...er, excuse me...

Ummm, I'm trying to take a picture here...would you mind just scooching a couple of more steps...

Okay...there we go.

Hoping to get that one finished today. This morning, I finished up the 4th of 12 blocks for the Hocuspocusville quilt. This is Morgana's Apothecary:

The next time I work on these blocks, I'll be doing "The Black Cauldron"

With "Spider soup" and "Worms Alfredo" on the menu, it sounds like some of our cooking around here.

So I'm back to my hunt. I'm being insistent in my phone jangling until I get someone on the line about these kitties. Carole's mother called me back right away, and so I figure that has to be a good sign. Of course, I'll keep you posted.


  1. I love Torties, so of course I love Carole. When we lost a cat last summer, we got a new one very quickly, so she and our other cat could get to know each other before we left for vacation, and so the one wouldn't be left alone while we were away. Good luck in your search.

  2. Carole is a real beauty, we had one with similar coloration when the kids were young. She was always Lindsey's kitty and slept with her every night. Smitty will love having someone else to show the ropes, er .. how to photo bomb all of mom's quilting photos!

  3. The weather has been brighter here and it just makes you feel so much happier and fitter. I hope Carole turns out to be a good match for you all as she looks beautiful. Trying to sort out new additions to the family can certainly be rather trying especially if people aren't phoning back.

  4. Looking forward to hearing about Smitty's new sister!! Carole is beautiful - are the other candidates torties too?

  5. We saw some sun this morning and then the clouds came back. It hasn't been cloudy all month, but it sure feels like it. Hope you get some of your calls returned. Smitty definitely needs a new buddy.

  6. Glad you & Smitty finally got a better night's sleep. I'm slowly working on all the stacks o' crap around my place so that I can start my own kitty search. Don't want a new kitty to get trapped in the piles...

  7. I love Smitty's shadow directly under him when he is looking at the quilt. I haven't seen it that way before.

  8. Good luck with the hunt - gosh, there are so many here that need good homes. Happy New Year, Barbara.