Rogues' Gallery

Every time I hang another quilt in the Mewseum of Cat Quilts, I say it's hanging in the last available spot on the first wall. And then, I manage to squeeze in one more. Today, I hung Smitty's portrait below Gracie's.

And now, I think I really have filled the whole wall.

In a desperate moment, I might be able to hang one more there beside Smitty, but if you could see the wall in person, you'd know that it would be hard for a visitor to the Mewseum to see it without getting down on hands and knees. As for me, I try to avoid that position. 

If you've never seen the Mewseum before today, then I'll just explain by saying that our house has two enclosed stairwells. I'm endeavoring to fill all four walls with nothing but cat quilts. It's my version of the crazy cat lady except that this purrticular crazy cat lady comes in the form of a mewseum curator. If you want to see the other cats in the gallery, you can see them right here.

With Smitty finished, I desperately needed to clean up the sewing room. Those portrait quilts are very messy. When I had that cleaned up, I decided to pull out the next project on my list. It's time to work on the next section for the Wind in the Whiskers quilt. This block is called Best of Show, and it can be made either as a part of the larger quilt, or on its own as a wall hanging. Here's the section I'm working on. Since I'm making the whole quilt, I'll only be doing the center section within the lavender stop border.

My intention was just to sort through the fabrics and get things organized, but I ended up making the dogwood blossoms

and the bee.

Then, we left to go see a movie (Bridge of Spies...great movie!), and so I covered everything over with a big ruler. There are gremlins in our household, and so little items like this must be well protected when they are otherwise unsupervised.

I've been spending all of my time in the sewing room the past several days, and so today I simply must do a little housework. There should still be plenty of time to continue on with this. Today, I'll be making this cat. It consists of 21 separate pieces.

I won't be able to make the whole block because it overlaps with sections of other blocks previously made. You can see that the tree trunk, branches, and leaves intersect with four separate blocks.

Here's what the whole quilt looks like. I've made all but the bottom section, and so I think I could reasonably start sewing the sections together once this one is finished. The only remaining section is the one across the bottom, and it doesn't intersect with any of the others.

I might go ahead and sew the upper part together since I'll have it fresh in my mind. Also, I have a lot of loose pieces floating around. They're all enclosed in envelopes and labeled, but it would be nice to have it all fused down and sewn together.

So that's my day today. The weather continues stormy, and we've had more than three inches of rain since Wednesday. Yesterday, we had a nice sun break with blue sky while the eye of the storm passed over us. When we were out last night, it was raining sideways. Just as I'm writing this, there's a bit of sunlight, but the fog is moving in. I expect the house will be enveloped before the hour is up. There is more rain in the forecast, but I think we've seen the worst of it.


  1. Wow! That's quite a quilt! How long have you been working on that gorgeous thing?
    (What happened to 'Feed the Cat'? I thought it would be in the Mewseum...)

  2. Tried to comment on Smitty's portrait yesterday but somehow could not comment. I thought Gracie's portrait was awesome and Smitty's is even more spectacular. You really have mastered the technique. I zoomed in so I could see all the details. Love seeing all your creations. Thanks for sharing.

  3. And what a lovely quilt it will be! I'd love to see the Mewseum - it must be fabulous!

  4. What a wonderful collection of cat quilts on your Mewseum wall.

  5. I haven't had a chance before now to tell you just how much I love the portrait quilts of Gracie and Smitty! They are amazing and you did a wonderful job on them!!! And it's fun to see the WITW quilt back on the assembly belt. I can't wait to see the top part completed :*)

  6. They look great together on the wall. So you have 3 more walls to fill?

  7. I love the idea of a quilt-theme wall. You are just so clever and have so many great ideas! I also enjoyed Bridge of Spies -- I had never heard the story before, and was amazed at all of it. Wishing you sunny skies. :)

  8. I love your Mewseum Wall - yes, there is room for another. The new section of your project looks intimidating to me, but I know you will get thru this.

  9. Look at that fantastic Mewseum Wall! I'm in love. :D

  10. Gracie and Smitty's pawtraits turned out great! Maybe the resident engineer could come up with an arrangement that would accommodate more cat quilts on the Mewseum wall. You could also start another Mewseum wall in your sewing space.

    1. Also meant to say, there absolutely must be a space for Wind in the Whiskers when it is complete. It will be a masterpiece!

  11. Hope you are able to make good progress on this project. it's going to gorgeous when it's all done.

  12. Love the Mewseum staircase! I don't have many open spaces on my walls - living in a mobile home with 10 windows doesn't leave much space. Plus most of them have paintings on them. Then again, I would need to actually FINISH a quilt to need a spot to hang it up!